Wednesday, November 05, 2014

His first MAJOR Award

Elliott's decision to participate in the elementary schools reflection's contest wasn't really his decision.  It was mine.  At his school, they do a thing called "Paws for Success" (mascot: Wildcat) and at each grade level, to earn the award at the end of the year, you have to accomplish a certain number of goals and the reflection's contest was one of those things.  I decided that he was going to do it.

It was Elliott's decision however, how to complete his entry.  The theme was, "The World Would Be a Better Place If...." and he finished the statement with, "(if) animals weren't endangered."  And he decided that he wanted to enter in the category of photography so on a Friday afternoon, immediately after we picked him up from school the kids and I drove to the zoo to take pictures of the endangered animals.  Elliott took all the photos, and I gave him a little creative direction.  We swapped out lenses a couple of times on the digital SLR to make sure that he got the best close-ups, and after an hour at the zoo, we raced back home.

Elliott did all of the editing and he selected the pictures to be in his collage.  I thought that for a second grader, the project turned out pretty great.  He helped me fill out the entry forms and after a little help from me mounting his collage on a piece of card stock, he turned it in.

Now, never would I have guessed that his little project was award worthy, but apparently I need to put a little more faith in my kid.

Yesterday at school was the assembly to recognize the kids who participated in reflections.  Wyatt told me when I picked him up from kindergarten that Elliott got a certificate.  I figured that all kids got a certificate.  But not until the end of the day, when he came flying to the car, grinning ear to ear, did I realize that Elliott got more than a certificate.  He took FIRST PLACE for the entire school in the photography category.  He got three ribbons, a certificate and a trophy.  Oh, and not to mention a free frozen yogurt at menchies.  It was so exciting!  He was so proud of himself.  I was so proud of him.

We called Grandma Judy.
We called Dad.

We did a happy dance when we got home and of course, took a picture to commemorate.

Such a great day for this oldest child of mine.

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