Monday, September 29, 2008

Some days are better than others

There is that saying "when it rains it pours", well we've had ourselves some rain. Just a drizzle really, but sometimes life sure seems to get the better of me and as we all know, when the mama isn't up to snuff, nothing seems to go according to plan.

We missed baby Friday - sorry to all of you, our faithful followers. We were in Midway with Ross and then I got lost coming home and then we went to 5 guys with grandma and Haley and willie and then we walked through model homes and then we were really tired but wouldn't take naps and then we were supposed to go to Grandma P's 75th birthday party and then...

oh goodness, that just didn't work. Elliott was sick and as usual, I was too dumb to realize that's why he'd been crying for hours. I thought he was just being a stinker because he didn't want to wear a golf shirt, but once we got him to an insta care and ruled out ear infections the verdict came in - strep throat. As soon as we were done at the doctor the crying stopped - it seems that my boy was trying to send me a message. I don't know why I never think he's sick - I just need to be better at paying attention.

Saturday was a long one, too. Once my tearful meltdown in the morning was over, Ross and Elliott ran errands all day and I went to the most awful little league football game I've ever been to. I'm working on a whole new post titled "sports builds character" that will be debuting shortly, but lets say it wasn't a good afternoon.

Then yesterday we didn't go to church (awesome) and all had naps because we were tired and worn out....Only one problem - my nap, as good as it was, seemed to have ruined all chances of going to sleep last night - I didn't finally get some much needed shut-eye until 5:30 this morning. Can you say tired? Um, yeah, tired.

This morning during my break between work sessions we went to run some errands - my car needs to be inspected by tomorrow so Elliott and I took it in - it was rejected. CRAP! The brake lights are messed up. Not sure how to fix them. Then we went to get my new glasses - they weren't at the right office so we traveled the valley looking for my glasses. When we finally found them they didn't have the right case. I don't care and after minutes upon minutes of waiting for them to track one down I just took a pink plastic case and left. Halfway home when Elliott started melting in the back seat after he threw his pacifier on the floor of the car I realized that we left his blanket at the eye doctor's office. Crap, again!

And, we have a tv addiction. How do you break a 20 month old of his tv habit when it appears he has a sense of entitlement to watch the televizzle and he cries when blues clues ends? It's a struggle here for sure.

Anyway, that's enough right? Today is a good day. In spite of everything, we're doing really well. And, Elliott didn't spit all his medicine out onto me and into his eye. That's pretty good.

Look at this pretty picture of my snap dragons.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

A little sad...

It's not really my thing to blog about movie stars, but I really liked Paul Newman. Haley and I had a phase many moons ago where it seems like we watched "Cool Hand Luke" like a thousand times.

Paul Newman was perhaps one of my favorite actors - especially in his prime - ESPECIALLY in one of my most favorite movies that I haven't seen in a million years and might need to Netflix soon.

If you have never seen Cat on a Hot Tin Roof then you are truly missing out on one of the coolest movies ever! Rent it, watch it, enjoy the Newman-ness of it. I love this movie so much that If I ever had a second kid, and that kid was a girl, I'd be tempted to name her Maggie so I could call her "Maggie the Cat" - based off of Elizabeth Taylor's role.

Here's a scene:

Thursday, September 25, 2008

A little bit of justice can sure go a long way

We were driving in the car on a road that is under construction. The place where I wanted to make a left-hand turn had a sign telling me I couldn't do it. I drove to the next place to turn around, did so and headed back in the direction of where I needed to be.

As I was making a right-hand turn at the intersection that said no left-hand turns, a stupid woman in her stupid fancy car made a left-hand illegal left-hand turn and she was in such a hurry that she almost ran me over.

This incident, as many like this, caused me to say to myself out loud in the car, "Ug, where's a cop when you need one?"

My wish was answered. Watching in my rear view mirror I saw the cop appear out of no where, turn on it's lights and pull said stupid woman over! Yes! Justice! Even a little bit of vindication.

Sometimes it's amazing to me how good I feel seeing rule breakers punished. How much is a ticket for making an illegal turn in a construction zone anyway?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


that a dear friend came over for lunch. Not only was her company most enjoyable but her impending arrival was enough motivation to clean the whole house and prepare a scrumptious lunch.

