Tuesday, June 30, 2009

a dessert you can eat for breakfast

a few weeks ago my aunt introduced us to a dessert that at first site was a bit odd.

it's my new obsession.

and we're experimenting.

Here it is:

frozen berries
french vanilla coffee mate

Put your frozen berries in a cup and cover with coffee mate. Eat. Enjoy.

You'll be shocked at how good it is.

Once you get addicted to that, try it with belgian chocolate toffee coffee mate.

To quote the Monkey, "delicious!"

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Shavy Jones open for business

IMG_0142, originally uploaded by bookemdano1978.

We're open.

We actually sold some shaved ice yesterday.


If you're a blog reader - come by today!

it's super tasty.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Boys Friday: Chunk-a-chunk-a burnin' love

I love my boys.

I was thinking the other day how that maybe if I ever had a third child, it would be "perfect".

You see Thing one was a sick screamer.

Thing two is a sleepy projectile puker.

Maybe a thing three would just be a baby?

let's cut the thing three talk....forever.

Regardless, my two boys are cut from the same mold and I really thing that the Squirt may out grow his brother one day. Oh, how I dream for the day my sweet boys are 6'5" and 6'7".

I took the Squirt to the doctor yesterday. He had what I thought was a rash on his back and I wanted to get it checked out. Just baby "backne". Yuck!

The nurse weighed him though. 13.3 lbs at 6 weeks old.

6 weeks

At his two month appointment over two years ago, the Monkey clocked in at close to 16 lbs. His appointment was a couple of weeks late, but he was a tank too.

7 weeks001

Oh how I love my giant squishy babies!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Friends and Family in the rain

The cutest shaved ice boy around

Saturday night was the Shavy Jones premiere.

Friends and Family night

in the pouring rain.

Our faithful business venturer owner was a bit distraught. And sunburned.
sunburned dad

but as always

his trusty wifes family and friends came through

in the rain.

THANK YOU family and friends

We're opening this weekend

More details to come

See you all then.



Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summer Fun Activity

it's a goal of mine to do something "fun" with my kids and friends (friends being my sister and brother and some cousins on occasion) every week this summer.

With everyone working at Shavy Jones it might be a bit tricky, but we'll figure it out and still managed to have a good summer.

Yesterday was our first item of summertime business. Wheeler Farm. The perfect activity for a 2 year old and his baby brother.




our activity only took us an hour and we saw baby pigs, sheep, chickens, baby quail, horses, cows, a giant pig and a family of rats.

the Monkey fed ducks and geese.

we came home.

It was great times.

Thanks to Auntie Haley and Uncle Meme for going with us - especially Uncle Meme who is certain he fractured his hip.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's that time again...

Time for me to rejoin weight watchers.

I did.


Doing it online.

Counting points.

Not sure how often I'll fit all the exercise in, but I'll try.

After the Monkey was born, by 6 weeks post partum I'd lost 41 pounds.

Had that appointment yesterday and I've only lost 24 of my 44 total pounds gained with the squirt.

That puts me at approximately 55 pounds heavier than I was when I got married 6 years ago.

Time for a change.

The lofty goal is 30 lbs in the next -4 months. It's a stretch, but I'm willing to try.

By December of this year, In my dream world of course, I'd like to be passed my 30 lb goal and maybe even close to 45-50.

Cross your fingers for me.

Ross is going to join and do the program with me.

Do you want to join us?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Viva la Elvis!

It's like on of those "6 degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon" situations.

First - I have discovered all the HD movie channels. Watching "Juno" while trying to work yesterday didn't do me a lot of good.

Second - Last night, as I was feeding the squirt his bottle I went back to the movie channels and saw that one of my all time favorites, "Top Secret" was playing.

I like this movie. One of the best (stupid) movies ever. While watching I laughed.

Third - Nic Rivers, the lead character in the film gives a concert in East Germany. One of the songs he sings, the back-up is a quartet.

Fourth - The quartet and the young Val Kilmer reminded me of a young Elvis (stretch) but I'm sure that's what it was supposed to remind me of.

