Friday, October 31, 2008

The Griswald's make it to Tahoe

Talk about a long drive. With a little monkey in the back seat who needs to get out and stretch a lot and a mom who wasn't quite feeling up to snuff in spite of all our stops we made it to Lake Tahoe late last night and have managed to eat some good food and keep ourselves entertained most of the day today.


This is the land of large and beautiful pine cones and pretty cold October weather. The day has been nippy but beautiful today. Last night, driving in the dark with a melting, boogery, smashed banana on his shirt and missing sock boy in the back seat - and a dad who'd been listening to pod casts ALL DAY LONG without a break I wasn't quite sure if we were going to survive the journey. Then, when we finally checked into our room I was even more nervous.

In the adjoining room was a very loud "party" going on. At first I thought that the music I was hearing belonged to a dirty pay per view movie but I don't think it did. Regardless, after about oh, 3.7 minutes of loud and vulgar conversation and cursing that we were pretty sure wasn't going to end just because we were tired, Ross walked down to the lobby to switch rooms. Later that night he went to the lobby again to get us some chocolate milk and the kid at the desk told us that soon after switching our room he got a call from the guests on the other side of the noisy yucky room asking to change rooms and mentioning that there was something pretty pungent of the mary jane variety both visible and nasally apparent coming through the room door.

Ah, Tahoe is apparently a party town. Good thing we came to rock!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

my pets heads fell off

as a kid, I was a puker. I threw up everywhere all the time. whether because of childhood migraines, driving around the block too many times or my superhero quick gag and puke reflex, let's just say that sometimes, life was pretty gross.

as an adult however, - talking to ralph on the big white telephone was an evasive foe leaving me alone until the worst possible second wedding reception in arizona, christmas eve 07, the day before we go on a four day trip to lake tahoe.

yesterday was one of the worst days of my life and luckily for me, my family came through. Ross came home at lunch, haley came after work to rescue the monkey from his sick mama, and my parents and brother took him all night long, bringing him home just in time for bed.

yesterday, I was pretty sure i was going to die - puking and other stuff aside...just the ache in my joints and back was enough, I'm sure, to kill a small animal.

today things are a bit brighter - the sun is out, the sky is clear, and for the first time in about 20 hours or so, I can sit up straight and organize a cohesive sentence. I'm not sure what got me - it could have been food, it could have been my flu shot, or it could have been weeks of stress and life getting the better of me.

whatever it was, I'm going to eat some toast now. Pray that my stomach keeps it and doesn't give it back to me.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Why is it that sometimes everything is so hard?

Elliott is eating lunch. Cheerios. I've been assigned to sit on a chair behind him while he climbs around and breathes in my face his snotty cheerio breath.

Last night we ate cafe rio for dinner - never again! At 3:30 I woke up terribly sick, writhing in bed. I managed to get myself back to sleep at 5 for an hour or so. I got out of the shower at 7, got dressed and then walked downstairs and puked my brains out in the half bath toilet.

The toilet - good thing that there are 4 in my house - has been my best friend this morning. Can you say food poisoning? I can.

Here's the problem with being sick today. No one can or wants to take care of me and my boy. We're on our own and things aren't running so smoothly. Also, we're supposed to go out of town tomorrow for four days. I can barely sit up straight (yes, I know I'm blogging but I'm scrunched over typing on my's an extremely pathetic sight, i promise.

Right now I cannot function. That means no cleaning, packing, laundry or any of the other million things I must do today before we leave the house at 1:30 never to return until the evening.

Do you feel sorry for me yet? Yeah, that's what I figured. No one else does either.

Monday, October 27, 2008

It's only a week away, are you ready?

On November 1st, something wonderfu starts. Are you ready to participate? I am.

It's the third year of NaBloPoMo and your invited with the rest of the blogging world to post every single day in the month of November.

Don't think you can do it? You can. Don't think you want to? You should.

Sign up and get ready to go!

I dare you to.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

the fat lady done singed!

Football season ended yesterday. It was by no means a glorious end, but there always has to be a team that looses, right?

My brother, aka Spartcus, Will the Thrill, boo-boo, buba, baby, Cheryl, me-me, etc. played a good game. In fact, he had a great season. I've come to realize that team sports are just as dependent on individual play as an individual sport is. Attitude is everything. The desire to play well and improve on a personal level often far surpasses the ability of a team to get it together and improve on a group level.

