Friday, September 30, 2005

Grandpa's Movie

In August, I made a little movie about Grandpa Huber as an exhibit example for the South Jordan History Center Committee. I am part of the committee and needed to show them a creative and free way to display old photographs and tell the stories of South Jordan. Grandpa did not grow up in South Jordan, but his cousin and an old neigbor are on the committee with me and they were happy to see the pictures and quite shocked to find out that I was the grandaughter! I really liked the little movie I made so I've decided to share it here, on the blog for all to see. I know that some of my facts are skewed (that's what happens when I go from memory and don't ask my mom questions) but the story is still a good one. Enjoy!

Monday, September 26, 2005

Welcome to Fall

How do I know it is officially fall? Several reasons. One, I wore socks this weekend. Haven't done that for months. Two, I changed the decoration on my front door from the festive, patriotic inspired welcome, to the lovely fall themed thing pictures to the left. I finally gave in and decided not only to put fall decorations on my front door, but I bought little pumpkin things for my kitchen table. the leaves on the mountians and the tree in my front yard are red, so I thought I would carry on with that theme.

How else do I know it's fall? My entire weekend was spent surrounded by football. Willie won his football game on Saturday afternoon (Yeah, they are 3-2 on the season) and Ross spend his Saturday in Provo watching his cougars loose in a close one, in overtime. I am not too sure if he has recovered from that, but the rest of us were pretty happy to see the cougs loose yet again. And, almost the entire Sunday was spent in front of a televised football game or playing one on Willie's gamecube.

Ross and I also spoke in church yesterday. Our topic was missionary work and the fam. came to listen to our talks and experience first hand, the loudness that is our ward. Our talks went well and quite a few people complimented each of us. I suppose that means we did a good job.

Not much else going on. Ross bought me flowers on Friday because he is nice and I was grouchy. I spent a good deal of time on Saturday afternoon photographing the flowers. The picture here is my favorite.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

How to subscribe to the Howden Blog

Hello all family members. I think that I have shared this blog with most of you by now and maybe you are wondering, how can I subscribe? Well, I've got an easy way for you to do that. At the bottom of the left hand side of my blog is an icon to subscribe through a website called After creating an account at this site, you can add my blog to your list of subscriptions. To do this, click the add button on the left hand side and in the screen on the right hand side of the page, past my blog address into the line that says Blog or Feed URL. And then, Voila! You are subscribed and will be kept up to date on my new posts.

In other news. . .oh wait, there isn't any. This is my blog update for the day. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Frustrations at the Computer

I spent most of the day today trying to get a video transferred to the internet and then loaded into this here blog. Well, all was for naught, at this point, because this post has no video with it, just some boring old text. Perhaps I will try again tomorrow. What did I learn from my experience today? Several things. One, technology is sometimes frustrating when websites and downloads do not work properly. Two, it's a good thing this blog is just for fun, and not like, my job, otherwise today would have been a very sad and unproductive day.

Anywho, Ross and Haley and I are going to dinner at the Rio Grande tonight and then we will be attending a screening of a PBS docuemntary about the importance and impact of protest music on American culture. Should be interesting. Until next time, enjoy this picture of my house. I really like my house. And, unlike my computer, it generally behaves itself and does what I would like it to do.

Monday, September 19, 2005

A lovely self portrait

This is a picture I took of myself in England. It goes to show what happens when I am left alone with a camera whilst waiting for everyone else to get ready. I start having way too much fun. Beleive it or not, this was the most flattering of all my self-portrait pictures so I thought I would post it. Enjoy! It's not everyday that I will even let my picture get taken...let alone post one of myself on the internet. Very bold indeed.

The Down Low...

I know what your thinking...not another bio of another blogger. Well, unfortunately, you're right. After much consideration, I felt it was important to give a brief history. It will be brief - promise.

This blog was started in September of 2005 on a whim at work. A co-worker had just discovered a wonderful FREE tool and the two of us spent the entire day at work setting up our blogs. It's been full steam ahead ever since. Oh Honestly! became our name about a year ago. I figured it was time to take my real name out of my address. One of my grandmothers' whenever particularly exasperated with me (which believe me happened quite a bit when I was younger) would always declare, "Oh honestly, Annabelle" in my general direction. Well, it was appropriate and it stuck!

My dumpr

My husband and I have been married since 2003 and so far and it's been a lovely and interesting ride. All of our parents say that we were made for each other and that no other person on the planet would have married either of us so it was a good match. How did we get to be so lucky to meet? Online, of course. Yahoo! personals to be more specific (Holy crap I cannot believe I just admitted that!). I wrote something in my profile about college hoops and Gonzaga and apparently that was all it took.

After years of trying he finally did it. Mr birdman lives on
We added a monkey to our tiny family in January 2007. He keeps us on our toes, loves bananas and swinging from vines. He is a very smart, funny, sweet, and lovable kid who. He's obsessed with rare and exotic animals, is learning how to read, and loves to do projects.

Cool dude.
We added the squirt in May of 2009. He used to be little and squishy. Now, he's a big tank who can hold his own in brotherly battles, talks up a storm, and still loves to sit on your lap and be rocked to sleep.

These days you can find us at work (me as a mom without enough time to finish anything and the husband as a finance guy for a mining company). Sometimes we travel, but traveling with young children is over-rated and our adventures turn into scenarios for any Chevy Chase familial bonding movie every made. We like to take walks, read, eat (oh boy do we eat!), and take pictures of almost every aspect of our small little world.

Life is good all the way around - except for those times when it isn't - like when the husband floods the basement right before a major holiday! Those times suck, but luckily, they are far and few between.


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