Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Quinner :: 17 months

Hey Kid -

17 months old.  You make us tired.  You say, "A duh!" for pretty much everything and it is up to me mostly, to figure out what "a duh!" means at any particular moment in time.

It's a struggle.  We've really hit that rough and fun age with you.  Rough, because we really have no idea what you want and fun because let's face it, you are freakin' hilarious.

You love to wear Elliott's shoes....on your hands.
You dance.
You run.
You are a major pain in the butt at church every week. We thought 9 am church would be better for you but alas, it is not.
You are a pretty good and dependable napper.
You love to go "bye bye" and wait by the door that leads to the garage.
You love to stop in the snow and bug Wyatt.  He loves to run away from you and you love to chase him.
You think it's really funny to scratch people - mostly faces, but you drew blood on Elliott's back last week.  Not sure why you think it's funny but you do.

You use baby sign language for "more" and "all done" which really helps a lot.  We're working on "thank you" but it's not making any sense to you.

You love fruit snacks and chocolate covered pomegranate seeds.  You love diet coke, too, but you only get that sparingly.  You also love pasta and rice and french fries, but balance it out with as much fruit, lately craisins, as you can shove into your mouth.  Oh, and bacon!  You really like crispy bacon.

When I say, "okay Quinn, let's change your diaper" you drop down to the floor right where you are and wait for me to bring the diaper.  It blows my mind that you can understand what we are saying to you, but you do.

You can throw away garbage.  You say: mom, dad, Elliott, bye-bye, hi, dog, please (peesh), up (only sometimes) and Elmo.  You are very good at holding my hand in parking lots and will only sit in a shopping cart if I have a steady stream of hi chew candy to feed you.

You walk to the pantry and say "A duh" which mean "open please" in this instance and you pick out whatever you want.  If your choice is too high, you point and beg until I figure it out.  Funny how that works.

You are super chill.  Most of the time, you'd rather sit on someones lap and read a book than run around and be crazy.  Unless there are cars out - you love to play with cars.  And animals.  Oh, and Lego guys, too.

You are also at the fun age where we can teach you silly stuff and you mimic us.  All I have to say is, "Yo yo yo" and I've got you trained to fold your arms gangsta rap style and pull a funny face.  It makes make laugh every single time.  And, when you try to make a chewbacca sound, that's pretty funny too.

We love you buster brown.

Just stop scratching.

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