Friday, April 28, 2006

Tag! You're it.

I put Makayla up to this meme thread because I wanted us to all feel like we belonged to the internet just a little bit more so, here it goes.

Four Jobs I've Had
1. Professional Development Trainer for the Utah Education network.
2. High School History teacher, where every day was a barrel of laughs and a bowl full of cherries.
3. Legal secretary extrordinarre for Huber and Huber Law firm while working my way through university.
4. My first every job was working in the summer "day care" program at Kearns High School community Ed. I had the older kids and we swam, made crystals on rocks and did paper mache in the morning and I taught a class about dionsaurs to three year olds in the afternoon. wicked awesome.

Four Movies I never get sick of
1. Grease
2. Garden State
3. Dirty Dancing: "Nobody puts baby in a corner"
4. Napoleon Dynamite

Four places I have lived
1. Magna, Utah born and raised
2. West Valley City, Utah
3. Salt Lake City, Utah
4. South Jordan, Utah

(Side Note: I am conviniently excluding the time I spent living in Poovo, Utah)

Four TV shows I can't miss (but I usually do, so, here are a few shows that I like to watch if I remember)
1. The Office
2. My Name is Earl
3. Design to Sell
4. The Sureal Life (Yes, I'll admit, I like the VH1)

Four favorite foods
1. Chocolate Parfait cookies from Schmidt's bakery
2. Boeuf Borgeoine (because it has boose in it and I know I spelled it wrong)
3. Pasta, in general
4. Maybe, asparagus?

Four sites I visit daily
1. Daily Dose of Imagery
2. CNN
3. Dooce
4. Popgadget

Four places I'd rather be right now
1. Interlaken, Switzerland
2. In bed, asleep
3. Florence, Italy
4. Asleep on the back end of a canoe as it is ever so gently set on the edge of a lake, rocking back and forth

People I am tagging (even though they probablly won't participate)
1. Jared C.
2. Jared B.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Burbs

Yep..."loads" of fun. (get it? Loads of rocks and dirt..ha, ha)

loads? Loads of crap?

No real crap. We haven't ordered loads of what many call manure...however, there could potentially be loads of crap in other forms....we are good at "dishing it out"

but can you take it?

I can take it most of the time...I get it from every single person I know on a daily family, my co-workers, the girls in my book neighbors give me dirty looks.....

Most the time, I am up for the poking of fun.

How about you?

I don't think dirty looks is poking fun. That's just kind of creepy.

Same difference.

How about the stupid neighbors little boy yesterday, standing in the middle of the alley in front of my driveway; wearing his pajamas at 4:30 pm. I slowed down to a crawl until I stopped waiting for him to move. He moved...right into the middle of my driveway from the alley. He just stood there, holding his bits and pieces staring me down for what felt like forever. He finally moved, barefoot and grabbing himself, right into the middle of the dirt and just kept staring.

Can you say AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Weekend in Monaco

Ross and I celebrated our third anniversary on April 19. We didn't do much celebrating on the actual day because I had a mental breakdown that required some mending. Rather than do what we had planned for that day, we ended up eating Taco Time in a park watching a family play on the swingset. That was okay, I guess because we had bigger plans for the weekend.

After attending the temple with Peter and the family, we drove downtown on Saturday night and stayed at the Hotel Monaco. The hotel was great, very boutiquey, and they even offered us a gold fish to keep us company in the hotel room. The only problem? We didn't plan well where food was concerned and ended up ordering room service that took forever to arrive. My salad however was great and Ross enjoyed his ham sandwhich.

On Sunday morning we slept in, yeah, got dressed and headed to the Little America hotel for brunch. I've been trying to get Ross to take me to brunch for three years and he finally gave in. Saying that he enjoyed himself is an understatement. We ate so much decadent food that neither of us ate anything...or could even sit up for that matter, for the rest of the day. The food was just divine and we both had a great weekend.

Friday, April 14, 2006

My new "Saving Private Ryan"