Fifth - I pulled out my trusty iphone, with it's youtube button and did a search for Elvis + Viva Las Vegas. The name Lucky Jackson is as goofy as Nic Rivers.

Sixth - I found these clips. You just can't beat Elvis and Ann Margaret for some classy entertainment now can you.


Monday, June 15, 2009


Even though it's the third full week of June, it's the first week of our summer vacation.

How so?

It was the first of many days of hanging out with some of my favorite people.

My sister.

My brother.

My boys.

Yes, I love all my family, but I enjoy hanging out with my siblings so much and not just because they help me with my kids.

They are funny.

They are good company.

They like to hang out with me.

They = summer.

What did we do for our first activity of Summer 2009?

We went to lunch.

One of our favorite thing to do.

As we finished eating, Meme asked me if he was a good uncle.

I think that the pictures are proof

photo.<span class=

photo.<span class=

photo.<span class=

- but I responded like this anyway...

"If the nephew has to sit by you, and hang on you at lunch....I think that means you are a good uncle"

Oh, summer!

Now - if it would just stop raining.....

Friday, June 12, 2009

just happy

Happy it's Friday
(if the above picture isn't happy enough...I liked it because of the Monkey, then how about this one? )
Photo 5

It's Friday

My husband will be home and stuck with us (mostly me) for the whole weekend

I have a diet coke and tasty raspberries with vanilla yogurt for lunch

both boys are asleep

my house is a mess and I don't care

found a new calorie free way to get my chocolate fix

the laundry is done for the week....finally (not put away, but done)

the rain smells so good and the world is green

Life is good....

isn't it?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

some other stuff

About 2 months ago I made a dumb purchase. I bought a new 4th generation purple 16 gig ipod nano. It was on sale and I thought I needed it. I don't.

If you need or want such a device I'll sell you mine for $100.


Some members of my extended family have a t-shirt and design business. They make stuff. My aunt does the artwork. They have just launched a new division of their company called OttoSkins. They are designing, making, and selling skins for all your electronic devices. Before I had baby #2, I helped with some of the artwork.

Check it out. www.ottoskins.com


I need to start taking pictures of stuff other than my kids. I love them, but it's a bit stifling. Anyone interested in letting me take pictures of their kids. Outside somewhere great. Or going with me somewhere to take pictures? If you are, please let me know.


Reading one of my many blogs yesterday I came across a post about this cupcake company in NYC.


They ship to the lower 48 states. I'm going to purchase some cupcakes. The red velvet, peanut butter cup, and chocolate brownie are calling my name.

If you want some too, maybe we can split the shipping on a dozen?


We had a small, free gig for Shavy Jones over the weekend. It was a ward party, so not much to shout about. But, in a little over 2 hours, Ross and I prepared and gave away 282 cups of shaved ice.

Shaved ice is SOOOOOO good.

We're getting ready to open our little trailer so get ready. If you count as "friends and family" we'll let you know of a soft opening. If you aren't in that group, you've got a week to try and work your way in.

Get ready....

The shaved ice is coming.





Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The Squirt:: 4 weeks

Check out the cheeks on this kid

At 1:39 pm today my little squirt is already four weeks old. Time flies, kids grow up fast, and I'm so lucky that I get to be home with my boys so that I don't miss a moment, even if they often drive me nuts.

Little Wyatt is my absolute Zen baby. He is calm and content and happy and alert. Everyone who has met him is amazed at his apparent concentration and dead on stare. I can't help it that my kid(s) are brilliant and advanced. He's already trying to talk and can hold his head up like a kid much older than 4 weeks.

He smells so good.

He is so soft.

He is super squishy.

I have never met or held a more cuddly bundle of goo than this little guy. Even after holding dozens of cousins and babies in my life time, this kid takes the cake. If you want to come and hold him and see for yourself, let me know. I'll supervise a cuddle session.

Two weeks ago he weighed 9 lbs 10 oz. I'm sure at this point he has far surpassed that weight. He is growing like a weed, like his brother did. Soon, I'll have a 22 pounder on my hands with ankle and wrist rolls that are so delectable I could eat them up.

