Friday, November 01, 2013


Not much to say, it was just Halloween.  One of MY least favorite days of the year, but one of my children's favorites.

We paraded.
We made emergency Chewbacca bandoliers.
We frosted sugar cookies.
We coughed and whined.
Mom had the biggest mental breakdown she's had, maybe all year long.  It was a doozy.  I should have sold tickets.  It was a great show!
We trick or treated with our very own GorillaSquatchBacca.
We passed out a lot of candy.

One of us was coughing so bad it was like he was a barking seal by the end of the night.  Wyatt isn't going to school today.

One of us was up all night long throwing up and diarrhea-ing it up.  Elliott isn't going to school today.

One of us is really grump.  Quinn isn't going to school today.

Another one of us has a horrible stomach ache, is drinking a diet coke for breakfast, and is praying to make it through the day.  Annie is nervous that no one is going to school today.

The fifth of our five was up all night with a puker, packed a suitcase for a work trip to Poland, emptied the dishwasher and made his lunch and as usual, feels fine and wonders what's wrong with the rest of us.  Ross is lucky he got to leave the house today.

Anyway, here are the pictures.  Hopefully your Halloween was less eventful.

The force is strong at our house. Anakin,  luke as an x-wing pilot,  and yoda. #Halloween #starwars

Store bought cookies, homemade frosting.   Frosting with one kid now and thr other when he gets home from school.

Halloween parade

Finished.   Good thing I had *nothing* to do today.  #lovemybrother #bestsistertodayonly

We added a gorillasquatchbacca to our trick or treating fun tonight. #scaredbaby @willie_petersen44 #bestuncle

Cutest #yoda ever #starwars #starwarsjusticeleagueunite

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