Thursday, November 07, 2013

Quinner :: 14 months

Hey Kiddo -

In the flustery blustery craziness that has been this week, I almost completely forgot that last Saturday, the day dad left for Poland, you turned 14 months old.  Fourteen months is pretty much thirteen months, except for the fact that you are *THIS CLOSE* to walking.

In the last few weeks you have 8 new teeth.  They all came in at the same time.  You and I have had some challenging times.  You will hold my hand and walk all over the world, but the second I let go, you drop to the floor.  You love to read books.  And eat books.  In fact, we have books in our house that are as old as Elliott, and survived your brothers but they haven't survived you and your chompers.  A couple weeks ago I had to go and buy a new copy of your most favorite animal book because you completely destroyed the one we had.

You are such a big kid.  I'm pretty sure your head is as big as Wyatt's. You love your brothers so much and enjoy nothing more than sitting on their beds with them and kicking your feet and laughing with them.  It's pretty cute.  You are pretty brave about food these days too and will try just about everything we give you.  Your favorites these days are pasta and rice and m&ms.  Halloween candy has been bad for your health.  

Speaking of Halloween, you handled it like a pro.  Riding in the stroller trick or treating, messing with the basket of candy as the boys passed it out to trick or treaters, climbing on the couch and dad all night long....all of it was your most favorite.  Uncle Willie as a GorillaSquatchBacca was a bit scary at first but in the end, you liked that too.

Your latest obsession is technology and it's hitting a fever pitch.  There are a few videos on YouTube that we watch EVERY SINGLE DAY.  You beg for phones and the computer.  This week, while dad's been in Poland, Skype is your new most favorite thing.  Every time you catch a glimpse of the laptop, you beg and beg saying, "Hi dad!  Hi Dad!" and when were talking with your most favorite person, you climb right up onto the table and pretty much do everything you can to get into the computer.  Today, dad put his hand up to the camera and you put your head up to the camera.

Head butts mean I love you.  You can say: Mama, Dad, Hi Dad, Eeeuttt (for both your brothers), Dog, and Uh-oh pretty consistently.  You can do dog, fish, squirrel, elephant, monkey sounds pretty consistently and we're working on a few more.  You can also blow your own nose which has come in very handy.

You are a good good boy.  Except when you don't sleep and mom is home alone with you.  Then there are some struggles.  But, I wouldn't trade your giant snugly squishy babyness for anything in the world.

Love you little squish.

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