Thanks, Lisa.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

20 Months

The last few days, even the last few weeks can be summed up in a few words: Independence, Boundaries, Testing, Trying, Delightful. You see my boy, you are exhibiting some very grown-up behavior like brushing your own teeth and combing your own hair - your even starting to pick out your own clothes in the morning. You are also pretty keen these days on throwing temper tantrums, hitting your mama, and experiencing your first time-outs which aren't going well.

I think you're growing, and that you have allergies. We were both in a house today with a cat and have been a tad cranky every since because of our boogers.

In the last few weeks you've added new words to your vocabulary like church and lunch, and bubbles and you've become obsessed with TV and movies. It seems that we do manage some quiet time during the day without Thomas or Blue, but by golly I've got to work hard at keeping you entertained.

You love our morning walks, especially when we stop at the playground and go down the slide countless times. You love to laugh and sing and have learned so many new songs including "I'm a little tea pot" and grandma's song "where is thumbkin". You have proven to us time and again, that you are not a fan of church in general but you do love the nursery and can hardly wait to go and play with all the other kids - even if you tower over them.

Uncle Willie is the most important person in your life right now and Grandma Howden's dog JoJo your most important animal. You ask for both on a regular basis and are convinced that Willie is living and hiding in our basement. Every day at some point we walk down to the basement, open all the doors, look under the cushions and call out "mee mee" in search of said beloved uncle. When we don't find him, you look at me with sad puppy eyes and say "I don't know". I tell you that he is at school and that we'll find him later - you generally seem okay with that.

You love to eat popcorn and oranges and string cheese and rolls. You are becoming quite the left handed drawer and you are even starting to read. Or at least do your version of reading. It is just about the cutest thing in the entire world and I do my best to get you to read to me several times a day.

Even though you will no longer sit in your high chair, ride in the kiddie seat in the shopping cart, or let me buckle you in the stroller, I still love you lots and lots! Probably just because you're super cute. And, because I think you love me back. And, because you let me wrap your stuffed animals up like babies in blankets and watching you carry them around and kiss them on the head melts my heart. And, because you let us dress you up like a penguin just for kicks. That was pretty cool.

Monday, September 22, 2008

He's right, I'm not

Elliott and I were out running errands this afternoon and we missed lunch. That meant a quick stop at the closest place, McDonald's, for drinks and small french fries. I placed our order through the drive through with a very chipper sounding young man and pulled forward to the first window.

He told me my total and as I was handing him the money said, "So how are you today?"

I responded with a "Just great, thanks."

He then said, "Well, a pretty lady like you should have a great day, you sure don't look ebil."

I think he meant that I didn't look evil, but I'm 98.54% certain he said ebil.

Either way, he's right...I'm not!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

In case you missed it...

Ross was on the tv news the other day.

Click here to read the story and see his mug on the televizzle.

Sugar coating in the blogosphere

There are many blogs that grace the presence of my monitor on a daily basis. I mean, I read A LOT of blogs. Some good, some bad, some gossipy, some beautiful and inspiring, some of those "mommy blogs", some crafty and a lot of blogs of family and friends. I really like reading my blogs - reading what real people have to say about real life. It's refreshing.

That being said, it seems lately that I find a good deal of sugar coating though and that's starting to bug me. I've got to thinking that I just cannot understand why people don't tell it like it is, on the Internets. For example, I read blogs of people who have gone on trips and their kids were brats, but on their blog they say the trip was great! awesome! wonderful! Best trip ever! LIAR! Or, people who have a new baby, a new car, a new pet, a new pedicure and it's always glossy and nice and happy and sweet with butterflies and flowers and yummy smells every where.

Now, don't get me wrong - I like butterflies and yummy smells, but I also want to know that my blogging "peeps" are going through the same things as me. I want to know when their baby cries and pukes and was a stinker, when their new car broke down, when their new pet ate the corner of the sofa and when their new pedicure caused a nasty fungal infection in their big toe.

Maybe that's just me? Am I the only one who wants brutal honestly? Perhaps, but I don't think so.

Where did this come from? A really rough morning with my kid, that's where. The boy woke up at 6:30 am - on a Saturday! Ug. Ross got him out of bed, changed his diaper, and threw him in bed with us where he eventually went back to sleep for about 45 minutes. Since the moment he woke up, until I finally got him down for a nap, things were rough.