The game yesterday was beautiful. Warm, sunny, and with a breath-taking view of the mountains. That alone was worth the effort it took to watch our poor boys get their butts kicked. I guess anyway.

Regardless of the outcome, my boy was so happy to be there, outside, and cheer on his uncle, my other boy, for the afternoon. Elliott clapped and yelled, and rallied the team. And, when Uncle Me-me finally made his appearence after the game, Elliott grabbed his hand and was ready to follow him anywhere - regardless of how stinky.

Now, it's time to move on to our favorite pastime as a family....BASKETBALL!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The easiest babysitting gig in the world.

Everyone, this is Inda (or it could be Indie, I cannot remember). Inda, this is everyone.

Our good friends asked us to fish sit this weekend while they are out of town. Such a huge responsibility. We're honored and hope we do well. I had fish once when I was a kid, but we sort of accidentaly cooked them on the hot mantle with direct sunlight. We don't plan on doing that with our house guest though. Elliott and I are going to take very good care of her.

The boy is doing a lot of watching and wandering around the house saying "fish". He thinks it's pretty cool. Not being an animal person, I forgot it was at our house and it scared the crap out of me when I was eating my breakfast this morning. I thought it was a giant spider or something.

Maybe if we are good fish sitters, we can graduate to sitting for something else. Then again, fish sitting is a prett easy gig and we don't have to do any cleaning or touching - just feeding and washing. Perhaps we'll just stick with fish.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Toddler Friday: Is that really what you want for your treat?

We went to the gas station to get drinks. We do this about every other week. I get a DC w/ lemonade and he gets an apple juice. Today though, we were going to add powdered donuts to the mix.

That was until he saw something that got him SO EXCITED that he almost jumped out of my arms (yes, I'm a good mom that doesn't let her monkey run all over the gas station tipping stuff over)!

What was it you ask?

Not donuts.

Not sugary at all.


And he ate the whole thing.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

21 Months

He's a month older already? Um, yeah. Amazing how time flies, isn't it. I haven't spent as much time thinking about all my boy's accomplishments this month like I normally do. Unfortunately, life and some other stuff has gotten in the way but I do know this - I love him more and more every day. The more he talks and gestures and shows me his huge personality and sense of humor, and his sensitivity to love and emotion the more I fall in love with him.

When it isn't too cold, we go for walks. We no longer take the stroller, but both of us walk. Where do we go? The church. We walk to the church and back. If I take Ross' keys we go in and play with toys but lately, we just come home. He is so excited to go to church that he runs down the side walk, stopping at least a house before we have to cross the road so he can hold my hand. It took a while, but he's finally learned that he has to hold my hand when he crosses the street. It's so cool to see his little wheels turning.


Last night we picked my mom up from the airport. Elliott was asking for grandma all week and I kept telling him that she went on an airplane at the airport. When we got in the car last night i said, "ok, lets get grandma" and he said "airport". Such a smart boy.

In the last few weeks I've finally convinced him that it's okay to say his own name and he's finally starting to say it. But, it's usually on the third try. First, I say, "What's your name?" and he says "Baby." I say, "Nooooo, what's your name?" and then he says, "Joe." I say, "Nooooooo, what's your name?" and he says, "eeeiiit." It's a tricky name for a little guy but he does a good job.

This month we've painted and drawn pictures. He's learned the letters a, b, m, and o. He knows the color and it's name for yellow, purple, and blue. He knows that Elmo is red, even though he doesn't say red. He's starting to outgrow Blues Cues a bit - maybe from over watching. He can do the stairs, all 17 of them from upstairs to down by himself, walking. He will sit and read his own story, and picks out his own "lunch" from the fridge every day.

We also sing a lot of songs. He knows: itsy bitsy spider, twinkle twinkle, once there was a snowman, popcorn popping, I'm a little teapot, and my mom's cult favorite, where is thumbkin. When he hears a song he likes he gets excited and claps. In the last two weeks or so, when he hears a song he doesn't like, he yells "NO!" until I skip to the next song on the ipod. Oh, such opinions.

My boy is also experiencing time outs on a regular basis these days for outbursts and tantrums. Right now that means he has to sit on my lap and scream, gag, and try to escape for a minute. Dad was witness to a time-out last night and I think he was pretty amazed at the result. After that one minute of pain for mis-behavin', the boy was as mellow and calm and cuddly as ever.

