Monday, April 18, 2016


Car selfies.  They are all the rage when trying to keep a 3 year old patiently waiting in the car.

There is a lot going on.
Baseball for Wyatt 4-5 nights a week.
Soccer for Elliott two days a week.
Filed trips.
Band concerts.
Driving to and from the elementary school 6 times a day.  Driving to and from preschool 8 times a week.
Homework. (Homework in elementary school is so dumb!)
Cub Scouts.
Boy Scouts and camp outs.
3 weekends of Craft Shows and Markets.
Wedding Anniversaries.
Watching Jurassic World.
Vacation planning.  (Hooray!)
Birthdays coming up.
Starting new jobs.
Trying to exercise.
Laundry.  (So much laundry)
House cleaning. (Ha!)
Insulin pumps and sensors.
Feeding hungry men and boys.

When I look at the calendar on the wall, it feels a little overwhelming at times.  Every day is busy and every night is jam packed with places we need to be.  But, somehow we manage.  All boys get to where they need to be on time, in the right clothes.  We manage to get all the homework done, the minutes mostly read, and the beds made.

Never would I have figured that we'd be this busy with a 9, 7 (almost) and 3 year old.  Time sure flies and when I relax a smidge to look at the big picture, things are pretty good.

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