Tuesday, May 31, 2016

An update :: Quinner

Somedays, this boy demands all the attention, and all the blue glitter and sparkle crayons and slushies from sonic.  It's usually when coloring dinosaurs is the very last thing I want or need to do during the day.  But then when I actually sit down with h

Lately, this boy lives in a land that dissappeared 65 million years ago.  To say he is in a dinosaur "phase" is a gross understatement.  Take yesterday morning, for example (Side note:  it wasn't really yesterday, it was last week.  It's taken me a while to finish this post.)  After we took the boys to school we watched his BBC documentary kids show about dinosaurs.  When that was finished, we "read" dinosaur books in silence.  He doesn't need me to read him the names because, he's a dinosaur and he knows all the names.  After that, I convinced him to get dressed, in his new glow in the dark Indominous Rex dinosaur t-shirt from target.  Then, as we do a lot of mornings, we watched dinosaur videos on YouTube before it was time to go to school.

Then, there is all the coloring, of dinosaurs.  Painting, of dinosaurs.  Reading of dinosaur books, and the fact that on most days, he only speaks Raptor to me and asks to be called "Blue" (his favorite dino from Jurassic World) instead of Quinn.

This kid, he's a great boy.  He's a little strange, talks like a 10 year old, and is a pretty content kid.  He loves his Uncle Willie, calls his brothers, "The boys" or "The Brothers", loves to talk about zombies and animals, and wookies, in addition to dinosaurs.  Yesterday, Willie took the boys in his car on the Huber family cemetery trek for Momerial Day and Quinn came home so excited that he got to go on a road trip with Uncle Willie.

Last week, he finished preschool.  The Mini-3 program that he participated in from January - May was so good for him.  He was painfully shy before school, and still had moments of being ridiculously shy and nervous when I dropped him off on most days, but I was so proud of him that he did it.  And, more importantly, that he loved school.

When he finished last week, I asked him what we were going to do now that school was out for the summer.  He replied, "I guess I should take swimming lessons."  I guess he's right.  I mean, if he can tackle school on his own for 4.5 hours a week, he can surely sit on the edge of a swimming pool and kick and blow bubbles, right?

This kid and I have some long days every once in a while, like today, where we lay on the floor in the office taking selfies and wondering what to do.  But, for the most part, we fill our days with activities and conversations that I wouldn't trade for anything and I feel pretty lucky that I get to have him as my side kick.  He likes to pull weeds, tells me when it's a beautiful day, and willingly washes his hands.  What more could I ask for.

Concentration.  10 minutes later they were drawing on each other and yelling, but this single solitary moment was good.

This boy got to make the schedule for the day.  In order : Target ✔ Play with toys ✔ Make chocolate chip cookies ✔ Watch jurassic world ✔

I think they are taking selfies.  I'm spying from inside...

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Happy Happy Birthday Wyatt Dear...


Today, my boy, you are seven years old.  I can remember the day you were born, and it was great. Our first exchange this morning, on your birthday, was also great.

I opened the door to my bedroom after I got out of the shower and you were standing there, smiling.  I said, "good morning, Wyatt."  You said, "hi mom."  I smiled and said, "Happy Birthday!"  You let out a little sigh, grinned ear to ear and as you dove in for a gigantic hug said, "Thank you!"

You are a handsome, smart, funny and talented boy.  You are always the first kid awake in our house, would like to be the last one to go to sleep and if I'd let you, you'd prefer to sleep on the couch every night.  You are happiest at school, playing baseball, and building worlds in mine craft.  You have grown so much in the last year and are truly an amazing little kid.

Your smile and laugh are infectious.  You love knock-knock jokes, and have become an excellent reader.  Your teachers love you, you sit at a table of ALL GIRLS at school, and get chased by those same girls at recess.  I have no idea, well really I don't want to think about how handsome you will be in a few years, but I think that those girls at school seem to know something I am not ready to come to grips with yet.  Man alive, you are a good looking kid.

You love sugar and raspberries; ice cream and hot fudge.  Food, at least throughout most of your childhood I'm afraid, will always be your nemesis...but that's what missions to foreign lands are for.

Your asthma is getting better and as you get older, your lungs get stronger.  You are a champion at the inhaler and haven't been sick for a long time.  Your threshold for pain is remarkable and even when you have two ear infections in the same ear, as you did a few months ago, you took it like a champ.  Now, if only your dad and I could convince you to stop the "broken arm scream" whenever you think your hurt, and stop you from kicking Elliott in the nuts whenever you get mad at him.

I asked you a few of your favorite things this afternoon.  Here were your replies.
Favorite Movie: Harry and the Henderson's
Favorite song: Fitz and the Tantrums, Hand Clap
Favorite TV show: Phinneus and Ferb
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite drink: (sneaking mom's) Diet Coke
Favorite Star Wars Episode: The Force Awakens

I love you forever and always.  You are my little chickadee and though you are forever stuck in the middle, your star will always shine brightly.


Tuesday, May 03, 2016

A Dapper Trio

Over the weekend we were shopping at the Salt and Honey Market, mostly to check on my inventory because I was a vendor at the show.  While there, Wyatt decided that he wanted a bow tie, as part of his birthday presents.  We obliged.

On Sunday morning, he started to get dressed and then Quinn decided to jump on the bow tie bandwagon and, thanks to the last couple years of dressy Christmas presents from Grandma Judy, we were able to find a bow tie for Elliott, too.  I must say that these boys of mine, especially when the big boys have fresh haircuts, end up being a pretty dapper trio.

And as we all came down stairs ready for church, I realized that we were all dressed the same - navy blues, so it warranted a front porch selfie before we left the house.







Selfie Sunday.   We all matched on accident!


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