Thursday, September 01, 2011

35 Years

Today is my parents 35th Wedding Anniversary. 

Happy Anniversary!

While trying to come up with a 35th Anniversary present, I looked up the symbol online.  Traditional: coral; modern: jade.

Yep - struck out there!

My dad got my mom flowers with a nice message that said he loved her and that he hoped they'd have another 35 years together.

My mom read the note and said "NO Way!  I don't want to live another 35 years!"

Silly Mom, you'll be together for the eternities and another 35 years only has you in your 80's...that's not so bad.

I love my parents.  I love that they've been married this long.  I love that they've known each other since high school.  I love that they still like (sort of) to do stuff together and that on Saturday they (along with Willie) are making their almost annual trip to Yellowstone on their anniversary weekend.

I love my parents for the values and hard work, and positive attitude (most the time) and kindness to others, and generosity of mind, spirit, and wallet when necessary that they've taught me.  I am proud that they are my parents and I hope that they are proud to have me as a daughter.

Happy Anniversary!


japetersen said...

Very nice! Where did you find that picture?

emj said...

I love this photo! Thanks for posting this many moons ago. I found the link on the bottom of one of your recent posts. Missed this post back in 2011.


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