Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Being Crafty, day one

(This week, because I'm feeling crafty, I thought I'd write a couple posts about some of the nerdy craft things I've been working on. Enjoy. Or mock. Whichever you'd like.)
Trying to be crafty. Ug!

A week or so ago, while trolling Pinterest I came across a picture that I just had to pin. It was a collection of fall wreaths. They were cute and inspiring. I looked at the pin nearly every day for the last week and thought, I can do that. Mine didn't turn out nearly as cute as the one that I pinned, but it still turned out just fine.

Considering that I have no holiday decorations at all because I've spent the last many years being a scrooge, having something cutesy in the house is a nice touch.

I bought a straw wreath, some gray yard and a piece each of black and yellow felt. The entire project cost me $8 and some change.  It took me about two hours to wrap the straw wreath in the yarn (I should have gone smaller in size and styrofoam in material...next time.) and about two minutes to make the bats, the moon, and hot glue them on.

Something cute and festive for the new house.

I guess I'll keep it.

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