Thursday, September 08, 2011

a typical day

6:25 am - wake up, get dressed, eat granola bar, go for a sweaty walk and watch the sunrise.
6:56 am - return home, get big drink of water, tell husband goodbye, hurry and shower before the boys wake up
7:25 am - get the chick out of bed and start to wake up the older one.  Do much singing and tickling.  Finally realize that fart sounds are the way to go - make a sound get a real one back!  Anything to get that kid awake.
7:45 - head downstairs for breakfast with two hungry boys.  Fix them little pancakes to dip in syrup and a smoothie for breakfast.  They each eat four pancakes and wyatt drinks all my smoothie.
8:15 am - upstairs to get dressed, brush teeth, go to the bathroom and do shoes and socks, find school bag.  Drop giant globs of toothpaste onto the floor, smear with a towel, put new shirts on the Chick because he soaked himself while brushing teeth.
8:30 am - sit on couch - watch dinosaur train for 15 minutes.
8:45 am - open garage, load car, do buckles, check back driver side tire for air (it has a nail), drive to school.
8:55 am - arrive at school, no teacher.  Be the only parent to hang out while all the kids come.  Sit all the kids down to start their seat work....still no teacher.  Secretary at school comes in and says she'll take over, teacher will be late.  duh!
9:05 am - Wyatt and mom head home.
9:15 am - make mint frosting, frost chocolate cake.  Make chocolate ganache, coat chocolate cake with mind frosting.  go to the bathroom, get cleaned up, watch more dinosaur train.
10:00 am - leave with chick.  head to walgreens and singing and dancing class (first time).
10:30 am - arrive at singing and dancing class.  spend 30 minutes not singing and not dancing (for the kid, not for me, I sang and danced!)
11:15 am - pick up big brother from school, little brother cries as usual.  go to McDonald's because mom needs a coke and boys need french fries.
11:40 am - eat lunch.  talk about our morning and our plan for the day.
Noon - watch Phineas and Ferb.  Hold perfectly still for one whole still that mom doesn't even know that the boys are home.  Mom clean kitchen, work on christmas gift list (yes I'm a total loser), sort old mail, enjoy the silence.
1:00 pm - put chick to sleep.  Elliott quiet time in room while mom prints some pictures on the computer.
1:30 pm - do freezer paper craft stencil project with a too eager four year old helper.
2:30 pm - clean up project
3:15 pm - get the chick - he's awake.  snuggle in the rocking chair.  watch wild kratts
4:00 pm - try to leave the house.  have platypus wars and run around and scream like crazy fools (the boys, not me)
4:30 pm - leave the house, encounter lots of traffic.  Drive past aunt haley's new house and try to break in (no luck)
5:00 pm - grandma judy's house - water flowers, play outside, prepare garlic bread, throw basketballs into the road.
5:40 pm - head to great grandpa's house for dinner.  fix dinner, eat dinner, clean up dinner, hang out, eat dessert, sit on back porch and eat ice cream.  be sad that it's too cold to swim.
8:30 pm - head for home.  boys w/ dad, mom alone.  Stop at aunt Karen's house.
9:30 pm - leave Aunt Karen's house, head for home.
10:00 pm -arrive home, get ready for bed, read book, forget to take diabetes meds and get out of comfy bed.  Try to go to sleep.
11:30 pm - still awake, listening to snoring and crying baby.  Husband gets up, takes care of crying baby.  Go to the bathroom.
Midnight - still awake.  Crying baby again.
1:30 am - still awake, haven't fallen asleep yet.  Husband snoring.  Baby cries again.  check on him, crying in his sleep.  finally go to bed and fall asleep.

Phew!  And that was just a typical wednesday.

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