Friday, August 29, 2008

Baby Friday - it looks like we have a giant on our hands afterall

If you look closely at the picture of the Monkey, you'll see that his nose and face are crustified with boogers. Those are hard won boogers because you see, yesterday we went to the doctor and having a nurse look at you is enough to send any 19 month old into a tailspin, right?

We arrived and things were good. Once we heard, "I need Elliott in nothing but his diaper" all bets were off and I can't tell you the last time I saw my little guy panic or cry so hard and so much in such a short period of time. That was until he got 5 shots.

Once we got back into the car and were heading home and I'd heard "mama owie" several times things seemed to be much better.

Here's the report. 28 and 1/2 lbs and 35.5 inches tall. That's the 80% percentile on weight and totally of the charts in height. So off the charts in fact that Elliott is 15 months taller than he should be. Yes, he is as tall as an average 3 year old. Go figure. If you double a boys height at 2.5 years of age you can generally gauge their adult height. Ross has done the math and if my boy grows 4 inches in the next year, he will be nearly 6 feet 5 inches tall as a full grown boy. A mother can only hope.

I just cannot get over how quickly he is growing and turning into such a little man. And, with his super spiffy short hair cut via Grandma's cuttin' corral last Sunday night, he looks like he's 5 - not one and a half.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Sometimes I lament my SAHM (Stay at Home Mom) status. When I add in my WFMH (Work from Home Mom) responsibilities it usually leaves me drained and with the inability to get stuff done on a daily basis. It also gives me a greater appreciation for my mom and all the other moms who work full time and still meet all the needs of their children and families. You ladies are all deserving of wonder woman status.

After two full days of tricky babysitting arrangements, very stress full commuting which included being road raged at by an angry ZZ Top cover band artist, and some really long meetings (especially for a girl who cannot sit still), I am a HTDBM/FH (Happy to do both mom/from home).

When the reality of my little world hits me - usually in traffic when my khakis are getting too hot and wrinkled and I wish I were in my regular uniform of stretchy pants and a t-shirt - I realize how lucky and blessed I am.

I have a happy, funny, adorable little monkey that I get to spend my entire day with. Yes, we drive each other crazy, but having a sidekick is a pretty cool feeling.

I have the opportunity to work and a very accommodating and understanding organization to work for. They let me work from home! I cannot beat that.

I have a husband who works hard enough that I can stay home in stretchy pants and a t-shirt.

The biggest decision I have to make on many days is whether or not we go for a walk in the morning or the evening - that's tough, isn't it.

I'm a pretty lucky girl - I just need to remember that more often.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Some religion, some history, and a little bit of soap box thrown in for good measure

You've all seen it. Heck, a lot of you probably have it hanging in your home or know someone who does. It's really quite famous and it's driven me (and my dad) crazy for years.

If you will briefly travel back to high school with me, clear back to AP US History you'll note that we/I learned that George Washington was a Diest. Diesm was and I suppose is a largely little known/highly interpretable and slightly misunderstood "religion" but basically a lot of America's Founding Father's were Diests. They believed in God, but they beleived in what was often referred to as a "Watchmaker God". This meant that they believed in a God who designed the world they were inhabiting long before life was formed and that the world was set-up like a clock - and once in motion there was no changing it. In more simplified terms, they beleived that what did happen and what would happen did so because that was the way it was designed to happen and there wasn't any chance of changing it because it had been God's will.

Keeping this in mind, GW was perhaps one of the most stringent Diests of his time. He did attended regular worship services to keep his wife happy, he did beleive in a God, but not in one that should be petitioned or prayed to. In fact, it's pretty well known that Georgie Boy was not a pray-er. (here comes the soap box) Meaning that during the American Revolution, the odds of him praying in a grove of trees while camped at Valley Forge or any other place for that matter were slim to non-existent.

This is why that painting has always driven me crazy. In doing a bit of research, the artist and others who have proclaimed that painting to be great have quoted many times that there were several "witnesses" at Valley Forge that saw GW walk into a grove of trees to pray. There are also many "witnesses" to history and historians that basically say, um, not true.