He wouldn't eat breakfast.
He only wanted to watch choo choo.
He forgot how to walk, stand, and sit (rough things to forget).
He fell and crashed and got hurt running naked from the bathtub to the bedroom where his clothes were waiting.

Dad rescued us both and took said boy with him to get the car's oil changed. When they got home things escalated.

It was nap time and someone didn't want a nap. Instead, he wanted to scream, throw himself dramatically onto the floor and gag on his own boogers. Being the good mom I rescued him and how did he pay me back? Yes, my almost 20 month old slapped me in the face, multiple times, because I couldn't read his mind (and probably because I was sort of laughing).

That incident earned him a time out on the bottom of the stairs. Time outs are new to us and they are a struggle of gargantuan proportions. I held him on the stair - put him back on the stair 4 times in his measly minute and by the time we were finished with said time out, he was spent.

My boy wanted to go in the basement and watch cartoons. Too bad there was such a screaming, boogering communication glitch - the glitch being he can't talk so good.

It was an episode to say the least.

We finally got in the basement, watched cartoons for 20 minutes and then very willingly mind you, we marched ourselves upstairs and into bed. Just Elliott, not me! He's been out now for almost two hours - it seems that he was tired, too.

On a more positive note - most of the week was really great and yesterday my boy was in a good mood and I got him to sing a song with me. Please feel free to sing along with us on the video.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Toddler Friday: See this boy? He loves his mama!

Everyone who meets my boy and me knows that he's got me wrapped around his tiny little finger - all 8 of them plus his two thumbs. And, all those people know that I'm okay with a little squishy monkey manipulation every now and again.

The last week and a half has been interesting for's pretty much just been the two of us for oh, like 13 hours or so a day, and that makes for some L-O-N-G afternoons and evenings. However, we've seemed to be able to get along pretty well, as long as we're eating popcorn and watching "choo choo".

By the time Dad gets home, I'm beat and Elliott gets his second wind. That is until bed time because that's when it all counts. It seems that my boy has developed a sudden just before bed affinity for him mama. It's a little annoying because I too am ready to call it a day and curl up in bed, but it's pretty sweet, too.

It's nice to know that my boy wants me to be the last person he see's at night and the first person he sees in the morning when he wakes up.

Except on Saturday's of course - because Saturday is MAN day. Too bad tomorrow Elliott has to go with me to a bridal shower (he, he, he).

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Do you know what this means?

I had a dream last night - well, early this morning.

I dreamed that I was playing in the band at a Jonas Brother's concert and it was super crowded and they were letting fans onto the stage and in my old age I just wouldn't take it and was swinging my guitar at folks and teeny bopping girls, and ugly girls I went to high school with.

But, just like in my reality, I didn't know who the Jonas Brother's are, didn't know any of their songs and didn't know how to play the guitar.

It seems in my dream, when they were introducing the Australian choir that did some background vocals, and I was sitting on a chair on the stage, I was clueless.

Huh, that's my reality, too.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Stupid Blood Sugars!

Yesterday was a long and at times stressful day.

I got home with Elliott around 10:30. My blood sugar was at 124. The perfect number to go to bed with.

At Midnight, my number was 28. Yes, that low! No idea where it came from and I was fast acting insulin free yesterday so I know that wasn't the culprit.

Last night I thought I might die. I didn't die, but I easily sweat off 4 pounds.

This morning, I still am a little numb and dull but can finally I can bend my fingers.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Thomas the Train might need to jump in a lake and a few other things

Elliott LOVES Thomas the Train. The first thing he does when we come downstairs for breakfast in the morning is hug the cabinet that the tv is in and beg "choo choo" at me until I give in. As soon as that blasted song hits his ears, he giggles, cheers, and climbs into his chair to watch - usually with at least 4 blankets, a monkey and a "bee bee" (his binker).

We only have one DVD - we watch it every day. I love watching him watch, but it's time for a new obsession - or at least a new Thomas video.

I joined FACEBOOK about a month ago out of curiosity and that whole "everybody else is doing it" peer pressure. The first week I was a member all I did was troll - you know that you did it, too. I looked for people I went to high school with or random acquaintances and everyones friends lists just to spy...and spy I did.

