Friday, April 30, 2010

Welcome to my world

Mom. That's what football players do. They fart in the middle of their game. Then their moms try to smell it.

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thoughts on Babies

I've got babies on the brain.  Mostly because mine is two weeks shy of one and then officially, no longer a baby.  It's making me a bit sad.  Good bye squishy squirt who needs me and hello mobile menace who wants to do everything on his own.

Ross and I were talking last night about how much I love little babies (Was it last night?  I can't remember).  While expressing my adoration of the tiny helpless balls of sweet smelling goo he reminded me that they only stay little for about 6 weeks.  Then they get big and super duper needy.

Oh yeah. 

Never mind.

A week ago a friend e-mailed a large group of us asking what our "must have" baby supplies were.  She's due at the end of June.  Then,  I read this yesterday and it got me to thinking, what's my "advice" for someone with a new baby.  I have had two, you know.

Yes, I know no one is asking.  Like that's ever stopped me before.  So, here you go - some of my ideas, though they are probably every one's ideas.

- Let a family member bring you dinner.  Maybe not some rando from the ward whose cooking and kitchen cleanliness you cannot really trust, but if a family member (like me, for example) offers to bring you a tasty meal, let them.

- Even though pink baby lotion is oh so sweet smelling, use cetophyl.  My boys are notorious for dry skin and it's really a life saver.  If your sweet bambino doesn't have dry skin, then use this stuff to really get them slippery like a greased pig at the rodeo.

- speaking of soft skin, keep everything soft.  Dreft detergent smells heavenly.  Babies loves sweat pants.  Promise. They don't like jeans so much.  Who sleeps in jeans?  I don't even wear jeans - unless I feel like doing some weight lifting.  Soft clothes, soft blankets, soft everything.

- Have a sleep back-up.  Elliott wouldn't sleep in the bassinet.  Wyatt couldn't sleep well in his crib.  Both needed alternate sleeping arrangements from the minute we brought them home.  My personal preference?  One of those little slanted vibrating bouncy chair things.  Miracle worker for both of my boys.

- Let dad do his share of the work.  That means night-time and day-time duty with bottles, diapers, bouncing, singing and all the house stuff too.

- sleep when the baby sleeps.  Yeah right!  Like that will ever happen.  Okay, it didn't for me because maybe I'm a loser or something, but get some sleep sometime, somewhere.  I like the floor in the hall by the laundry closet, the rocking chair, and Elliott's bed.

- have the new diaper opened and ready to go before you take the old one off.

- get used to the little fart having opinions from the get go.  Go with those opinions.  If the baby doesn't want to eat - don't force.  Doesn't want to sleep?  Stay up a little bit longer. 

- patience truly is a virtue.  That is of course, why I don't have any.

- take a break every once in a while.  That's what grandmas and aunties are for, right? 

- don't forget who you are as a person once the squirt arrives.  Remember that you smell nice after a shower, look good with a few minutes of hair and make-up.  It helps you not feel like Nacho Libre all day long.  Even if you are wearing stretchy pants.  Along those lines, remember that you have interests to try and keep up with, music to listen to, books to read...whatever consumed you and made you whole before the baby is still there, though it may be miles and miles away.  Remember the old you and find her every once in a while.  It's refreshing.

Okay - that's all.
Any other thoughts?  Share them in the comments, please.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

About a boy


Elliott didn't have preschool today. The teacher's son was sick.

Wyatt has two ear infections. He's been sick for days, but decided that today was the day to be clingy and whiny and cry every second I wasn't looking at him, or carrying him, or rocking him in the chair.

Thank you PBS Kids for being our preschool this morning. I don't know what we would have done without you Word World.

Once the Chick was finally down for a nap, Elliott and I had the chance to fix lunch - chicken nuggets and french fries and garlic bread in the oven - and we had a chance to talk.

"mom" he said.
"yes, my boy" I replied.
"mom, I think that you need to have another baby. Why did you only have two baby boys? I think we need another baby."

"Oh really? You think we need three kids? I'm not to sure about that happening."

"I really think we need three kids. Because I'm three. Well, actually, I think that five kids would be good."

Then, while we were eating lunch, we had a talk about religion.  He's at the age where stuff they talk about in church is really starting to sink in.

He asked me why we go to church.

I told him that we go to church to learn about Jesus.  Then I asked him who else we learn about in church.

Without hesitation, he whispered, "We learn about the Holy Ghost.  The Holy Ghost talks to us and whispers good things for us to do in our ears."

I smiled.  He's so smart (and that may be the most detailed thing I've ever written about religion and church on this blog ever.).

Monday, April 26, 2010

public after private

I've decided that private is stupid.

Yes, I love all 26 of you out there who are approved to read the blog - but it's hard to write for just the 26 of you. Even though you were probably the only 26 reading this dumb thing anyway.

Talking to my mom last night over dessert, she had the thought that once I'm sure the stalker is gone (the stalker went private BTW - 3 days after nothing safe from copying?) I should go public again.

Not a bad idea.....

Also - I've started a new blog - a new public blog about food. One of my favorite things.

