Friday, February 20, 2015

Lost and gone forever...

It's Friday.  It's felt like Friday for about 5 days, maybe?  It's felt like it should be Friday since Monday at least, which means we should already be mid-way through next week perhaps?

I don't know.

A lot is happening and nothing is happening.  That's the way things seem to go usually and then *Poof* your kids are starting high school.

Not really.

My kids are off track.  Being off-track is really a brain melt for this mama.  We've had a busy and fun week, but still.  We've spent countless hours cataloging Pokemon cards, playing MineCraft and watching TV.  The big boys had a sleep over at a hotel with Grandma and Grandpa Howden and went on some adventures.  Quinn didn't get to sleep over, so he and I went on some adventures, Cabella's, which he things is an animal museum (though he says "animal seeum").

We bought a new desktop computer after both the old computer and myself had a meltdown.

We have played with friends.

We saw the Spongebob movie and ate lots of popcorn.  The movie and treats, for an 11:20 movie cost me almost $40 dollars.  Movies are a rip-off.  The concessions kid wouldn't sell me three "kid" popcorn bags, but would sell me a giant tub and then give me the three bags to fill on my own.  He also wouldn't charge me the full price, but fill the three kid bags (which would have been less popcorn), but whatever.  Movies are a rip-off.

Three times this week, by old grandpa type guys I've been called "young lady", "sweetheart" and "darlin".  I'm none of those things, but the sentiment was appreciated.  The over 70 set really dig me.

Thank heavens the weather has been so beautiful that we've been able to spend out time outside.  Lots of trampoline time is good for my children's souls.

I'm worrying about the weather.  I read the other day that we are at the beginning stages of a "mega drought" and that Utah may never see significant snowfall again in my life time - like dust bowl type drought.  That's intense, but it's starting to rain while I write this so, maybe not?

My husband really likes his new job.  I'm really happy that he likes his new job.  He seems to be going out to lunch a lot, which to be honest, I'm a little jealous about.

Next week, we celebrate ONE YEAR that my brother has been on his mission.  Halfway is a great place to be in.  I'd rather be half way than one week - the stress of one week might kill me when it gets here.  Oh I miss that kid.

I've been sewing, a lot.  I really like to sew.

We tried to plan a "family vacation", only no one is satisfied with the plan, so now there is no family vacation.  We might need to try planning that again.

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