Monday, June 16, 2014

Spring T-ball for Wyatt!

Wyatt played coach pitch t-ball again this year.  Ross was his coach again this year.

He did a great job.

He did not cry.  Except for the time he got smacked in the face with a bat, when it was totally appropriate to cry.

Wyatt is a really good little baseball player.  He throws straight, hits hard, and runs fast.  It's fun to watch him and he really has a great time playing.   Next year, he's on to machine pitch....heaven help us because that will be interesting.

Wyatt's games had a lot of overlap with Elliott's games this season and since dad was the coach, we had to split up so Elliott and I didn't make it to all of Wyatt's games but we did our best.  I brought my nice camera to his last game, last week and between Elliott and myself, we got a few good pictures to document his season as an oreo Oriole.

As always, I'm proud of this kid and he looked great in a uniform.






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