Take a look if you're interested. Want to be a contributor? I'm thinking about adding some additional authors so drop me a note in the comments if you might be interested.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Boys Friday: getting here



I've had babies on my mind a lot this week.  My cousin Maddie had a baby boy after 30 hours of madness.  My sister is having a baby in a few short weeks and I get to be the Auntie to a GIRL!  A good friend of mine is planning a home birth in her bathtub at the end of June. 

I've got two babies who I love very much.  I have to be honest that most of the time, I feel like I'm losing my mind and my ability to think at the end of every day with them because it's so much work to take care of two busy little boys.  They exhaust me, in a good way.  I worry about them constantly, desire to educate and protect them, and sometimes just wish I could have a nap at the same time.

It's interesting how babies get to families.  Some come in a traditional, modern manner and some come like the pioneers did it.  Some come to families from different birth moms and some enter the word surgically like mine. 

Babies get here in lots of ways, but isn't it amazing how much we love them?  No matter what the method of entry into our lives, from the second eye contact is made with a sweet little person, it's love at first sight for all those around.  I read once that animal babies are "so cute" because that's the only way humans would take care of them.  You know, keep them from becoming extinct, that sort of thing.  I guess human babies are the same way - they are just SO CUTE that even if they scream at us all night long, when we wake up in the morning it's a new day with a new beginning.

I think it's the "new beginning" part that gets me through each day.  Knowing that we get to start over and smile and play (and whine and cry).

Saturday update:
Yesterday afternoon Elliott was playing basketball with his Uncle Willie outside and it was a bit cold.  I had him come to me so I could put on his jacket.  While sticking in his arms he looked up at me and said, "Thanks, Mom.  Thanks for worrying for me."

That my friends, made my day.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

just because I want you all to know...

all 25 of you who have approved your invitations to view the blog.


1) Wyatt can walk. It isn't to steady but he's getting more and more brave every day. I have video of it, but the video isn't anywhere near a computer so I'll have to prove it to you all later.

2) Last night at dinner - we went to a "real restaurant" and "ate inside" (Elliott's words) and while The Chick and I were sitting at the table watching our dad and brother play in a little arcade, said Chick started yelling, "DAD!", "Elliott!!!" at the top of his little peacock lungs.

yes - he really said their names. Many times.

3) We went to the grocery store after dinner - family home evening - and at the store, by the dairy products there is a big rack of plastic balls. You know the kind - the balls kept in a stretchy cage. We happened to stop in front, to peruse some merchandise and when Wyatt saw the tower of balls he froze, then shook a little, and then yelled, "Balls!!!!"

pretty cool, huh? He also says Bath, for those of you keeping track at home. It's amazing the progress a baby can make when he has a motor mouth older brother to keep up with.


That's all.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Anniversary

7 years ago today, Ross and I done got hitched.

7 years is a long time. It's no where near the 30's like our parents or the 50's like my grandparents, but 7 is a long time.

In 7 years we've lived in 4 places, had like 5 job changes combined, 2 new cars, 2 kids, and lots of church callings. We've traveled to 4 countries, lots of states and eaten some fantastic food.

7 years also means that I don't have a lot to say....I think that with this dumb old blog, I've managed to say most of it over and over again.

So instead - a few pictures from the last seven years.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I just love animoto ( It's a pretty cool place to make little videos and I made this one today - while I was supposed to be doing very important work.

enjoy! Like you don't already see enough pictures of my kids.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Handy Man Can

Last Night:

Ross: I love having a handyman

Annie: yeah, I've noticed

Ross: Now all we need is a butler and a housekeeper

Annie: Don't forget a nanny!

We've had a long list of home improvement projects for the last year. A really long list. Stuff that we keep ignoring (chunks taken out of the dry wall by the boys, cracked ceiling from Christmas flooding), stuff that we just don't want to do on our own (Tile the bathroom), and stuff that is really annoying to Ross (squeaky spot at the top of the stairs).

About a month ago we hired a guy who lives in the neighborhood that adjoins ours. We drive by his truck all the time and finally decided to give him a call.

He's awesome. He's fast. He's thorough.

He's worth the money - not that it's been too much.

Knowing that all the stuff on our list - and the things that we added in the last few days, mostly because Wyatt keeps breaking stuff, is getting finished is just a great feeling.

Now, if I can only get started on that nanny.......

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Squirt: 11 month


The car seat has been turned around.

Over the weekend you started to think about walking. A few steps at Down East Outfitters, at church, at home and at Gramdama's house. You only seem to be able to do it when you don't think anyone is watching you, you don't think about it, and you've got something in your hand. It's pretty cute though, in a Frankenstein sort of way.

You like to swiffer. You like to yell at the vacuum.

You like to climb on your brother.

You like to stare head first down the stairs and dare me to catch you on time.

You love to scream all day long, clench your fists, grit your teeth and just wail to your hearts content...then you laugh because apparently it's a joke.

You love to wander and explore and talk to yourself.

You love to pull stuff out of the garbage can in the kitchen and swing it around your head.

You sing during hymns at church, dance to songs on the radio, and squeal when your brother starts to dance.

