Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tracking Elephants

Computer at bfast like his mother. But he's not checking email and blogs. He's tracking African elephants w radio tags.

Every morning at breakfast, I'm on the computer.  I get about 2.5 chances a day to check e-mail and blogs (yes, I prefer a laptop to my phone because it's easier to read) and the morning is the only real chance because the kids are distracted by breakfast and cartoons.

Anyway, what's that saying that copying someone is the most sincere form of flattery?  I'm not sure that's what was going on with my boy yesterday, but he was definitely into his projects.

We bought him this little laptop learning toy 3 years ago but just barely gave it to him for his 5th birthday.  It's still a little too advanced for him - the math is too hard and the reading is too fast.  That however, hasn't stopped him from enjoying the imagination that the toy provides him with.

Yesterday was no exception, it was actually the rule.  The computer was carried around quite literally the entire day we were at home (I wouldn't let him bring it in the car).  He had a mission as an animal scientist to track elephants.  You see, he was tracking three herds, the largest had 80 cow and calf elephants (his words, not mine).  The problem with this particularly large herd?

Two elephants were missing.

Sheba, the mama and Ella the baby were no where to be found.

Thus the tracking emergency.  The radio tags on these two elephants were active, but they were out of tracking range and it was the job of my two sons, the animal scientists, to find the lost elephants.

Tracking, or an attempt to track, started at 7:30 am and did not officially end until about 30 minutes before that kid of mine went to bed.

The elephants are still missing so I'm sure we have some additional tracking to do today.

But right now he's watching the backyardigans and getting ready for school so the elephants are on the back burner.

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Bing Math said...

Quite the imagination! Has he discovered "Zoo Tycoon" yet?


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