Every morning while getting Elliott in the bath tub I ask, "Do you want to go pee-pee in the toilet?" and he responds with a resounding NO! or Nope. Even though he won't give it a try, he does like to pee in the tub and he'll pretend in front of his little toilet that sits on the floor in the bathroom. He lifts the lid, assumes "the position" (I'm sure his dad has taught him well already) and then he closes the lid, walks over to the real toilet and flushes. Oh I so look forward to the day he decides to be a big boy and use it for reals - no more diapers will be heaven!

My most favorite thing this boy does these days? No, it's not snort like a pig even though that's pretty funny, it's giving kisses. I'm amazed every day at how "in tune" he is to people and his surroundings. He knows just when to say hi to the checker at Target, or when to give a grown-up a high 5 and with me, his mama, he knows just when to give me a hug and a kiss. He cannot say "I love you" but I know he thinks it. Whenever we sit on the landing of the stairs to read stories and sing songs, he will stand up and give me a big hug. Then, he'll look at me, pucker his lips and land a huge kiss right on my lips or cheeks.

That my friends, is the coolest thing ever!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Maybe Halloween can be political, too?

My friend Ann put this on her blog and it made me laugh.

It also got me thinking. Depending on the political point of view you've got this season, Halloween is the perfect holiday to emphasize your perspective - especially for me, who doesn't like Halloween so much that we're heading out of town next weekend and no, my 21 month old is not going trick-or-treating because how stupid is that? (This would also be the right perspective for a household that is about to put a homemade sign "none of the above" in our front yard)

So I guess one side of things agrees with my friends blog cartoon - since Elliott isn't even going to be around for Halloween and the good old trick-or-treating, then maybe candy should be taken away from those kids that did go out, freeze, and beg door to door for candy from people they don't even know and give my boy his fair share. Or, maybe only the kids who get 100 pieces of candy or more - maybe they are the only ones who have to share.

The other side? They probably want to give all the hard earned candy to banks because the banks just cannot afford to put suckers out for little kiddies anymore - oh, and they probably want to stand on their front porches with shot-guns too....just in case.

Happy Halloween

just a few things I've never done

I have never...
  • watched project runway, dancing with the stars, american gladiator, american idol, grey's anatomy, house or 24
  • eaten beans on purpose
  • gotten sick on an airplane
  • bought an expensive pair of jeans
  • voted republican because I liked the candidate - only to help boot someone out of office
  • taken a bath robe, slippers or towels from a fancy hotel
  • eaten a whole bag of potato chips by myself (doritos? that's a different story)
  • gotten lost in the woods
  • gone skinny dipping
  • been able to pat my head and rub my tummy at the same time
  • been successful at a musical instrument
  • had a glass of tomato juice
  • eaten candied yams on Thanksgiving or enjoyed turkey-lurkey-do
  • let my boy watch "the wiggles"
  • been interested in traveling to the Asian continent
  • actually spoken French to anyone, not that I could anymore if I wanted to.
  • built a snow fort
  • eaten a booger
  • been bitten by a dog
  • worn a cast
  • stayed awake on a road trip
  • taken a good self-portrait
  • cleaned my whole house in a day
  • folded Ross' white socks
  • not finished a book because I didn't like it
  • robbed a bank
  • been arrested
  • worn night vision goggles
  • shot a gun
  • ridden in a helicopter or a hot air balloon

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Maybe the 6th time ever? A luxury I cannot afford

I've never been one of those moms - you know the kind. The mom that feels okay and comfortable to drop everything and have a nap when her kid sleeps. In the last 20 months I can think of a mere handful of times that I've had a nap during the day when my monkey has been asleep. I just don't have the time and think it's a waste of time - no matter how tired I've been. There is always more to do and we can all sleep when we're dead, right?

Disclaimer: DO NOT get this confused with Sunday naps. Those are loved and coveted - even if they give me insomnia.

Anywho - my monkey woke up at 5:40 this morning and that got me all off kilter and out of whack. I kept him up until 11:00 or so and then promptly sent him off to bed. Oh, do I love a sweet boy who can put himself to sleep. At Noon, after an hour of working, I just couldn't do it anymore and did what I never do - I had a nap.

Slept for an hour. Now? I'm not as sleepy, but oh so drowsy and a little out of it - might not have been my brightest idea. Should have done a better CBA .

My boy? Still out. He's pulling one of those three hour naps from his hat. I love those.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Sunday Dinner en francais and other things

We had a birthday weekend for my mom. On Saturday night we went out to get burgers for her birthday. Elliott wouldn't eat any of his own food, but he ate every single onion in sight. Strange, yes, but he did. White, red and fried...they were his for the taking.