I just finished reading a book on the recommendation of my dad titled Faiths of our Fathers: What America's Founders Really Beleived by Alf Mapp and can I just tell you it was awesome. The book was very intersting and pretty eye-opening that these guys with such different lifestyles and beleifs were able to mold and shape a country. That is very cool. But, I LOVED the Washington chapter. (As I'm writing this post I realize that my inner nerd is over-exposed and pouring out of me, but beleive it or not, this whole Diest/prayer/painting issue that I've created bothers me to no end. I acutually think about it pretty regularly. )

At present time, several hundred years later, Washington's original biographer, Mason Locke Weems, has been proven to be a pretty good fabricator in his day, inventing many stories about the famous president, including the mythical story that George cut down his father's prized cherry tree. The myth that Washington prayed at Valley Forge has been attributed to a Quaker that Weems invented. The author of Faiths of our Fathers, Mapp, says this:

"Of course, no one can prove that Washington did not kneel in the snow at Valley Forge. But the imagined event is most unlikely. Washington was an idealist, but a very practical one....More important than whether Washington would have prayed on his knees, or in a specific setting is the question of whether he would have prayed at all. Many of his associates were Diests, and many Diests considered praying a waste of time."

So, those of you who have that painting, good for you. I am not judging or criticizing because like you, I feel that it is beautiful and inspiring. As for me, I'll still continue to shudder a bit whenever I see it because of the misuse of history I perceive it to be.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Guess what time it is

Yep! It's football time. The mighty wolverines had their season opener (preseason game) against the mightier miners in the hot hot sun today. Our wolverines lost by a touchtown, but made a good effort in their first real game. This year Will the Thrill really is the biggest kid on the team and he might actually get to play a little defense. Sweet. And, dad-e-o is an official coach with a matching golf shirt and press badge. Wicked.

Did I mention it was hot? Yeah.

19 months

Today the boy is 19 months old. Congratulations boy!

You take naps on my bed every afternoon in your nest. The other day I peeked in to check up on you and you were asleep on my bed like a grown-up...a grown-up with a binky in his mouth. This however is just a photographic demonstration of the great progress you've made in the last few weeks.

You see, in the last month we've seen some milestones, but for me, the mama, the most important milestone may be that you have learned to put your self to sleep and sleep through the night. After a crazy June and July I decided that enough was enough - you were waking up at all sorts of crazy hours in the night and were turning into a (gasp) "co-sleeper" because your exhausted parents were too tired at night to figure out how to get you back to sleep. So, when we got home from our trip to Las Vegas 5 weeks ago it was sleep training time.

Now, you have a bed time (8:30 pm) and that's it. We do jammies, milk, music, and rock-a-by in the chair. Most nights you've cooperated pretty well with very little crying, wailing, and gnashing of teeth. The last two nights though we've made some real progress. As I've sat down with you to rock you to sleep you've decided that you can do it yourself, in your crib. So, instead of you rolling and flopping all over me for 20 min. until you fall asleep, you do it in your bed and I get to sit silently in the rocking chair and watch. Last night I "snuck" out and you only whimpered for a second before you were off to la la land. Yes! Success! I am so proud of you.

As always though, you are a busy body adding to your vocabulary, comprehension and crazy tricks daily. You love that we've had guys working in our basement the last month and are convinced that it's your dad down there hiding from you. You've started to protest against the high chair opting for standing or sitting at a table. You love car rides because of all the big "tru-UNS" that you get to see as we drive by. "Woah" and "nope" have become your two favorite words. Your dad is convinced that you comprehend at least 400 words...maybe you do and maybe you don't but you are one smart little fart for sure.

You are a climber and a kisser and an ultimate fighting champion destroyer of stuff and thrower of temper tantrums. Yes, it seems that you are entering the terrible two's a bit early, but it definitely makes for good entertainment. You are starting to help pick out your clothes every morning, you think that you can go to the bathroom in the toilet even though you don't, and lucky for the diaper changers in the family, your four week obsession with blueberries seems to have subsided.

Oh what a sweet, smart, crazy, goofy, absolutely squishy and lovable little wanderer you are. Thanks for being such a good boy.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Baby Friday - I love...

You know that part of the movie "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" where at the end they are interpreting for Socrates and it's all, "I love....I love...and then I love Sandemes..." right?

If you are unfamiliar, watch it here.

