Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back to School

Today was his first day back to pre-school.  Today was the first day of his third year of pre-school.  He was excited and so ready to go, even if we lost his bag and had to get a new one.  The morning went as smoothly as possible and when we got to school, he was gone.  He let go of my hand and left us in the dust.  He hung up his bag, found his name, made a friend, found his seat, sat down and got to work.  The little brother and I were left there standing and staring, sort of begging for some recognition and a good bye.

Instead we got a quick, "Bye" a reluctant High 5 and the look.  The look that screamed, in a nice brave 4.5 year old sort of way, "Leave me be.   I am with my people.  We are going to learn,"

I love school.  I love that he loves school.

The Chick is struggling.  He's a little distraught.  He was upset and depressed for a good 15 minutes after our goodbye,  just sitting in his seat staring out the window of the car.  He didn't even crack a smile until I took him to the gas station to get a drink of his choosing.  And I let him eat chocolate chips out of a measuring cup when we got home.  He was so sad, he didn't even want to go to Target.

It's hard to have your best friend leave you behind to learn.

boys first day

first day of school Elliott

first day of school Wyatt

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D Money said...

I have been missing your blog posts this past week. I hope everything is alright. I hope to see you soon.


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