Adding family and a few real and current friends was pretty easy - then Ross joined and it became a small sort of competition - him competing with me but me not knowing it - for friends. He easily won and I was fine with that. 30 friends, all people I really keep in contact with, was just fine for's not like I'm Michael Phelps or anything like that.

Yesterday however, I got my first "high school" friends - you know - the people I haven't spoken to or really thought of for um...12 years. Lucky for me, they were people that I know and was friends with so I was happy to add them to my 30 and exchange a few messages with them.

Yesterday I also got to do my first "ignore" - someone from high school I don't want lurking and spying on me and my profile. When I saw this person had added me as a friend I threw up a little in my mouth and as quickly as possible blocked him and everything else associated.

My sister can't stand Sarah Palin and is probably going to vote for Barak Hussein Obama. I don't really care. I'm not voting. Yes, you heard me - the American History teacher, the one who taught her students about civic responsibility and being an active member of society is not going to vote in this presidential election. They can all just throw on a pair of concrete gollashes (sp?) and disappear into Loch Ness.

I gained back one of my 9 lost pounds last week because I ate terribly. Ug! That made me so mad. I've only got a few weeks left in my 3 month trial and progress is slow. Probably not going to become a permanent member though. Maybe this week I can try real hard and lose two big LB's and final hit the double digit mark.

Weight lost though, is still gone so for that I am happy.

Was this just the most boring post I've ever written? Yep, pretty much!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sometimes you get homered on your home field

There is just something about playing as a representative for the school that my brother plays football for that brings out the best in officials and rival fans. Yesterday was no exception and the Mighty Wolverines were a bit homered on their own field. A kid got tossed and were not sure why, only our team seemed to get penalties, and the team we played had their butts handed to them on a plate the week before and were out for blood.

This man was one of our officials yesterday. Far be it for me to judge, but sir, if you cannot easily walk over to the flag you threw and pick it up before the next play is over, then perhaphs being a little league official is not the right gig for you.

Other than the whole bitter loss thing (it wasn't that bitter) Willie got to play - with his cast. From what I heard, it was a struggle to figure out how to wrap the cast, what to wrap it with, and how to meet league regulations. Nothing a 1 inch thick padding of styrafoam and some horse tape (the tape used to wrap the ankles of race horses) can't fix. My dad and Willie got his cast wrapped and my sweet brother looked as if he were wielding a bright red club. The opposing team must have thought so too because to say there was some intimidation out on the playing field would be to put it mildly.

Maybe if all the kids on WIllie's team wrap one of their arms up in bright red horse tape they might win a game and not have every single penalty called on them.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Toddler Friday - I thought he was a monkey?

A really nice lady that Ross used to work with, LJ, gave us the Penguin. We thought it would be years before Elliott would wear it - it fit him last night.

We won't be in town for Halloween this year - not like we'd participate anyway - so we had a grand old time in the driveway last night instead.

The boy LOVED IT!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

its 3 pm in the afternoon

its been 12 hours since my last blog post

in the last two nights ive totaled about 6 hours of sleep - thats a worse ratio than when i had a newborn baby

that's not much sleep

right now i am dragging - spent the last two hours or so staring at my computer setting release dates for my online classes and i think that my brain is starting to melt

i cannot even punctuate

im not cooking dinner tonight

cub scouts in an hour and were sanding painting glueing and hammering in the garage with elliott in tow

cross your fingers that i don't collapse from exhaustion amongst five 9 year olds and a baby

it could happen

it's 3:00 am...

...and I'm still awake.

This is the worst! night! EVER!

ug - what's the problem

It's nearly one am and for the second night in a row, I cannot sleep! I got up to get a glass of chocolate milk and decided to read blogs - thanks to those of you who have updated and given me and my groggy eyes something to do for the last 15 minutes.