For today's baby Friday installment, I'll interpret Elliott's "I loves". Please keep in mind that this is the 5th time we've tried to make our little movie today. He was extremely cooperative and adorable this morning but the web cam sound didn't work so there was no video. By the time we got this one to work, he wasn't really interested in "loving" stuff anymore.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

I told you so

Two days ago, he was in the garage and stepped on a nail. It went through his flip flop and punctured his foot (the left foot with the gimpy toe). There was a lot of blood. The post impact conversation went something like this...

Me: Are you okay?
Him: Yes.
Me: You should probably get a tetanus shot because you stepped on a nail.
Him: I don't need one, the nail wasn't rusty.
Me: It doesn't matter whether or not the nail was rusty. You just stepped on a nail and it went through your foot.
Him: I'll be fine.
Me: Whatever!

Fast forward 24 hours to yesterday. I get a text that his foot hurts and is swollen. When he gets home from work I see that indeed, the foot is swollen.

I say, "You probably should go to an insta care and get a tetanus shot".

He says, "It's fine, but let me CALL MY PARENTS and see what they think." (inject personal inner dialogue here: Um, hello? Call your parents? Are you kidding me? What about me? I've been telling you for 24 hours to do what they are going to tell you to do but you won't listen to me? The person that you married? The one who cooperates with all your schemes? The girl who birthed and takes care of your heir and didn't even get mad at you when you stepped on a nail and let the little monkey wander around the exact same garage barefoot?)

He spoke to both of them. One said he should go to the emergency room. The other told him to go to insta care and....GET A TETANUS SHOT.

As soon as he got off the phone, he left the house to do what his parents told him to do.

You're welcome.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

it's all coming to an end...

...Summer that is. Three glorious months of fun, sun and entertainment are wrapping themselves up this week and I'm just not quite sure what to do about it. The laziness of summer has always been appealing to me, now more so than ever. I've had more baby sitters than I can shake a stick at, more family and friends to hang out with, more days going to lunch than I really should have eaten and it's all coming to an end.

It seems that the monkey and I have spent most of our summer with our favorite brother and uncle and it's been so much fun. Nearly every time we get in the car it's a call for "WeeEee" and Elliott cannot rest until we find him.

This summer we've gone on trips, to baseball games, to lunch, to the zoo and on many grand adventures to Target. We've read books, played outside, planted flowers, been scared of the lawn mower, gone to play grounds, squashed bugs, watered ourselves instead of the flowers countless times and almost finished the basement.

We've played with cousins, grandparents, great grandparents and friends and had some glorious afternoon naps.

We've been swimming not nearly enough times, but enough times for me to get this:

Can I just tell you how good it feels to have those tan lines? It feels good. It's been YEARS since I've been able to go swimming enough times to get a tan and oh, how I love that tan. If only I had someplace to go or something to wear to show it off!

Summer is so fleeting isn't it? We wait all year for it to come and then it just sneaks away. It's true that I'm excited for the fall. I love the fall - little league football, college basketball and sweaters are just around the corner - you can feel it in the air. But oh, how I wish that I had a few more weeks to hang out and be lazy with some of my favorite people.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Panic at the Disco!

When I was a small girl and my mom introduced me to someone new like a friend, colleague or neighbor, generally speaking, I wouldn't speak. I probably ran away a few times too or just looked at the person I was being introduced to a bit to intensely for someone afraid to speak or shake hands.

Okay, so you got me...that didn't just happen when I was a small girl, it happens all the time. In fact, it happened on Saturday night.

The set-up - Ross gave me a cold. Yes a cold in August. Go figure. I'm still fighting it and right now if you were to call me on the phone I'd have to share secrets only you knew to convince you that I am me because I sound nothing like me...a little bit more like Kathleen Turner but not as sessy as Lauren Bacall.

Anyway - on Saturday Elliott and I weren't feeling well and stupid of all stupids, we RSVP'd to the ward party. I haven't been to one of those in...are you ready for this...5 years! That sort of function is just something Ross and I generally try to avoid, for lots of reasons, so we don't ever go. This one sort of "sneeked" up on us and after a brief discussion that sounded like this:

Me: Do you think we should go?
Him: I don't know, do you think we should go?
Me: What do you think? We've never been before?
Him: I don't know, what do you think? Maybe we should make an appearence?
Me: ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO GO? I don't want to go.
Him: No I'm not sure, but I guess maybe we should.
Me: I don't want to go.
Him: Okay, we'll go.

we decided to go. Why did we decide to go?

