Thursday, August 11, 2011

Night Swimming...

On Wednesday nights, the boys and I (and Ross if he isn't working) head out to my Grandpa's house to eat dinner with him, and my parents, and sometimes my sister.  We're trying to make it a regular part of our lives because spending time with my Grandpa is important.  I'm taking the opportunity to get to know him better and am loving it.  My Grandma always dominated conversations  - it was her nature and I love her for it.  But now that he's alone, Grandpa has to talk and listening to the things he has to say is super cool.

I've always thought he was the smartest person in the world.  Now, I'm learning that it's really true.  He knows everything!

The other great part about Wednesday night dinners is, at least for a little bit longer, the night swimming.  As a child one of my most favorite things was to head to the backyard pool, turn on the flood lights, and swim in the dark.  There is something magical about swimming at night - the air is cooler, the games more fun and exciting, and the ice cream treat at the end sweeter.  Seeing "stars" (satellites) in the sky, in a darkened backyard is always pretty cool.

It's also very cool to be able to pass this tradition down to my kids - at first "Captain Analytical" didn't understand, "You mean we're swimming in the dark?  How will we see what we're doing?  What if we drown?"  Only from my 4 year old, right?  Well, after one night swim, the kid is hooked.  He gets braver and braver every week (and his brother more and more chicken) and is turning into the little fish I always wanted him to be.

Pool feet 

 And, the other great part about night swimming? Hero worship. Not only do Auntie Haley and Miss Molly participate, but Parkie and MK and Will the Thrill (when not at football) do to. There is nothing more wonderful as seeing your little squirts fall in love with their older cousins and family members. My boys love these kids and the big kids love them back. Even if all the big kids are constantly on the lookout for Sasquatch....because you know, my Grandpa's back yard is the perfect place for him to make an appearance and go for a swim.


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