Monday, October 07, 2013

Quinner:: 13 months

A Howden babe with his Howden pumpkins.  We grew 10 in our backyard and gave 3 to grandma

Little squisher, you've been one for a whole month, can you believe it?  It's pretty exciting and it was a busy four weeks.  We've got a lot going on in our house right now, especially on Thursday after school, but minus a strong dislike for being buckled into your car seat, you seem to take it all in stride.

When you come into a room that I'm in, you say, "Hi mom!".  When your dad gets home from work, you say, "Hi dad!".  When trying to get either brother's attention you yell, "Eeeeyutt!"  That works for Uncle Willie, too.  When you are headed out on your own exploration mission you crawl a few feet away, turn, look at me and wave, then head on your adventure.

You can do the actions for itsy bitsy spider and know the sounds (even though you won't always perform them) for: dog, fish, snake, and squirrel.  You like to dance to music, bang pots and pans, and read books.

When all is quiet this is where I find him.  Surrounded by all the books hes pulled off the shelf. #lovehim

Oh, the books.  There is one shelf of kids books in the family room and every day, at least six times a day, you get yourself to the shelf, pull all the books off, and will sit for 30 minutes or so looking at all the books.  A couple are your favorites and it's fun to watch you.

We don't worry about you on the stairs anymore, even though you did fall on Friday.  Minus that, you can go up and down by yourself with ease.  You can go Grandma's stairs, too, so that's pretty good.

A couple of weeks ago, you were being grumpy at me so I grabbed my phone, or kindle (can't remember anymore) and opened up YouTube to show you a Sesame Street video.  Well, I've created a monster (just like Elliott when he was your age) and if you see a phone, or a computer, or anything you think should play one of your shows, you have a cow.  The last week in particular has been pretty bad and I've had to leave the computer put away and off, and only look at my phone when you are asleep because you go nutso.  And, two weeks ago at church, we didn't make it through the third hour and dad and the boys found us on a couch in the foyer watching Will I Am sing with the Sesame Street gang.

That baby climbed all over hos dad for at least 30 minutes.   Vacuum still broken.  #farmertan #dysonwontsuck

You love your dad so much!  He is your best buddy.  When the weather is decent, I love for us to be outside when it's time for Dad to come home because you can hear his truck as soon as he pulls onto our street and your ears perk up like a little dog.  Then, as he gets closer, you go up on your knees like a meerkat and then, when he pulls into the driveway, you screech and crawl to his truck as fast as you can.  Once dad is home, you are his for the night, never too far out of his sight or too far from his arms.  He is your best jungle gym and it makes me happy.

Now, we just need to get you walking before you ruin any more pants.

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