Sunday, October 20, 2013

Bowling isn't for babies

This past weekend it was UEA break.  That means no school for anyone on Thursday and Friday and Uncle Willie had fall break which gave him the entire week off.  When I asked Elliott what he wanted to do with his days off of school he only had one request.  To go bowling with Uncle Willie.  So, we scheduled our "play date" and on Wednesday as soon as we picked up Elliott from school, we headed to "All-Star Lanes" to bowl.

With a bunch of old ladies.

It was apparently the end of the old lady league afternoon and once the 55 and older crew headed out, we had the whole bowling alley and arcade to ourselves.

We had so much fun.  And, we will definitely go back.  It was the cleanest, brightest, bowling alley I'd ever been to.  How do I know?  Because Quinn kicked off his shoes and in nearly two hours of crawling around, his socks did not turn black.  Ten minutes of crawling at church turns his socks into a black mess so this was a pretty big deal.  And, they even had bowling shoes small enough for Wyatt which made his day.  And they were Velcro, which mean he could do them himself.  Even better.

What was a bigger deal?  Even though they had bumpers in to keep their balls out of the gutter, the boys both beat their Uncle in bowling.  It was pretty funny, especially considering that Elliott is left handed and everything he does is a little out of whack and considering Wyatt cannot lift a bowling ball and even got it stuck in the gutter a few times...with the bumpers in place.

Quinn had a great time, too.  He spent most of his time in the arcade, crawling around and pushing all the buttons on the wheel of fortune game he could reach.  He also tried, almost successfully, to pick up a 14 pound bowling ball.  That kid is super human I tell you what.

Anyway, we had so much fun.  As THE MISSION approaches and our time with the big skinny uncle is fading away, we want to spend as much time with him as we can.  Bowling was a pretty good way to spend an afternoon and nothing makes me happier than seeing that almost 19 year old brother of mine spending time with my crazy boys.

We went bowling

Please note that I, the fat mama was the overall winner at bowling! And that the nephews beat @willie_petersen44 who was off his gamr because hes too skinny

Someone was more interested in the arcade

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