You DESTROY! everything in your path. You figured out somehow last week to open a bottle of NyQuil. You can take those plastic IKEA clips off of everything, including powdered sugar. You have broken the face off of a cabinet in the kitchen and are working on a second. You eat books like they are going out of style.

You can open the barrel of monkeys, dump the monkeys out, put them all back in and then put the lid back on. That feat is very impressive by the way.

I'm the only one that beleives me but you are starting to try and say words with ball and bath being the favorites.

You no longer want to drink bottles, but you don't want to eat anything either.  Apple juice seems to be the only thing that makes it into your mouth.  I guess the starvation look is in for babies?

But you have decided that snuggling up for naps and nighttime is cool - if I sing every Beatles song I know. 

I cannot believe that in one month you will be one year old.  Time tends to go by quickly anyway (holy cow it's April!) but with you kiddo, time flies by more quickly than I thought it could.  I remember the day you were born and brought to my room in the hospital, nicely wrapped up until I got a hold of you.....and now you would be wrapped up for anything in the world and feel it is your duty in life to take off your socks in a split second every time we get in the car.

As always,

I love you my little Chickadee

The boy in his cage.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Couldn't take the heat, so I got out of the kitchen


I guess this was a long time coming.

Today, the blog is private.


Because of a blog stalker.  One single person.  Someone who has been copying my writing style, my content and my kids for most of the last year.  Someone who has occasionally written mean and untrue things about me on the internets.

I couldn't take it any more and decided that today was the day.  Enough was enough.  I'm not tough enough to turn the other cheek anymore.

Don't engage the stalker, don't engage the stalker, don't engage the stalker.    That's what my mom and sister have been saying to me for months.  Well, I'm not engaging.  The stalker now needs to come up with original content for its own blog and stop taking my ideas.

It's sad that in order to protect my family and my life, and my sanity for that matter, that I have to privatize something that has been so much fun for me for so long.  I've loved having readers from all over the country - people I don't know who seem to like what I have to say and how I've said it.

That's the end of that, I guess.

I've now got the rank of private.

Family and Friends only.

The end of five years.

If I decide to keep blogging.

That's the next question to tackle.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Happy Birthday!


Today, my sister is 30 years old.  (I think)

She's old.

And one of my best friends.

I'm so excited she's having a baby GIRL!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Look Mom, no hands


I said it months ago, that I thought my little Chicker, Dennis the Menace, would be walking by his one year old birthday.

Maybe, maybe not.

I could care less.

It is pretty funny to see him standing though - suspending himself in mid air, ready to take on the world.

Or at least, the power tools, the CD cabinet, the drawer full of spoons, the high chair, and whatever else may get in his way.

Monday, April 05, 2010

An Easter Weekend Blur

Oh, the Easter post.

Our weekend can be summed up by super tasty food, of the homemade and from scratch variety. Many thanks go to Martha Stewart, Real Simple, and Bon Appetite magazine for most of our amazing weekend food.

Easter 2010

For Easter morning breakfast we ate blueberry muffins with homemade brown sugar crumble (oh, to die for!) and orange julius - my mom's no recipe, recipe.

Easter 20101

I spent most of Saturday and most of Sunday standing in the kitchen cooking. We cooked dinner for 10 on Sunday.  There were some definite Julia Child moments - not the ones where I screwed things up and threw nasty bread dough in the garbage, but the moments where everything turned out beautifully and I could say Bon Appetite! and Enjoy!!

Our Easter Menu:
Orange marmalade and sherry (cooking sherry, don't worry) glazed ham
Asparagus with prosciutto chips
Scalloped potatoes with leeks, nutmeg and cream sauce
Green salad with carrots, celery and crasins (don't you LOVE crasins?!)
Rosemary and garlic focaccia bread (from scratch - the second try wasn't great, but it worked)

To drink, a limeade concoction that makes you smack your lips and dive into the bowl
Homemade slush with our hours de vours

For dessert, a homemade (from scratch) key lime cake with homemade cream cheese and vanilla icing

Let me tell you, the food was divine, the company grand and the day memorable.  Holidays aren't my favorite, but they are definitely made for good food and family and fun.  The minimalist Easter Bunny made an appearance and brought books and games (almost no candy!) and lots of morning entertainment.

Hope you all had a great holiday, Easter or Passover, with your family and friends.

Friday, April 02, 2010

My Boys Friday: Conundrum

I love being a mom.

Some days I love being the mom so much that I think I might explode.

Some days all I want to be is the mom and wish I could spend all my time shooting baskets, driving trucks, reading books, and playing at the park.

Some days, I want to run away from being the mom so fast it makes my head spin.

Some days, being the mom makes me grit my teeth and cry.

Some days I want to throw away every single toy in my entire house and clean until my knuckles bleed.

Some days I just want to leave things in a complete state of disarray because there are so many more important things to do.

Some days I'm one of the "cool kids" and other days I don't even feel like I fit in with my own kids.

Some days I just want to run away....

but then I remember that people love me and would miss me.

Who else would this one bite while in the bathtub?

And who else would this one ask his questions to and announce his farts?


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