4 weeks

This little guy is a great sleeper - just last night going from a 7:30 pm bottle to 2 am. Amazing. We're still dealing with acid reflux issues with the little guy and yesterday morning thought that he might be dying. He wasn't. His dad in a late night bottle filling session used regular formula, not soy. The poor little guy downed a bottle of the stuff that upsets his little tummy and...an hour later...projected the entire contents of his stomach back at his dad.

Oops. Good thing we figured out the problem before being panic stricken rushing him to the doctor's office.

The day he was born certainly feels like a lifetime ago, and it was a mere 4 weeks ago that we dropped the Monkey off with grandparents and headed to the hospital. I am so lucky to have such good kids, a good husband, and a wonderful and supportive family who have helped to take care of all of us over the last few months, especially the last few weeks.

My boys and I (all three of them) are eternally grateful.

Hi grandma

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Which Parent Has the Better Deal? | Momversation

Occasionally, I stumble across one of these Momversation topics that peaks my interest.

I watch the video.

Think about the topic for a few minutes and then go about my day.

Yesterday though, I watched a video that is the title of this post, "Which parent has the better deal" and probably because I'm feeling very worn out and picked on at the moment, it's stuck with me.

yes, I'm dwelling a bit.

Which Parent Has the Better Deal? | Momversation

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In our home, we really do a pretty good job, most of the time, sharing responsibilities. When our ratio was 2:1, things generally went well. Starting when Elliott was a baby, as soon as Ross walked in the door I threw the screaming, colicky baby to him and ran away. I'd fix dinner, I'd work, I'd hide out under the bed so no one could find me. Dad was in charge for the night and we were all okay with that.

Ross was always good to get up in the middle of the night (thank heavens for good dads and formula - so I didn't have to be in charge all night, too) and completely take over with said Monkey. Weekends have always been dad time and even when we've gone on trips, I know that the bulk of the parenting will (happily?) fall on Ross' shoulders.

I love that.

Now our ratio is 2:2. That's an entirely different ballgame - those of you who have two or more kids know that and are whispering a big "I told you so" while reading this. Here's my issue though - the husband has a VERY DEMANDING JOB that keeps him away from home, sometimes 12 hours a day (Yes, Ross - you are gone that long). He also has a side project right now sucking up every free minute and most of the weekend (good thing were the religious type or I'm sure he'd be working on Sunday's too.). He also has a lot of "side projects" with his church callings as well.

and, we have an almost 4 week old baby.

And the mama had a c-section and isn't supposed to do anything - even though out of necessity I do. And then the next day I pay for it physically.

so right now, I would say Ross has the better "parenting deal" at the moment. For the simple fact that he's not home...and i am.

It bugs me.

I'm really worn out.

And desperate to have my husband home on a Saturday to help me out!

And talk to me. Or even ignore me - that's okay too.

Soon enough, I hope.

At least he gets up at night with the squirt. Every time! With out fail.

And when he gets home from work, even if it's late, he still does his best to take over and let me "run away" for a minute or two.

I love that, too.

And him.

And my boys.

Living in a house with all boys is just like my mom told me it would be. When they need you, they NEED YOU. Otherwise, the tv is sufficient and I'm white noise.

So, what's it like in your house? Who has the better deal?

Friday, June 05, 2009

My boys Friday: Naptime

Who doesn't love to nap?

My two year old, that's who.

The last two days have been napless in our house. There is a certain little monkey who thinks it makes him hot stuff to not have a nap. And there is a mama who disagrees.

After 30 minutes of trying to get him to sleep yesterday we brokered a deal with an ultimatum. Go to sleep or sit on your bed and watch a movie for 20 minutes. He opted for the movie and in exactly 23 minutes came looking for me.

What happens to a sleepless boy when you put him in the car at 3:15?


He folds in half like a sandwich.

not my idea of a good nap.


