Friday, September 16, 2011

the week in pictures

It's Friday. Friday is good. Ross just called me to tell me that the Internet is out in his office which means, for an international finance guy like him, nothing can be accomplished without the Internet. I asked him if he gets to employ the college rule - you know the one, if the professor doesn't show up in 20 minutes you get to leave. He told me no, but if the IT guy doesn't return his phone call soon, he may bail for the day. I then dared him to come home early, on a Friday (pretty unprecedented in these parts) and defined early as by 3:00 pm. Not sure what our wager is, but we're probably going to Costco tonight and it could be the difference between a real dinner in a real restaurant or a churro from their snack area.

I vote real dinner.

I'm not one to generally say that time moves quickly or slowly, but this week has flown by. Can you believe were already in the middle of September? Holy cow! It's important to note as well that our satellite TV has been on the fritz and the boys and I, minus a movie the other afternoon, have survived without the boob tube all week. Know what that means? A whole helluva lot of craft projects and errand running and neighborhood walks and yard work and trips to the mailbox and soccer ball get the idea.  The Chick even decided to not have a nap yesterday (gasp!) and we survived. Barely, but we survived a napless two year old, which by the way, isn't really something I'd wish on anyone.

And another tangent....I've performed some sort of exercise every day this week, including playing volleyball last night. Church volleyball is totally lame because it's just a rally scoring serve fest, but it was fun to play for an hour and block a couple of really bad attempts by the other team to hit the ball over the net. I was only told that I was tall twice, and only told that i was good once. I'm not good, by the way. I am however tall.

When I got home last night from volleyball, the boys were watching a show (one TV does work, just not the one we usually watch) with their dad about caimans - they're like crocodiles. We have the national geographic channel and that four year old of mine had his mind blown. To his dad he said, "you mean to tell me that there is a channel that just has shows about animals? Whole shows about animals?" Yes, that's what he really said. He's a total nerd, just like his parents.

This week I also started officially using Instagram on my phone. I'm doing it for nothing else than the fact that there are cool edits AND it will automatically upload to twitter and flickr - the places I dump pictures most frequently. It's a very symbiotic relationship. I am the rhinoceros and Instagram is my ox pecker (the bird that eats bugs off my neck....or uploads pictures from my phone automatically). Anyway - the whole point of this post was to share some pictures. Here they are.

Enjoy your weekend.

 Today is my Grandmas birthday. I took her flowers. I miss her lots.
Tuesday was my grandma's birthday and the boys and I took her flowers.

Chillin w my boys. Love them. 
Watching a movie and just chillin' cause we can.

Lunch. Picked from the farm this morning. 
I've eaten corn nearly every day this week, savoring it before it's all gone until the end of next summer. It's been so tasty, too.

There are 14 books on my nightstand. Oh my. Almost read them all! 
My nightstand is currently home to 14 books. I've almost read them all, but have run out of bookshelves to house them when I'm finished.

Afternoon project w boys. Ive got too much time on my hands 
One of our many crafty adventures for the week - we made crowns...even one for our dad (his isn't pictured though, but it's cool!)

 I'm not a vegetarian but tonight for dinner I was. Everything from the farm too.
The closest I've ever come to being a vegetarian was last night. Everything I ate for dinner was from the local farm stand. I did eat a little steak, but just a little...the carnivores in my house devoured it first.

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