Monday, March 25, 2019

Luke and Jonah get baptized

This weekend we were able to jet down to Arizona to participate in the baptism of cousins Luke and Jonah.  We didn't have a lot of time, but we were happy to be able to travel down.

We flew into Phoenix on Friday night, ate at Shake Shack and stayed in Scottsdale.  On Saturday morning we drove our brand new rental Suburban (it only had 1800 miles when we picked it up) north to Prescott Valley for a day of twinner activities.  The baptisms were in the morning, then we caught the tail end of the boys Pine Wood Derby, and we ended the day with dinner at Craig and Christina's home out on the prairie.

The twins were excited to have so many people present to honor and support them.  We haven't seen them for two years and they were excited to see the boys and also seemed pretty excited to have Uncle Ross throw them baseballs for over an hour.  Luke took me on a tour of the yard to see the chickens and dead things - rats, rabbits and chicken skulls and both twins let the boys hold their geckos.  Gross!

While in Arizona we also got to spend some time with Grandma Bea and Uncle Bill who was visiting from Minnesota.  Elliott is officially taller than Grandma Bea - she turned 95 in February and the boys had never met Bill...he was impressed with their heights, manners and generally good behavior.  I'm glad that they made a positive impression.  The weather was warmer than home, and the sunset was pretty.

We spent Saturday night at Grandma Connie's house.  On Sunday morning we got up, went to church and then headed back to change our clothes to head home.  While packing up suitcases, there was a lizard hanging out in the room Ross slept in (he was snoring so I slept in a different room), on "my side" of the bed.  Yuck!

We packed up, got lunch at Raising Cane's and headed to the airport.






Thursday, March 21, 2019

the last kindergarten zoo field trip

Quinn has had a great year so far in Kindergarten.  He's pretty much the star of his class and his teacher, Mrs. Woolf loves him.  She says that in all her years of teaching he is one of the best behaved kids she's ever taught and that his fine motor skills are off the chart.

Anyway, today was the kindergarten zoo field trip.  Quinn rode the bus with his friends and I met the group at the zoo with all the other moms and families.  All week, the weather has been pretty good but of course, today, it sucked.  Rainy and wintery and COLD.

Quinn and I did the fastest tour of the zoo ever and we were frozen solid at the end.  I was pretty proud of myself for bringing him an extra jacket to put on, otherwise, he may have really turned into a popsicle.



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