Monday, September 19, 2005

The Down Low...

I know what your thinking...not another bio of another blogger. Well, unfortunately, you're right. After much consideration, I felt it was important to give a brief history. It will be brief - promise.

This blog was started in September of 2005 on a whim at work. A co-worker had just discovered a wonderful FREE tool and the two of us spent the entire day at work setting up our blogs. It's been full steam ahead ever since. Oh Honestly! became our name about a year ago. I figured it was time to take my real name out of my address. One of my grandmothers' whenever particularly exasperated with me (which believe me happened quite a bit when I was younger) would always declare, "Oh honestly, Annabelle" in my general direction. Well, it was appropriate and it stuck!

My dumpr

My husband and I have been married since 2003 and so far and it's been a lovely and interesting ride. All of our parents say that we were made for each other and that no other person on the planet would have married either of us so it was a good match. How did we get to be so lucky to meet? Online, of course. Yahoo! personals to be more specific (Holy crap I cannot believe I just admitted that!). I wrote something in my profile about college hoops and Gonzaga and apparently that was all it took.

After years of trying he finally did it. Mr birdman lives on
We added a monkey to our tiny family in January 2007. He keeps us on our toes, loves bananas and swinging from vines. He is a very smart, funny, sweet, and lovable kid who. He's obsessed with rare and exotic animals, is learning how to read, and loves to do projects.

Cool dude.
We added the squirt in May of 2009. He used to be little and squishy. Now, he's a big tank who can hold his own in brotherly battles, talks up a storm, and still loves to sit on your lap and be rocked to sleep.

These days you can find us at work (me as a mom without enough time to finish anything and the husband as a finance guy for a mining company). Sometimes we travel, but traveling with young children is over-rated and our adventures turn into scenarios for any Chevy Chase familial bonding movie every made. We like to take walks, read, eat (oh boy do we eat!), and take pictures of almost every aspect of our small little world.

Life is good all the way around - except for those times when it isn't - like when the husband floods the basement right before a major holiday! Those times suck, but luckily, they are far and few between.


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