You see, even as a 30 year old woman who is married, has a career and a toddler, I still cannot talk to people. We got there too early (on time), and there was no one there yet (no one I felt comfortable talking to) and when the people I did know came they talked to me (thank you!!!) but they are also more social than me so they set up their chairs in the center of the action and I was left standing alone, with a whining baby nervous, confused, and a little sweaty.

What did I do and where did I go? I took my grumpy baby and my befuddled, paranoid, social anxiety disorder self and stood as far away from the burgeoning group as possible, begging Ross to let me go home. We were only there about an hour (felt like a lifetime) and when a few people approached me I managed to conversed with ease. Well, sort of ease.

Really, you can just call me spazz (the extra z is for emphasis). Here I am, a former teacher who kept 17 year olds spell bound with my tales of history, a professional development trainer and presenter who has commanded (used loosely by the way) classrooms of adults and large audiences at conference presentations, someone who can direct a photo shoot, make a comment, and host a book club and, AND when it comes time to go to a "party" I freeze, freak out, almost start crying, and beg my husband (who made me sick) to let me go home.

He did let me go home but not until we ate our hamburgers. On the short walk home, I apologized for being a moron and he "scolded" me for projecting my teenage angst onto my baby boy making him cranky.

Elliott fell asleep in his stroller with snicker doodle all over his face.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The best potatoes you'll ever eat

My sister once had the idea of opening a restaurant that only served potatoes - dozens of different ways. If I were her, I'd add this recipie to her list. I've cooked these taters now four times and not only do I feel that I've got it down to a science, they are perhaps one of the most heavenly things I've ever eaten. So good in fact that since Ross was a bit under the weather last night and didn't eat all of his I just stood over his plate and gobbled them up so quickly you'd think that I was stealing them.

The recipie is not my own - it comes from a little cook book my mom gave us. Thanks mom!

Here you go.

Heat oven to 425 degrees and start a large pot of boiling water

Cut yellow or red potatoes into equal sizes (into 4 or 6 slices per potatoe like you would for roasting or for smashed)

When the water is to a full boil, dump your sliced potatoes into the water for 7 minutes.

As soon as the pototes are in the water, put your roasting pan in the oven with approx. 2 tablespoons of olive oil, bacon grease, or goose fat (whichever you've got on hand)

After 7 minutes of boiling, drain the potatoes and bang them around in the pot a bit

Take your roasting pan out of the over and dump the potatoes into the pan. It will be sizzlin' so be careful. Make sure that the potatoes are evenly coated in your grease of choice and place back in the oven.

Total cooking time is 45-55 minutes. Halfway through you need to gently flip the potaotes being careful not to break the crust that is forming.

Eat immediately! They aren't as good left over as they are right out of the oven so eat them all. Forget your diet or the size of your stomach. YOu will pop these bad-boys like bon-bons. Promise.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Baby Friday - Warning! Gratuitous Cuteness Ahead

My boy is turning out to be quite the mimic, especially when it comes to copying what his dad does.

Ross and Elliott have this thing called "strong baby". The video explains itself. What it cannot explain is where Elliott's shirt went. I cannot remember that.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008


It's been 5 weeks since I started weight watchers. In 5 weeks I've lost 5.4 lbs so says my scale. That I guess is right on track with WW plan that says you should lose 1-2 lb's a week. Yeah for me, right?

Have you ever noticed that when you do the initials of the store Lane Bryant, it's LB, like in all the ladies that shop there (including myself on ocassion) have more LB's than everyone else. Do you think that's a conspiracy? Yeah, me too.

Anyway, I've been doing pretty good eating on my daily and weekly point allowances. More fruit and vegetables, less bread fewer cheetos and nearly no chocolate. Yes, I am extremely deprived. In studying my eating habits I have learned that I am not an emotional eater, an angry eater, a jealous eater, or any other type of eater. I just really like to eat. I really, really like to eat.

The funny thing is, I am one of the pickest eaters you'll ever fine. I know there are people, adults even - not just 2 year olds, who issue more personal food restrictions than myself, but I'm pretty bad. I don't eat cheese, beans or fish. Most vegetables scare me. I cannot eat a piece of meat with a bone in it because I feel bad for the animal it once was. When I was pregnant with Elliott Ross once fixed fat and thick chicken breasts for dinner and just looking at them made me so ill I started bawling. I have texture issues with food and fruits and if it feels too mushy or stringy or fuzzy or wet or gooey I just can't eat it.

