Sunday, September 25, 2011

Crossing Zone

My boys are goofballs.  They think its funny when, lets say they are supposed to be eating their lunch and instead they start farting and burping at the table and laughing so hard they fall to the floor.  They think it's funny to use "bathroom" words in their every day conversations.  They think it's funny to play veterinarian to the giant stuffed elephant and not be able to figure out why he's throwing up even though he just has a sinus infection.

My mom took them to the circus yesterday and what did they love?  Everything.  What did they love the most?  The guy who lit himself on fire and the pooping elephants who rolled a giant piece of lumber around with poop on it.


They could also be on David Letterman doing stupid human tricks.  They think that if they distract me with these tricks they don't have to eat lunch - like I won't notice a plate of food sitting un-touched.

I notice.

I laugh at the tricks, but their powers of deception are no match for the evil mother lord.

That's me.

Anyway - the trick of the day, the other day was eye crossing.  It was funny.  Elliott is good at it.

Watch this.

And, not to be out done, the little brother is also good at "crossing his eyes"....if you can call it that.

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