On Sunday, we invited the same group over for a special birthday dinner, including the abandoned children Alex and Tara. Ross and I decided on a French theme with some new recipies. Coq Au Vin (coco van), roasted garlic mashed potatoes, pickled pea pods, fruit salad and chocolate mousse for dessert.

The Coq Au Vin was divine! Absolutely fantastic and the chocolate mousse, which was my primary contribution to dinner - made from scratch - was out of this world rich and decadent. Ce Magnifique!

After dinner we sat around, chatted, and watch some of the boys in the family quite frantically and comically try to set-up their fantasy basketball league. I think they got it, but to tell you the truth, I'm not quite sure.

All in all, it was a great weekend with lots of good food and company. I really like to be able to have my family over for dinner. I think it's cool. It's even better when Ross takes charge of the meal and I don't really have to cook or clean up. What a guy, right? Sometimes he does stuff that I really appreciate - like dinner.

Three loads of dishes in the dishwasher and a bunch of hand washing later and we've finally got all the remnants of our tasty dinner cleaned up. Ross did all that, too. Did I mention that he was a good husband and host yesterday? Yeah, he was.

As a side note, we actually have one of these on our front porch in honor of perhaps the dumbest of the holidays we don't celelbrate.

It's from Grandpa Howden's garden and is actually a "howden" breed pumpkin. I guess that's fitting for us, right? Elliott quite enjoyed his pumpkin yesterday - even if he attached it with the pruning shears.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Momacita

Today is my mom's birthday. I won't say how old she is, but she really isn't that old. In fact, she's younger than a lot of other moms I know so that's pretty cool.

taking an important call

I love my mom for lots of reasons. More than I can write. But, these days I love her lots because she's such a good grandma. She always has a num-num in her purse, will drop everything on a moments notice for her monkey, and is always ready to do the things the boy wants to do: eat, play, read stories, go on adventures, water flowers, and wash the dishes, among the other million things he likes to do.

Happy Birthday Mom!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Toddler Friday: HE knows

There are a couple of routes to my parents house from our humble abode. They both take about the exact same amount of time. One is a pretty empty road full of BIG TRUCKS and the other is through the heartland of suburbia, with like, 10 McDonalds lining it's route.

When we take the busy road, we see this sign at a church.

Most the time, my boy doesn't notice the sign. He's too busy saying, "Woah, big tru-un". When he does however, turn his head to the right, he sees the sign and says, "Jesus."

He must be learning something in the 18 mo. old class at church after all.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Just another example of how we're different

, originally uploaded by bookemdano1978.

Last night I refused to cook dinner. STRIKE! So, we went to grab a burger in the cold evening.

Luckily, in the family truckster, you can regulate your own temperature. It's a good thing because on a night like last night, we really needed to be able to set our own car thermostat.

You'll notice that Ross was driving at a breezy 65 with no seat warmer. You will also notice that I was at a toasty 82 degrees with my seat warmer at level 3 (out of 5).

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My free soda hookup

So, when I take my lunch to work and then go out to run some errands, I will stop by a texaco station on the corner of California Ave & 2700 W (Pioneer Ave). It is sort of an industrial neighborhood and I always feel a little goofy with my white collar get-up when I go inside.

I have been going to this texaco about once a week for around six months. There is a clerk there (she is probably in her mid thirties) that always either charges me the refill price (for a new soda) or just says, 'do not worry about it - have a nice day.'

I always say that it is a new cup, but she always gives me a deal. I just thought that she was being nice and that she did it for lots of people until a week or two ago. As she was giving me back my change, she gave me the double hand money return. This is the second cousin of the double hand shake. She grabbed my oustretched hand from the bottom and then gave me the coins with her other hand. A hand sandwich if you will. I am not sure what message this manuever is meant to communicate. Is there a hidden code in all of this?

I have not been back. Fortunately our corp hq is moving to south jordan in 2 weeks, so I will not have occasion to visit the too friendly texaco station...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Not quite what I expected this morning

I got up at 6:30 this morning. It was still super dark. Walking down the stairs to drink the orange juice that would by 9 am give me a quasi migraine (Why do I do things like that? Like drink OJ even though I know it makes me sick. stupid!) I noticed the the neighbors grass looked funny.

It was white.

Covered with snow!

