Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Halloween 2018


Last years Napoleon Dynamite Costumes were the best ever.  We will never live up to that success.  This year, the boys opted for a theme again - tacky tourists.  They planned our their costumes all on their own.  All I did was make fanny packs and buy them old fashioned film cameras.

Quinn was pretty excited to participate in his first elementary school Halloween parade.  I was the room mom in charge of Elliott's 6th grade party.  As part of my planning, I ended up making about 45 Mexican sugar skulls for the kids to decorate.  They took forever to make, but were really cool once the kids decorated them all.  And luckily, all the kids were really nice to Quinn and let him do all the party stuff with them.



Monday, October 22, 2018

October Family Pictures

I should have known that when I hit my third string photographer, family pictures may not be going as well as I had hoped.  We plowed through anyway.

The boys schedules were so tight that we only had one day in October to get pictures done.  The males in my family were cool with whatever, even though when it was time to leave Elliott threw a giant fit about what he was going to wear and I wasn't sure we were going to make it.

deep breath.

We made it.   Our photographer girl was sloppily dressed, kept telling us to say stupid stuff, and had the five of us stand in the exact same pose with every single back drop, making Quinn hold someone's hand every single time.  Ug!

But, we got the pictures.  I was fatter than I thought I would be.  Ross wasn't so happy with them either.  Same reason, probably.  The boys though, incredibly handsome.

We got ONE.  One is all you need for a Christmas card, right?

MK Howden_ Annie 10.20.18-57

MK Howden_ Annie 10.20.18-55

MK Howden_ Annie 10.20.18-46

MK Howden_ Annie 10.20.18-11

MK Howden_ Annie 10.20.18-17


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