My little squirt is 3 weeks old and he is a good napper. I'm sure he weighs 10 lbs by this point - he's getting heavy and "chubby chubby". He had some tummy issues the other night so the Monkey and I went to the store for gas drops. The drops worked so well the Squirt slept from 10-5 am.



One final note - elliott is funny. Really, really funny. He's been asking me all week, "So mama, How are things?" Last night he did it with a microphone as if he were interviewing me. He also knows all the words to that song, "little bunny fufu walking through the forest..." And, his new catchphrase is, "should we?" As in, "mama, should we make cookies?" "should we get the mail?" "should we go outside and play with the girl?"

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The ballad of Shavy Jones

When my sister and I were kids, we spent many summers floating a business opportunity to my grandma. We wanted her to buy and supply a shaved ice shack and we would work it all summer.

She never bought into the idea. We probably weren't serious enough.

Though schlepping shaved ice is no longer my dream, it seems to be one of my husbands.

Fast forward to February 2009.

We were in Arizona.

We went to a shaved ice place Ross has been visiting since he was a kid.

While waiting at the drive through, that husband of mine got an idea - that he could sell shaved ice in Utah. Real shaved ice. Hawaiian style shaved ice. And be a huge success.

We got our treats. We spied. We wrote down the name of their ice shaving machine.

From that point on in the trip, and the subsequent months after. Even through the birth of the Squirt, Ross has had only one thing on his mind.

Shaved ice.

And his bright blue concessions trailer.

And getting ready to open for business.

Welcome, Shavy Jones!

shavy jones
(thanks to JJ and Makayla for the awesome artwork)

We aren't quite open for business, but should be in the next week or so.

If you are very local, we'll be on the patio of Mountain Mikes Pizza off of 10400th South between Bangerter and 4000 West.

If you aren't local, come visit us anyway.

Initial hours of operation will be Noon - 9:00 pm Friday's and Saturday's. If business picks up, we'll add an extra day or two.

Want more information? Want a summer job? Comment or e-mail me.

Monday, June 01, 2009

feeling a little bulletty

Number One:
My driver's license expired last week on my birthday. I never received any notification in the mail and the month of May was a bit crazy to say the least - the expiration date totally slipping through the cracks. After some investigation I discovered that I would have to renew this time around in person. Yes - that meant a trip to the DMV.

The Monkey had a play date at the zoo today so the Squirt and I made our way to the Drivers License Division. The bright side - we were only there an hour and everyone we worked with was very friendly.

The dark side - what is it about getting or renewing a drivers license that brings out the weirdos creeps and Boo Radley's of the world? Where do the normal, fully clothed, tattoo-less, people who think that their butt cracks should be kept private go to get a new drivers license?

It really wasn't that bad and I kept the Squirt wrapped up but still. It's just such a dirty experience, isn't it?

Number Two:
We don't watch much television in our house. No appointment tv, no American idol and no dancing with stars. Sometimes I remember to watch "the office", but not really. The only stuff we watch in our house? Cooking shows, home improvement shows, the occasional "I didn't know I was pregnant" show on TLC and sports.

We've been watching quite a bit of the NBA playoffs this year - for lack of anything better I suppose and there is just something that is driving me crazy.

Viagra commercials.

Cialis commercials.

Commercials for the drug to help men not pee so much.

It's real bad with baseball, too.

Now, don't get me wrong. I get it - it's sports programming. Men predominantly watch sports programming. Many men need the aforementioned pills to "enhance" their lives.

Girls watch sports programming, too.

It makes me ill.

Enough with those commercials. PLEASE!

Number Three:
My mom bought me a new dress for my birthday. It's beautiful. It's a size smaller than I would have bought myself, if I were to go out and purchase a new dress.

It fits.

It fits well.

That makes me feel good.

On Sunday, I got on a scale. According to the scale, since the Squirt was born, I've lost 34 pounds.

that makes me feel good, too. Only 12 more and I'm back to the weight I was at at the end of last summer.

In case you were wondering - the goal is to lose an additional 30 by the end of the year - bringing me very close to the weight I was at when I got married 6 years ago.

That would be cool now, wouldn't it?


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