Sunday, September 04, 2016

Quinn is FOUR!


Oh my goodness!  You, my dear Quinn, are four years old.  Time sure flies, doesn't it.  You have been asking about and "Mom, I be so excited for my burfday" for weeks and weeks.  It got to the point that every morning when you woke up, you asked how many more days until your birthday, September two!

Well, when that birthday eventually arrived, you didn't believe me, or the boys, that it was actually the day.  I think when we had your party in the evening, swimming and pizza and cake and ice cream at Great Grandpa's house, you finally believed us.  And, then, in true Quinn fashion, stressed out about the amount of attention you were getting and sort of ran away into Grandpa Huber's family room to escape some of the chaos.

Your dad and I cannot believe you are four years old.  Watching you grow and learn is the most fun thing every.  You are such a smart little fart, with a pretty strange sense of humor and we all cannot help but marvel sometimes, at the kid you are turning into.


You like to say prayers, with help.  You like to tell horrible knock-knock jokes.  You love to sing and dance and we find you humming some of your favorite songs regularly.  You are so good at playing with toys and using your imagination.  You still love animals and DINOSAURS, but are slowly moving towards Lego's, super heroes and more big kid things.

Speaking of dinosaurs, you are still pretty obsessed.  Grandpa Karl calls you "Blue" or "Charlie" because those are the names of your favorite raptors from Jurassic World, a movie you watch almost weekly.  You even have dreams that you are a raptor trainer and can ride on their backs and make them smile.  Generally, there is a dinosaur figurine in your hand or a book close to you.  Your practically a Dino encyclopedia and listening to you say names like, "Therozinosaurus" is pretty fun.

Countless times a day, you walk up to me and say, "Mom, guess what?"  I play along and act interested and surprised with my response of "What?", and you yell with a giggle, "Chicken Butt".  You also sing the first line of Sir-Mix-a-lots, Baby got Back, "I like big butts and I cannot lie" all the time.

Your favorite foods are Little Cesar's pizza and McDonald's chicken nuggets.  And yogurt and bacon and crackers.  You are a complete couch potato and cannot start to function in the mornings until about 10 am, after you've had your fill of screens and sunny delight to drink.  You love kindles and ipods and ipads and can navigate most games pretty well.  You also love to jump on the trampoline and tackle your brothers, usually knocking them down in the process.

Though you won't admit it, the return of Uncle Willie from two years in Lithuania made your life complete.  His lap was your throne before he left and even though it took a couple weeks, his lap is once again where you perch yourself whenever he is around.  The two of you play lots of fun games together.  He asks you every time he sees you, even when you are sitting on his lap, if the two of you are friends.  You laugh, give him a sideways glance, and tell him no.  It's pretty funny.


You also play other games with him, that only the two of you seem to get.  A week or so ago, he was hanging out with us after school and he said in his high pitched funny voice, "My favorite house is the 7-11."  You, repeating that same tone said, "My favorite house is a....bush!"  That got the whole car rolling with laughter.

You love the shows paw patrol, the lion guard and wild kratts.  You love Darth Vader.  You think that the hulk is pretty incredible, but flash is your favorite superhero.  The thought of going to Disneyland in a few weeks is blowing your mind and you are loving preschool, which makes me so happy.  You love to run errands and go to target and get Slurpee's and go to the zoo and eat churros.  Pretty much, you are the coolest sidekick around.


I am so happy to see you growing up, getting bigger and stronger and faster and smarter.  There was a time, when two kids were going to be the only kids in this family, but goodness gracious, I'm so happy I listened to those voices from heaven telling me that there was someone special who needed to be in this family because that was you and I don't know what we would do if you weren't here.

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!


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