Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Um...I'ts a rose that done got printed on...

Ross and I went to the Utah/TCU game on Saturday. Beleive it or not, the Utes won. And, they wond convincingly, 80-45. Go Utes! Now, I'm all for promotion of sporting events, and even business ventures that touch a little bit on the romantic side, but on Saturday, things went a little too far. A company I will not name because I'll choose to not support a commercial entity on my blog, was handing out 5000 patent pending printed roses to all the ladies at the Saturday game.

I was handed one before I even realized what exactly it was and brought it home solely to take a picture of it to blog about.
Tell me how roses go with basketball!? At least it was red.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

When was the last time you had your arteries checked?

Yesterday was my MRA to see if I have problems with all my arteries (particularly my renal arteries) and boy oh boy, did I have fun. First, the hospital was very punctual, especially considering that my appointment was on Monday, they canceled it and rescheduled me for yesterday without telling me. I hardly had to wait for anything the second time around and I did not have to strip down to my birthday suit, which I was super nervous about.
Upon entering the MRA room and laying down on a very narrow table, it was time to put in my iv, and knowing that nothing ever goes smoothly for me, at least the first time, I knew I was in for a ride. Lucky for me, my veins like to hide so I got to get poked, prodded, and had little plastic shunts wiggled around in my arms by two nurses, until they could find a vein that would work.
Once I was sufficiently strapped down, weighted down, and infused with dye, I entered the machine for a nearly 50 minute magnetic experience. Minus the fact that I was a little bit clausty, it was super loud (even w/ ear plugs), and at one point, my entire body started vibrating w/ magnetic waves and felt like everything tasted like foil, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. That is a good thing.
Afterwards, getting dressed, all my clothes, esp. my sweater were static happy and my mouth still tasted like tin foil, but it was cool I guess. It's not every day you get to feel like a magnet.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Ramblings of a Hypochondriac

I must admit, though my entire family will laugh at me, that I am a little bit paranoid about life in general....you might call that a worry wart, but I'll call it being a nervous mervis. The last two weeks have been interesting for me, and have made me start to think that there is something seriously wrong. Whether the seriously wrong is mental, physical, emotional, or somehow subconscious, I'm not quite sure. Lets say it's D; all of the above.

Last week I had a Dr. appt to check up on my blood pressure. Well, surprise, it's high! 136/100 is a little too high for someone my age say all the doctors. So, after being told that it is too high I was also told that I possibly have a heart murmur. Exciting stuff going on. A 15 minute appointment turned into an hour and in that hour I went from feeling fine and dandy to having severely high blood pressure, a heart murmur, an appointment with a cardiologist for an EKG, and more blood drawn from my right arm than I care to remember.
After exactly one week of being paranoid that my heart doesn't work properly and phantom chest pains (I told you I'm a bit neurotic), I had my first ever EKG. Well, my heart is fine...no murmur but my BP is high, 144/100 and the cardiologist thinks that it is being caused by my renal arteries....yes, that's my kidneys folks. I left the cardiologist with an appointment for out patient radiology to have a renal artery ultrasound because maybe, just maybe, the arteries that feed my kidneys are blocked, pinched, or closing up. Can I tell you that I am just so excited.
Additionally, in case you are wondering, my fingers and knees hurt because I think I have arthritis, my back hurts, and the right side of my top lip is tingling.
Have a great weekend. I'll try hard to stop being neurotic.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

Me? I've never been arrested, thrown in the pokey, or the big house, (add your own acranym here). However, on Sunday morning, Ross and I got to watch one of our neighbors get arrested. It was super cool.
After the incident, I called to report it to my parents. My mom said that she thought that sort of thing only happens in West Valley, where she lives. Nope, happens in the SJ, too.
Just wanted to share.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

How long do you keep Christmas crap in your garage?

Okay, I understand that the holidays are a busy time of year and that recovering from the holidays is nearly as intense as preparing for them. I also understand that with Christmas comes garbage. It is inevitable that all the work to packaging and wrapping gifts is destroyed within minutes and hours on the big day. Like I said, I'm understanding. However, my understanding begins to weign when, approaching nearly three weeks after Christmas, the junk is still not cleaned up, but is thrown into an open garage for all to see and any mouse in the neighborhood to shack-up in.
A house in my neighborhood, close to mine, is in this present state of disarray and I am a little frustrated with the situation. Look at the picture and judge for yourself. Maybe I am not as understanding as I think I am.

Note: The cars are not in the garage....that is because they are probablly parked, with their windows rolled down, in front of my house.

Have a happy day!

Bob Villa would be proud.

I am not the most handy of people. Yes, Ross and I, w/ the help of the fam. painted our entire house in a weekend. Yes, I tiled my own bathroom floor. However, that is about where the creativity stops...until, that is, I saw my uncle Paul's creation. Paul made his own elegant yet simple headboard for his bed and I decided to do the same thing. I made the headboard two weeks ago and just barely got around to hanging it last night...oh the joys of velcro. It went up in a jiffy and now my bedroom looks a little more complete. I just thought I'd share.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

How High Can You Stack 'Em?

Have you ever been at work, with a long list of things you NEED to do, in fact things you MUST do, but at the same time, you posess almost no motivation to do any of those important and pressing things? Well, if the answer is yes, welcome to Tuesday. You see, I have that long list...it is currently attached to one of my computer monitors giving me the evil eye. That is precisely why I took a little time out of my day to play. All I needed was 5 minutes and a digital camera, and I knew I could find the diversion and the motivation necessary to finish the work day.
Vickie has a great magnetic sculpture thing on her desk and I can't resist magnets, especially magnets that look like little men ready to do tumbling exercises. I set out to build a tower of little men and, as you can see from the pictures, I did a pretty good job. I would like to claim that at this point in time, I have the record for the tallest tower of magnets.
Yipee, Skipee! I wonder if I'll get an award for my feat of excelence?

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Sunday, boring Sunday

Question of the day...what does one do on a Sunday when church doesn't start until 1:00? Be happy that church isn't any later than 1:00? Definately! Sleep in? Already did that!
Let's just say that sitting around, waiting for church to start isn't one of my most favorite things. I suppose I could clean, or do laundry, or develop a new hobby....instead, I'll just sit and be bored for the next year between the hours of wake up and 1:00 when church starts. Or maybe, I'll just eat. Eating is always good.


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