Anyway, I don't know what my problem is - potential culprits?
Someone who sleeps in the same bed as me fell asleep before me and the snoring is LOUD
I don't feel well
I'm a bit stressed out
The last few days have been LONG
I want calgon to "Take me Away"
My husband, it feels like, never comes home from work and then I'm mean to him because I feel he isn't productive enough when he gets home (I know!) and then I'm guilty because I'm mean (Sorry, Ross)
Lots of people bug me and they don't even know it
The value of gold
My home is a revolving door of disaster, chaos, and messiness
Fall allergies
Strange dreams when I do fall asleep
Doing cub scouts by myself because I don't have an assistant and have five wild and crazy (and cute and fun) bears is a little unnerving
The political situation in my country sucks and i don't have anyone to vote for (Don't be a hater, vote for Nader?)
Not sure what desserts to make for a bridal shower a week and a half away

The list goes on but you get the gist...why is it so hard (I think espeicially for us women folk) to turn the brain off and get what we want and need most - sleep?

I guess I'll go and try it again...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

a day outside

Today was one of those days - the kind where we were really busy doing nothing and outside a lot. Days like this have the tendency to make me tired and guilty that I am so completely unproductive. But, who wants to do stuff on a day like today when the weather is cool, the sky is overcast and there is a bit of a sprinkle of rain on our morning walk. And besides - I got to spend the day with my boy - and he didn't cry once all day long... And, AND had a 3 hour nap! Oh sweetness!

This afternoon though - I took the camera outside during our play time to catch the Monkey in action. And lucky for me he had so much to keep him busy (a big stick, rocks, and pulling all the snap dragon blooms off the plant) that he didn't mind that I was taking his picture the entire time.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

*Gasp* and (Sigh)

First, as of yesterday, I've lost 9 pounds on Weight Watchers. It's taken me two months, but it's progress and progress is good. The goal I set for myself in July was to lose at least 15 big ones, maybe 20 or more if I stick with it for longer than my 3 month trial. So, I'm close to 15. Wish me continued luck.

Now, this weight loss statement has a point. Last week on Labor Day it was a tad bit cold. Do you remember? Yeah, frigid. So cold that I had to break out the jeans. Denim is not my friend. I love the fact that I can wear a pair of jeans 15 and a half times before washing them, but I struggle to find a pair that fits, that I feel comfortable in, that is long enough and not too tight and fits my waist, and my thighs...oh it's just drama I tell you, drama!

Keeping this struggle in mind, I had to break out the jeans for the coldest! day! ever! Without being too particular I just grabbed a pair out of the drawer and threw them on. They were tight. Very tight. Tighter than tight. I started to panic - how could I be losing weight and my dumb jeans be so frickin' tight? Like, come on Denim God what's with this cruel joke?

As I was near tears because I couldn't believe my last years jeans didn't fit my slightly thinner body I walked back to the drawer to try again. In said drawer I found two more pair of jeans - the EB jeans I bought last year. The jeans that when I put them on were a tad (a very small tad) to big. Sigh of relief.

The jeans I put on that had me on the verge of a tearful nervous breakdown? Um, they were my jeans from 2005. That I haven't gotten rid of. That don't fit me anymore.

What lesson did we all learn here? Read the labels, continue to do Weight Watchers and reserve panic until all the variables have been determined.

Monday, September 08, 2008

I love...

...little hands that try so hard

...thinking about the fact that the beautiful green trees are about to become the beautiful red, yellow and orange trees beautiful flower beds that smell so delightful

and attract those wonderful honey bees that we need to save own personal carpenters who worked so hard to build all the new book cases in the basement

(Thanks Grandpa Howden for the picture)

Friday, September 05, 2008

Baby Friday: Whose in charge here, anyway?

he wont ride in the stroller

When if finally warmed up enough on Tuesday to go for a walk Elliott and I jumped on the chance. We were suffering from holiday weekend hangover, a little befuddled because we had to wear long pants, and were desperate for a bit of sun.

Dumb mom that I am, I assumed that we'd take the type of walk in the afternoon that we take in the morning. You know the kind - the kid sits IN THE STROLLER and merrily points out trucks, birds, more trucks and asks for his uncle "MEME" as I work up a sweat pushing him up and down hills and around the lake.

Well, I was wrong. Things started simply enough with me letting him walk to the mailbox while I pushed the stroller. That apparently was enough of the proper momentum to give him the guts to fight me. I tried to put him in the stroller and he rebelled - like a classroom of kids against a substitute teacher. We walked a little bit further and I tried again - this time I wasn't going to fail. With much kicking and screaming I got the boy in the stroller.

He cried, he lurched forward, he arched his back. I gave up and got him out.

