Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Because April is almost over

Blogging isn't what it used to be.

I'm not sure if it's because we are busier, or there is just too much going on to document, or because my interests have moved on to other forms of memory preservation, but blogging just isn't as much of a priority.

That being said, we've got a lot going on.

Wyatt turns 8 in a few weeks.  He is playing baseball and doing a lot of pitching,  and soccer and is halfway through his first Harry Potter book.  He is a good boy with a big heart and pretty much gets 100% on every single school assignment he completes, including weekly spelling tests.  He's pretty smart this kid.

Quinn has been sick this week.  First ever puking stomach bug, which for an almost 5 year old is a pretty good stretch.  He loves school and the warmer weather because it means he can jump on the trampoline.  He was outside so much on Saturday he got a sunburn.  He is playing t-ball with Jack and although he's only had one game, he says he likes it.

Elliott is wrapping up band for the school year this week with a final concert on Thursday night.  He loves band and does a great job.  He is still playing on his competitive soccer team, though right now they are the bad news bears of soccer - but without a major turnaround insight.  We've got some major soccer soul searching to do in the next few weeks.  Elliott is a nice boy, a good brother, and though he had a conflict and couldn't attend, was invited to his first birthday party for a girl.

Aunt Christina and cousin Isaac came to Utah for general conference and we were able to take them out to dinner.  Over spring break we, with the rest of Utah, went to the broadway performance of The Lion King at the new Eccles Theater.  It was fabulous by the way and the boys, particularly Wyatt, were just enthralled by the whole thing.

We celebrated Easter with shaving cream dyed eggs and talks in sacrament meeting.  Ross and I "celebrated" our anniversary with me having a gigantic freak out meltdown and ruining the whole day.  We have lots of homework, school projects, practices and games, meetings and church responsibilities sucking up all our time.

But, we like each other and look forward to Sunday dinner at grandma's house every single week.








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