Saturday, July 11, 2015

Utah State Capitol

I read an article a few weeks ago.  It talked about how our kids are being raised in a world where, as their parents, all we ask them after they do stuff is, "Did you have fun?"  even though we know perfectly well that all the things they do aren't fun, and aren't even supposed to be fun.

The article continued by saying that instead of asking our kids if we've had fun, we should ask them what they learned, what they thought about the experience, that sort of thing.  It really got me thinking and in the last little while, I've started to change the way I ask my kids about the things that we do.

I mean, I pretty much know that they've had fun, because we do fun things.  But, I also want to know more about their thinking.  It's fun to hear what they think about stuff.

On Thursday this week, we continued our Utah history adventure at the Utah State Capitol.  We started with the visitor center across the street and then, quickly realized, that pushing a 40 pound child in a stroller isn't the best way to tour the capitol.  You see, there are a lot of stairs.  A.  Lot.  Of.  Stairs.

But, we survived the stairs, and the tourists, and had some great conversations about government, how laws are made, what the Supreme Court is and does, and about what movies were made in Utah.  (there were a couple cool exhibits about movies).  I was really surprised at how much we had to talk about .  I felt like a history teacher again, and my boys seemed to be willing students.

Afterwards, we headed to City Creek for lunch at the food court and a quick trip to the Disney store for a prize.

It was a fun day.




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