I love greasy diner food. I love bacon and anything cooked in bacon grease. I love desserts, especially ones I make from scratch and find in "bon appetit" magazine or ones that have "red velvet" somewhere in their name. I prefer steak to chicken. Did I mention no fish? Yeah, the thought of eating a fish, or anything else that spends its life in either fresh or salt water absolutely oogs me out to the millionth degree.

Like, sushi for example. Don't rag on me sushi eaters of the world, but I would rather eat the dirt off of my foot than a piece of raw fish with rice and seaweed. I was just reading another blog and the blogger mentioned sushi. Puke! I don't get it. Pardon the stereotype, but it seems that there is a "type" of person that eats sushi and that person is much cooler and more sophisticated than me. I fear traveling to parts of the world that thrive off of aquatic life because they might not have chicken for me to eat. Just chicken of the sea.

Anyway, like I was saying, I'm learning a lot about food and my food habits on weight watchers. I can tell you the points value for most stuff. Today I ate a really good breakfast, with minimal points and then ate three pieces of little squeezers pizza for lunch - yeah, can you beleive that? I blew 15 points out of my 32 for the day on crappy pizza. Oh well, it was worth it.

Food is my downfall. It may be my only true vice - oh how I love chocolate treats. I'm sure that I'll never get back to the number I weighed when I got married and that's okay. It's crazy that I thought i was fat 5.5 years ago. If only I would have known what the future looked like. I might have done something then to prevent the extra 40 that I've been adding the last few years. Regardless, it feels good to know that finally, I'm doing something realistic and attainable about it.

Yeah me.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The post in which I wax historical...

The Olympics being in China! have got me to thinking....not about Michael Phelps, but about China itself.

A few weeks ago I was watching CBS This Morning and they did a story on a couple who has written a new biography about Mao. You know, that Mao. The one that forced the long march while he rode in a carriage, the one the Beatles sing against, the one that is embalmed, the one whose nations history is constantly being rewritten to make him out to be a good guy.

Then, there's all this stuff coming out from the Olympics. Closing Mount Everest for the season to prevent protest climbs, the girls with the Tibetan flag that were thrown out, the cute girl that lip-synced over the ugly girls voice, the whole murdering of Americans on opening day thing. And, I am sure there are things that we don't know about, people who have been kicked out, imprisoned, etc...that we'll never know about, right? So, this stuff has all got me to thinking...

At what point does a nation or a group of people fight back? We see throughout history examples of the oppressed and down trodden who have fought, and of course examples of those who were to oppressed to even stand a chance. I had a fun discussion with my parents (yes a discussion about politics and government and history with my parents is FUN!) a couple of weeks ago and then carried it on with Ross last week. The question I have is this: When will the Chinese overthrow Communism?

There were lots of factors that led to the overthrow of the Soviet Union. Colonial unrest, European tradition to fight back, bankrupt governments, etc. These factors obviously don't hold true for China so much, but what will it take? We saw upheaval in 1989 with Tianmen (sp?) Square and that didn't work out so well for the protesters.

There's got to be a weak link, right? A point where they just cannot pull it off anymore?

enough rambling, right? Just something to think about...what are your thoughts, if you're so inclined to think about such things?

Monday, August 11, 2008

oh really? that's something new

, originally uploaded by bookemdano1978.

As with most Sundays, I spend a few hours at church trying to stay awake and learn something. Yesterday was no different, except whereas I usually sit by myself through Sunday School sending out my stink bug vibe, a woman came in late and sat next to me.

After the meeting she looked at my shoes and said something to the effect of this:

Oh, red shoes. They look so good with that outfit. A little bit racy though?

Yes, that's me. A little bit racy.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Engagement Session

Today I did Emily and Devin's engagment photos. Makayla came along and helped. After a two hour session I walked away with 211 photos. These are a few of my favorites.

Baby Friday - we survived a scout court of honor

My brother, Elliott's favorite uncle (right Willie?) is now a "life" scout. I'm not quite sure what that means, but I think it's one step away from the Eagles nest. The Monkey and I joined the fam. for the court of honor the other night. Never been to one of those before and it made my cub scout pack meetings look like a walk in the park.

At almost two hours in length, we were all pretty much dying. Lots of technical difficulties, a little bit of disorganization, and many, many photo slide shows.