Arg. Very pretty, but I'm not quite ready for the snow to set in. I was however ready to go outside in my pajamas and take some pictures in the dark.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

My first wedding

On Thursday, with the help of a good friend, her good eye and her camera, I photographed my first wedding. I've done lots of engagement photos for people, and some simple stuff at my home for family and friends but this was my first really big, really important, paying me a good chunk of change gig.

It was such a good experience - totally overwhelming and made me the kind of nervous that I haven't been in a long time - so afraid of messing up that I wasn't sure how to handle things, but overall it went really well. I'd love to do this kind of stuff professionally, or at least part time. I love the opportunity to be creative, and in charge, and even though it's a lot of pressure, having the ability to capture such an important event for people.

I'm still working through all the images (I took 500 pictures on the big day) - editing and being overly critical. Regardless of that, I think I got some that are beautiful. I wanted to share a few of those on the good old blog.

Let me know what you think.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The first, and wishful thinking, the last...

My boy has always been so good in public. Even when he was itty bitty and screaming in the car -when we took him to target he was happy to be out and about. The two of us have had our differences in opinion about certain stores, like the Hobby Lobby, and how to transport ourselves in those stores, cart vs. walking, but for the most part it's always been smooth sailing.

Until today. I hope what happened doesn't happen again, but as we are quickly approaching the two year mark, I'm sure it's just the beginning.

We went to the book store to make our first official Christmas Gift purchase for 2008. We were lacking a planned afternoon and I had some cash so I thought, "what the heck - let's go for it" and go for it we did.

In my head I pictured a fun 20 min. or so looking at children's books, making our selections, and then moving on to the grown-up big people books, paying and leaving. Instead, the boy and I disagreed. HE wanted to wander through more kids books - fine I thought - that was until he found the Thomas the Train section. Damn that train! Not only were there books, but figurines, some of them opened by previous naughty boys I'm sure. Well, my boy went right for the open box.

I told him no, that we weren't going to play with trains, that we needed to go pay for our books. He disagreed. Screaming ensued. Screaming, hitting, kicking, boogers, and total dry-heaving gagging.

Was I embarrassed? Yes, but not as much as I thought I'd be. Was I mad? Absolutely and completely. I probably shouldn't have purchased the books for him that i did, as punishment but by the time I walked the long walk to the front with everyone in the whole store staring at my screaming booger boy there wasn't a whole lot of thought going on except - GET OUT OF THE STORE NOW!

Once in the car I called the boy's father to vent. I generally make it a rule to never call him at work, but I was having a moment.

He laughed through my whole story.

Probably just because he wasn't there.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

our quarterly playdate

Elliott and Lucy , originally uploaded by bookemdano1978.

Today we met Cody and Lucy at Sugar House Park for our regularly scheduled playdate. The mama's watched both kiddos play with their food and pretend to eat in a desperate attempt to get at the toys.

Lucy is such a doll and Elliott was a gentleman the entire time. He was friendly, sociable, and brave. He just left me several times to play on the toys all by himself. He climbed, did stairs, and even did slides without any help - something that Lucy must have helped him do, simply by watching him. You see, my boy is afraid of such toys at home, but with an audience, he truly put on a show.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Becoming a weekend tradition

Breakfast is not the favorite meal for either of my boys. I try to get them to eat it anyway.

Elliott's new favorite? Instant Oatmel. I won't fix it for him or watch him eat it, but on Saturday and Sunday mornings, it's a father son activity.

I won't clean it up, either.

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Friday, October 03, 2008

a little political spewing

Watch the debate last night? I watched enough. So did the other women in my family. Here are some of our e-mail thoughts of the day.

First, Mamacita:
The debate – Sarah Palin is intriguing to me. Is she a politician? Not yet – but seems to be moving in that direction. Can she lead the country? No. What about the debate – I think she had some “stick it to you” moments – but not with the depth and substance of a vice presidential candidate.

I think I am most intrigued by her because she is a woman. Why? She is fresh, energetic, ambitious, seems to manage her family and work, dresses nice, speaks what’s on her mind (or at least tries to) – except when she references John McCain – she’s not letting on as to how she really feels about him. I think she sees through him – that he’s as corrupt as the rest of the career politicians in Washington . At times when she made reference to him in her debate comments – I detected a discomfort – like she is wondering why she is on his ticket – I just don’t think her generation matches up with his (the good old boy regime).

Is she a good model for professional women? She looks nice, she seems nice, but when she keeps talking about the “soccer mom” and uses the “betch cha by golly” language – I think she takes female professionalism down, paints a not so positive picture of their professionalism. Yes, we (women) are “soccer moms” (or football and basketball moms in my case) – but, I don’t think that reference needs to be made on the level of national politics – I am far above that in my work. I want the men in the professional world to respect women with polished professionalism – that means avoiding “dang it” and “gonna”.