Years ago, when the World War II epic was released, Haley and I saw it in theaters....twice. It was that one "must see" movie with an R rating. The rule I enforced on myself at that time was "war movies are okay". Now, I'll admit that I am a pretty good Mormon. I pay my tithing, go to church every Sunday whether I want to or not, and live a good moral, upstanding life. This being said, for months now, I've been sucked into the hype surrounding Brokeback Mountain. Yes, I know what it is about and yes, I knew what I was getting myself into...potentially. This being said, I read the short story months ago, watch all the brokeback themed parodies on the Ifilm website, watched the end of the Academy Awards to see if it won best picture, talked with the girls in my book club about it, and have been patiently waiting for it to come out on DVD so that Ross could netflix it for me.
Well, it came in the mail via Netflix on Tuesday and I've now watched it twice. All I have to say is this: I loved the movie. It is one of the sweetest, saddest love stories I have ever seen. It feels like an honest and true interpretation about situations beyond control and an inablility of people, I guess, to let love conquer most movies tell us it should. Yes, there was some "questionable", I suppose, socially unacceptable material and no, it was not graphic or disgusting. Watching it the second time was better than the first, and now, I'm dying for someone to talk to about many thoughts and questions I have about the story compared to the movie, and the interpretation of both.
I've been debating whether or not to even blog that I saw it, but, lightening has yet to strike me down and I've watched it twice in one week. Sometimes, there are movies you convince yourself for whatever reason that you just have to see and I think this was one of those for me.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Aren't mom's great?

Just when I thought I was on the brink of mental and emotional disaster, my mom offered to take me to lunch and stage a mini intervention. What a world of difference it makes having your mom alone, to talk to, for an hour. whew!

Thanks Mom!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Today's multiple choice question brought to you by the letter "S"

Based of off your interpretation of the the current picture, Annie is:
A. Unsure of her new haircut.

B. Concerned about the "old lady" dark circles and wrinkles that are appearing under and around here eyes that she cleverly masked with Photoshop's "posterization" technique.

C. So happy it snowed feet of the wet heavy stuff today at the "U" that she is ready to do the hokey pokey and turn herself around.

D. Debating whether or not to gourge herself on pop corn and cokes or just keep on, keeping on being hungry and drinking water in the ever desperate attempt to not be a fat lard.

E. All of the above.

If you want to participate in this little quiz, Please leave your answer in the comments.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Pictures from Arizona

If anyone who reads this blog is interested in a few of the shots I took of our trip to Arizona last weekend, click on the "Arizona Pictures" link. The shots are either from the family party on Friday night to commemorate Grandpa Tupper and Dennis' birthdays or from a day trip we took into the "mountains" to Canyon Lake.

Arizona Pictures

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Peep Joust Clarification

Peep Jousting is a time honored tradition that has been around as long as I have known Ross...about four years. I was first introduced to peep jousting in Cedar City, 2002 after an Easter Camping trip with Ross and some other friends.

Here are the directions for a peep joust.
1. Purchase candy peeps (right now they are 2 packs for a dollar at Walgreen's) of varying size and color.
2. Place the peeps facing each other on a paper plate.
3. Insert half of a toothpick into each peep at the desired height. Make sure that the toothpicks in each peep are facing each other...these are their swords, or jousting sticks.
4. Place the peeps into a microwave and turn the microwave on for about 30 seconds.
5. Watch and enjoy as the peeps expand, joust, and die, all right before your eyes.

Next time you get the chance...try peep's minutes of fun for the entire family.

I heart Guster

The cell phone camera may take crappy pictures, but at least I had it with me. Friday night, Ross and I, along with Peter, Haley, and Haley's boyfriend ventured down to the UC, to the SC to see our favorite band (at least where Haley Peter and myself are concerned) Guster, perform LIVE!!! Traffic to get to Orem was horrendous, largely due to the "conference of bust" and mission reuniters clogging up the freeways, but we eventually got to happy valley. In the time it took Haley's car load to get to the venue via the freeway, Ross and I took frontage road and had enough time to sit down and eat before arriving at the concert. We missed the opening band, as we had hoped, and arrived just in time for the Guster's to come on stage.

Realizing that I am totally a wimp rocker, and that Guster sort of makes me loose control of my inhibitions...and because Peter is such a good dancer, I had a wicked awesome time. The crowd was prime material for us to make fun of...ranging from middle aged, "I thought this was a journey concert" rockers to "who's guster" rockers to boys screaming "I love you adam" and falling on their but because their are overweight dancer rockers.

Guster played a great set mixing a good deal of old stuff (they even played the bongo intro to bury me) and a few of their new tunes off the upcoming album. They did not however play fa fa which is the only Guster song Ross likes...but I think that Ross was okay throwing gum and pennies at the morons in the crowd to fee too sad about it. Ross thinks we should start a website called "" because they are so popular in this great state.

I had sooooo much fun and was totally high after the show, quite impressed with the fact that I can kick and touch my toes w/o bending my legs. Quite the skill. Anywhooo, the show was fun...not as good as seeing them at bricks, but still a lot of fun. Guster is definately my president....I sort of forgot, because I haven't seen them for a while, but they definately lived up to the wuss rock I was waiting for.

If you are interested in more on the band that is my president, click here or here.


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