Monday, March 21, 2016

The first day of Spring

On Sunday, church was cancelled.  All Utah members, 8 and older, were supposed to attend a rebroadcast of the Provo Tabernacle Temple dedication.  We decided that we did not want to take shifts, as the adults in our home, to attend a broadcast so after a lazy morning at home, we went downtown to Temple Square and did a little church history tour of our own.

It was a very beautiful day, the first day of spring.  There is nothing better than 70 degrees, bright sunshine and well behaved children.

While in the visitor center, we were looking at a world map and Ross asked the boys if they could find Lithuania.  While they were all pointing trying to pin point the exact location, a very kind woman walked up to us and said she could help them find Lithuania.  She was from Lithuania.  After a very quick conversation and the sharing of pictures we figured out that though she attended the Russian speaking branch in Vilnius, Lithuania, she knew Elder Petersen.  I had Ross take a very unflattering picture of the two of us (it was not intended to be as such) and we parted ways.

The day ended with a walk around the Daybreak Lake to burn off the excess energy of three young boys and some crazy double overtime basketball games.

I'd say it was a pretty great day.




We held our own church today instead of going to the temple dedication.  Ross and I stood here one month shy of  13 years ago, just the two of us.

Temple square for the afternoon.

This is Sister Galina.  She is Lithuanian, from Vilnius. We met her at Temple Square  today.  She is in Utah visiting her daughter for one month.  She knows my brother.   Small world.

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