Monday, January 23, 2017

10 years old!


Happy Birthday, Elliott.

Today, you turned ten years old.  One whole decade under your belt.  It feels so old to me, you being ten.  It also makes me feel old, especially because I'm fast approaching the end of my third decade.

A couple weeks ago, on the short drive home from church, we were talking about food, as we are apt to do.  I told you that Sunday dinner at Grandma's was going to be a pot-luck affair, and that we were in charge of the potatoes.

"What kind of potatoes are we going to make?"  you asked.

"The yummy scalloped ones," I replied.

"Can I help?"

"Yes, you can help, but dad's doing the potatoes, all I'm doing is sauteing the leeks?"

"Oh.  Okay.  I love to saute!" you said with a grin.

Some days, it feels like you are twenty, not ten.  I mean, how many ten years old's regularly saute?You listen to adult conversations, have opinions about grown-up matters, and really try hard to follow the conversation at the grown up table at Sunday dinner.

You have a strange sense of humor, and are the funniest person you know.  You are the most helpful ten year old around, helping even if you don't want to.   You help around the house, clean toilets, take good care of  your brothers, and like to sit by me at church.

Sometimes, your emotions get the better of've always had a problem with losing to your brothers in general, and losing to your dad at anything.  As you are maturing though, those fits of rage are fewer and further between.  You are however, a bad looker, regularly losing things that should be lost like shin guards, i pods, church shoes and your favorite books.  In fact, dad and I have started charging you big bucks ($5) to find your lost items. We usually find them in minutes, and handing over that money just about kills you.  It's hard to watch you struggle sometimes with stuff, and friends that have stuff you don't (or newer versions of things), and your desire to always fit in.  But, you are kind and well liked by everyone, especially Sister Lonni across the street.  I think she's got a crush on you and for all that good behavior, the occasional freak out is acceptable.

Reading though - reading has become one of, if not, your more favorite past times.  During a Grandma Camp adventure to Barnes and Noble in the summer, you picked up the first of the Harry Potter books, and proceed to NOT read it for a month or so.  Then, on a summer day in August, as "punishment" for a violent three-way brother brawl, you were banished to your room with said book for quiet reading time, and weren't allowed to come out until you had read the first chapter and could tell me everything that happened.  Well, an hour later you emerged, with the book a quarter of the way done and you haven't looked back.  We've been borrowing books from Aunt Karen, but you got your own full set for Christmas (and a H.P. Griffendor scarf for your birthday) and are currently on book five, which is nearly 900 pages.  I am beyond impressed that you are knocking out such a lengthy read.  When we watch the movies you curl up in a ball on the couch and just smile (even though the films are creepy and spooky).  You've managed to get Quinn obsessed with the Potter kid, too and it's fun to see him make fun of you and say you like Hufflepuff.

You excel in band and soccer.  You have become the Dennis Rodman rebounding machine of 4th grade Junior Jazz.  With Dad and Coach Karl at the helm, so far your team is undefeated with just a few games to go in the season.  It's so fun to watch you play your favorite sports, but let's face it, I'm partial to basketball and this year, it's really gotten fun to watch.


I love that dad and I can pretty much always count on you to be even tempered, happy to help, and generous with your time and talents, especially to your brothers.  It makes me so happy to see you lead and guide Wyatt and Quinn, even though I know that you don't know that's what you are doing.

Ug, you are just a good kid.

I'm glad we're friends.


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

New Year, new season

Basketball is in full swing at our house.  University of Utah games and Elliott and Wyatt are both playing junior jazz this year.  Both boys are having excellent seasons. Ross is coaching both boys teams and Coach Karl is helping out with Elliott's.

Wyatt is still playing in the "developmental" league, so no real practices until next season.  No score board, either.  But, the kids do a pretty good job of keeping score all on their own.  Wyatt's team is pretty good and he has managed to score during every single game.  And, he looks good.  He always makes sure that from head to toe - hair to shoes, he is on fleek.  (Is "On Fleek" still a thing?)

Elliott's team is doing great this year.  So far, they are undefeated in their league, and seem to be the team to beat.  Uncle Willie gave him some Dennis Rodman socks for Christmas and they seem to be bringing him a lot of luck.  He has become a rebounding machine and not a single kid that defends him knows how to stop someone who shoots a left handed lay-up.  One game before Christmas was pretty intense and Coach Karl yelled at the opposing coach, "Shut up, Dude!" but otherwise, good sportsmanship abounds.

It's fun to watch the boys play every Saturday and I am one mama who is very happy her boys LOVE basketball!












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