He walked the whole way home with a pacifier in his mouth and his blanket wrapped around his neck...yelling at me.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

What does your clutter say about you?

During the last 6 weeks or so we've had our basement finished. During this time, my home has become a disaster. Well, I use become loosely because it's always a mini disaster, but it's turned into a category 9 here folks. Cleaning and de-cluttering just isn't my thing so much and with all the dirt and grime that's been blowing around my inspiration has wained to say the least. Well, the basement is finished and it's time to get cracking - but before that, I thought I'd document a bit of it for you out there on the internets.

I'm guessing that you all have spots in your homes like this, but let's take a tour of one of my clutter spots shall we?

This is my lovely IKEA dresser. Besides the fact that it hasn't been dusted in WEEKS, as you can see there is quite a bit going on - on such a tiny space.

This little ceramic duckie was a gift when the Monkey was born. It originally held baby supplies and ointments. Now it holds all the pens that I've wrangled away from said Monkey.

Mismatched picture frames with some great pictures. The one of my brother, on the left, is like 10 years old but it's one of my most favorite of him ever so I keep it out. The other is on my wedding day. It's a nice one too.

I'm still a bit obsessed with the music from Across the Universe. Several weeks ago Ross and Elliott went to Walgreens and they came home with this movie for me. I haven't even taken it out of the plastic yet but I will. And by damn I'll watch it and enjoy it - one day.

I've been loom knitting this scarf for my cousin on an LDS mission in Rio Gallegos, Argentina since March. I still haven't finished it. His winter at the bottom of the world is now on it's way out. If I ever finish it, I'll be sure to give it to him. Gumby? Not sure.

My sister has been asking for some new books to read - Haley, these are for you. They are in the dresser holding tank and the next time I see you, their all yours.

More pictures - my favorite little monkey (even though the pictures are almost a year old) and my most recent Netflix watch that's ready to be returned. Avenue Montaigne (French with subtitles).

When my great uncle died last year I didn't really take any of his stuff. I did however take this book about Italy, Tuscany in particular. It was a book given to him by my parents so I thought it approprite to take it back. The nano? It's the 5th ipod in our home and I cannot say we use it much. I have a dock on my dresser for it but elliott ripped said nano off of dock and broke the dock. Oops.

Elliott's Mickey Mouse ears from our trip to Disneyland in June. He won't wear them. I ocassionaly put them on his head purely to taunt him - it works.

What dresser clutter would be complete without the King? Oh Elvis! In February, Elliott, Willie and I went to a craft store looking for something with Asian flair and Elliott pulled these off the sticker rack when we weren't looking. I always knew my kid had good taste.

Alrighty then - there you have it. I've exposed my mess and now I want you to expose yours. I CHALLENGE all the readers of this here blog to do a clutter post and then make a comment on this post so we can go and see your messy space. Will you do it?

Tougher than nails, apparently

Willie went to the sports medicine finger doc yesterday.

After two attempts to re-align his broken thumb - WITHOUT ANY MEDICATION AND NO TEARS!!!! the blasted thumb would not move.

That means surgery on Thursday or Friday.

Poor boy! Once the nausea from thumb manipulation without any numbing agent wears off, I'm sure he'll want some cookies.

I'll be ready!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Bad News Bears

, originally uploaded by bookemdano1978.

In the opening game - the preseason game - the Mighty Wolverines lost two players to injury. One with a broken wrist and one with a broken finger that has damaged the growth plate in his hand and might require surgery.

Saturdays' game was ugly - but not as ugly as it could have been. We hoped that there wouldn't be any fights or carrying on and there wasn't - just a handing over of our butts on a plate with a score of 6 touchdowns to nothing.

However, the star center of the team - the only center on the team - my brother walked off the field and after the team meeting approached us saying, "I think I broke my thumb". Even after viewing the ridiculously enlarged left hand thumb we told him it was just jammed and to suck it up.

Then the parentals and brother took off for Yellowstone.

The parentals succumbed to guilt last night and took brother to insta (not) care and Willie's thumb is broken. He has to go to a specialist. He has to get a cast. And he's probably out for a couple of games.

The Mighty Wolverines just lost their "Mighty". I think they might need you to pray for them. Seriously! Pray!


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