Friday, December 29, 2017

The Week Before Christmas

We've tried every weekend in the Month of December to do a family activity.  In 2016, we ended up with only one night in the entire month where we were overly committed to other people, to spend with each other.  So, this mama made it a priority for some quality family time.  Well, we had 4 Friday's before Christmas and, we were about 50/50 on quality family time.

Week one: Out to dinner at a restaurant with menus and to see the "tree of life" in Draper, Utah.  Fun activity, fun night.




Week two:  Per the request of the children, gingerbread houses.  The houses collapsed several times, the dad yelled several times, the frosting got everywhere, and the mom got stuck with clean up.  It was a struggle.

Week three: Drive around to see the lights - except for the fact that we didn't prepare ahead of time and the local news map we used was highly disappointing.  All Christmas spirit was lost, immediately.

Week four:  We went with Grandpa Karl to dinner and to see the new Star Wars.  The boys were immediately enchanted with the porgs and late in the night, after the movie we headed out on a small adventure to, unsuccessfully, secure our family a pet porg, two days before Christmas. 


On Christmas Eve, which was a Sunday this year, we ventured out to Grandpa Huber's house for our traditional Christmas Even program.  It was a nice program and fun to see my kids read and participate.  Man, everyone is getting so big.  Ross and I also hid in the corner before everyone else got there to test out my selfie light for my phone.  It took us, maybe, 20 attempts, but we got a nice little picture of ourselves.  I have no idea how people take "couple selfies" on the regular.  It's difficult.



Oh, and yes, my hair did change colors from the beginning of this post to the end.  Funny what a trip to the hairdresser right before Christmas, and a general feeling of anxiety can do to a girls hair color.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

cousin picture

Willie decided that for Christmas, he wanted to give my mom a photo with all SIX of her grandchildren.  Willie organized everything, we met at my house a couple of days before Christmas and did our best to be fast and create enough good light.

We ended up with some pretty cute pictures.  Even if, these Napoleon Dynamite obsessed kids were doing their best glamour shots by Deb looks.

The winner winner Chicken Dinner:

The Out takes:




Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Christmas Programs

December is so busy.  In the last few days though, we had some great little Christmas programs with the boys.

First up was Quinn's preschool program.  It was the sixth and FINAL time I watched the Learning Dynamics Christmas program and it was great.  Quinn did a good job reciting his part, "We are getting ready for Christmas" and sang most of the songs.  I took "the brothers" to school late in the morning so they could support Quinn and his program and Willie and Grandma came along as well.



The big boys also had a holiday performance, but for band.  They did two assemblies at school back-to-back in the morning and then a program at the junior high in the evening.  Elliott is in his third year playing the trombone.  In fact, we just got a letter in the mail telling us that we have rented long enough, we now own the trombone.  Hooray!  Wyatt is in his first year of band and  even though he initially wanted to play the saxophone, after trying it out, it was discovered that he was not only too small handed as an 8 year old, but in fact the alto sax is so heavy that it nearly tipped him over.  He settled on percussion, and has struggled a bit being a first year band nerd.  But, as the concert approached, he and I had a week of mini lessons and practicing at home, he finally started to get the hang of the fact that he is playing notes that are written on a page, not just to memorize.  Hooray.

Both boys did a great job.  I was very proud of them.



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