Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Something to look forward to....

We're pretty tied to home during the summer these days.  The kids are little, travel is expensive and oh so tiring and we just aren't as ambitious as we used to be.  We've ventured to Cedar City and Arizona this year and might go to Disneyland in the fall but otherwise, the dream of a vacation is just a dream.

We are planning a little getaway in a month or so though.  Just up one of the local canyons, we've booked a cabin on it's own little island with a beach and hopefully a guarantee of a moose sighting or two.

Several years ago we discovered the website VRBO and were hooked.  "Vacation Rentals By Owner" has places all over the world.  We've stayed in apartments in Europe and are now taking a look at the local rentals.  The concept is pretty simple - people rent out apartments, homes, condos, cabins, etc. to vacationers - usually for a price that is much cheaper than a hotel with many more amenities.

It's awesome.  Just look at where we'll be staying when we go on our weekend adventure.

Yes, that is a rope suspension bridge.  That's how we'll get into the place.

We'll have our own private beach.

 And hopefully, these guys will come to visit while we're staying over.

Yes, it isn't much of a summer adventure but at the rate we're going these days, I'll take it.

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Rika said...

vrbo rocks. We use it too. Our loft is listed on vrbo. This place looks so cool!



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