What does the future hold, politically? Our country is headed in a big, fat, messy direction – our economy is in crisis, our education system is a disaster. Our government is as corrupt if not more corrupt as any other (democratic or not). Political decisions are all about money – who has it and who wants more.

I can’t support either party, campaign, agenda, or other pretentious political poo-poo.

Whew – that’s the most I’ve said in a long time.

Hope you are having a great day!

Next, me the blogger
Wow Mom - I didn't think you thought about it that much.

I agree with much of what you said. She is intriguing and has the ability to be quick witted and sharp tongued, which is sort of cool. You can tell though that she in under prepared and not ready for the spotlight she's been thrust into. Considering the moron she was up against though - I thought she did well last night.

She isn't quite the woman I want to look up to just yet (and she's no Hilary), but she does have a down to earth, I'm not affected by the machine sort of vibe. Unfortunately, that's not the right kind of vibe for this contest. I don't think she likes McCain, Cindy or john, either....who can. But, she's way better looking than Biden - whose been a senator longer than I've been alive. Can you say term limits?

Joe Biden is a turd of gigantic proportions. Arrogant, self-righteous and paid. I thought that he was rude and condescending - probably not bc Sarah is crazy, but bc she's a woman. That's what it comes down too I'm afraid and no matter how (un) qualified she is - the cards are so stacked against her in the good old US of A that she doesn't stand a chance. It's almost like she was picked for VP just to be picked on.

She's right that we need a representative for "joe 6-pack" in our government, but there's a lot to be said for that rep having a good sense of what's going on in the world though. Both candidates made poor vp choices - and I'm not sure I understand the strategy behind those choices just yet. We'll just have to wait and see.

And, I'm not voting for el presidente! They are both LOSERS and we're in trouble either way.

Anyone up for a move to Switzerland?

Then, from my civic minded politically active (she writes letters to her congressmen ya'll) sister:
Ralph Nader is still on the ballot.

Toddler Friday: One year ago

The image speaks for itself. The picture on the right? Elliott about a week ago. The picture on the left? Elliott in September 2007. Wowzers, right?

1 year compare

Thursday, October 02, 2008

I thought it was an offer he couldn't refuse

The boy that I married has his mind set on two things right now. An Xbox and a giant tv that hangs on the wall. It's been agreed to that maybe by Christmas we will have saved enough money for the giant tv on the wall. The other toy though? A different issue all together.

I do not support said video game consoles purchase - especially in light of the fact that we already have an unused console,. Ross hasn't played a game for years, video games are evil, he doesn't have time to play, I don't need my boys living in a dark hole in the basement shooting at imaginary villains....yada, yada yada. You get the idea.

Regardless of what I think, Ross still wants it. Dare I say wants it desperately. So, we worked out a deal. If he can save from his allowance (yes each of us has a monthly allowance) and in his words, "hustle" for some cash, I'll match him. Well, the bank account will match him and he can get his mind sucker.

The other day though, I came up with a sweet compromise - one I thought he'd jump on. Last night I made him a deal. If he would go 2 weeks without head phones - totally cold turkey - anywhere (work, home, church, etc.) then I would just go to one of my secret cash stashes and give him the money for his box, quite literally RIGHT NOW!

Brilliant, right? He shot me down before I even finished listing my conditions. I really thought he'd go for it - two weeks is nothing, right?


He is so ADDICTED!!!!!! that the thought of living without his beloved ipod, even for cold hard cash and his desired and beloved Xbox, isn't even an option.

Are there any ipod anonymous meetings we can start attending? Anywhere? Beuhler? Beulher? Beuhler?

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

New glasses

I got my new glasses and can see so clearly now. I could see clearly before, but things are better now.

Like them? They are magenta with paisley patterned tips. It was a pain to get them the other day but now they are good.

This is what they look like on my face.

(please disregard the giant pores on my face - today was a no make-up day and I didn't have time to photoshop myself)

So, what does Elliott do while I'm busy taking pictures of my new glasses and myself wearing my new glasses? He say's "Hi" a lot, and works on projects.

He pushes chairs around.

He also has me take pictures of him at some of his least flattering moments like this one.

That look? Yeah, that pretty much sums up our day so far. Good thing dad doesn't get home until 7 pm tonight. Awesome!


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