Friday, September 02, 2011



 This little blog isn't complete without a bi-monthly report on a visit to the doctor now is it?

The boys have been coughing for a week.  It's bad in the morning, disappears in the afternoon and returns with a vengeance around 5:00 pm.  As the "duh" parents that we are, we've been waffling on whether or not to take the boys to the pediatrician because we just assumed that it's allergies.  Last night though, Elliott's coughing was pretty bad and we had a super crap morning full of coughs, snot, tears, bloody boogers and a little bit of the throw-up burps so as soon as I got the kid to preschool, some doctor's appointments were made.

Yes, I sent him to school.

It's only allergies! it isn't.

We saw our pediatrician, whom I really really like.

She looked in ears and eyes and mouths, listened to breathing and heart beats and declared......

wait for it.....

Both boys have beginning stages of bronchitis and ear infections in their right ears.

What nice boys to get sick at the same time with exactly the same thing.

We left the doc's office with Lighting McQueen stickers and three prescriptions each.

And, a new sickness wouldn't be complete without the chick puking all over someone...this afternoon it was himself and me.

I pinned him down and shot the antibiotic down his throat.  I sat him up and just as the gagging hit it's epic peak, I grabbed a blanket and caught the spew.

It was everywhere.

His shirts, his face, his hair, maybe a little up his nose.  My arms, my shirt, on my leg.  All over the floor.

He is the most sensitive boy in the whole world.  I won't be giving him anymore of the nasty stuff.

I was told today that bronchitis can be transferred and to not let my boys kiss me.  Okay doc, will do.  But what do I do about the fact that they've been coughing and snotting in my face for the entire week?


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