Thursday, February 14, 2019

the anti-valentine Valentine


The boys are not into Valentine's Day.  In fact, a couple of days before Wyatt had a nervous breakdown because girls were going to give him valentine's!  Last year a girl wrote that she thought Wyatt was handsome and he just didn't want the attention or the pressure.

After searching online, we found some pretty funny anti-valentine's to make.  The big boys thought they were funny and the chocolate was tasty.  Quinn's class did not pass out valentine's this year so he was off the hook.

Wednesday, February 06, 2019


In my entire life, I can only think of one day, in elementary school, where we had a snow day.  In Utah, they are pretty rare.

But, when we woke up this morning, a snow day was upon us.  It didn't seem that bad to start, but as the day progressed, there was just more and more snow.  Ross got to work from home and shovel/snow blow about 5 times.

It was a pretty great shut-in sort of day.




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