It was good though and Elliott was so well behaved, especially so close to bed time. He climbed on chairs, clapped when boys won their awards and when the music started playing, he ran to the center of the church gym and basically got his groove on ala John Travolta.

He was happy to celebrate his Uncle "WeeEee's" accomplishments.

And, two weeks ago, we bought him a bike. He pretty much only likes to ring the bell, but we're working on riding it.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

New addition to the family

It's not a baby, but it's close. I am now the proud parent of a new digital SLR camera and I am in love. Still working out some of the kinks and learning all the settings but so far - it's like we're running towards each other in a field of wild Flowers after years apart because of war. Yes, it's that good.

The true test of the camera's strength will be on Friday, when I do some engagement photos for a very young, sweet couple who are so kind to ask me to be their photographer. In the meantime, I've messed around a bit with the monkey and the bathroom sink. So far, I likey the results.

We were lounging on our favorite thing last night - mine and Ross' bed, so I broke out my new baby to take a few shots. I thought "gosh, won't it be fun to take a little family picture because the last time I tried it ended up looking like this..."

the only family portrait on the trip

Yeah, not the greatest, I know. Well, our results last night weren't that much better because the Monkey has a desperate need to eat the new camera instead of just watch it take pretty pictures. I still like what we got...casual and fun and a little bit blurry.

Other than these two beauts, we don't have anything except a picture from a year ago at my cousin's wedding when we gave Elliott a night off from his helmet.

Anyway - enough is enough right.

If you want to buy my old and still in perfect condition camera (with manuals, cables and at least one lens and maybe a camera backpack if you're interested) then drop me a comment and we can negotiate.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

par for the course

yesterday he did this:

dumped two large cups full of water out of the bath tub

dropped his yogurt bites down the furnace vent

threw his milk at me, twice

head butted me so hard that I bit through my lip a little
dumped out all his fishy crackers - picked some up and smashed the others with his bare feet

as always - threw his food, my favorite throwing selection being bananas that he had already squished in his hands

threw a mini basketball at my face

threw his pacifier at hid dad and hit him in the eye

snuck away from supervision to reach and reach and dump over yet another cup full of water

It seems like we're seeing a trend here...

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Our county fair is the best county fair...don't miss it, don't even be late!

Yesterday I was inspired. You see, Haley and James stopped by my house as they were preparing some of James' photography to enter into the SL County Fair. Once they left my house I got the submission bug and prepared, very last minute, some images to submit on my own. Lucky for me I just bought a new photo printer - I was off and running.

I submitted in the amateur class and I think that I submitted in categories different than James so I wasn't competing with him.

These are the photos I submitted. What do you think? Do I have a chance?

Submission 1: Botanical category
Title: Quarter Fleur
quarter fleur
The friendly Germanic man who helped me with the paperwork told me that this image would have been better if I left the yellow center of the photo in tact and had that as my focal point instead of the flower's petals. He's probably right, I guess...I didn't tell him that I already knew that and that I intentionally cut it off to focus on the petals.

Submission 2: Animals in the Wild
Title: Moose in Repose
moose in repose
My paperwork helper liked this image and knew exactly where I had taken it, Albion Basin, which was pretty cool.

Submission 3: Still Life
Title: Independence Hall
independence hall
Everyone around me liked this one - they said it was calming. Mr. Germanic told me that in order to take this picture, I'd have to set my camera to it's manual settings - I told him that's exactly what I did. He was impressed and couldn't criticize the image - only my mounting, because one corner was already peeling away.

It's exciting to enter a contest - even more exciting if I were to actually win a ribbon. If you are interested to see the results, the county fair is this week - August 6-9.

Thanks for the inspiration James. And, good luck to you, too.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Baby Friday: The Talented Mimic

So, last night I came home from work and helped Annie prepare for Book Club. Our downstairs toilet had a mineral ring from disuse. Elliott and I went upstairs to get the toilet brush and we subsequently scrubbed our 3 toilets. I was hauling him around and he was keenly observing.

Fast forward 15 minutes. I am standing in the kitchen eating dinner and Elliott is wandering around with a large wisk in his hand. I noticed that he had gone into our half bath and all of the sudden, I hear a splashing sound.

This is what I found.

He is a fast learner and a talented mimic.

Now we just need to teach him to vacuum and do the dishes....


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