Monday, October 20, 2014

Happy Happy Birthday!


Twas my momacita's birthday over the weekend.  It was a big one.  A DECADE birthday.  You only have one of those once every 10 years you know.

I have a good mom.  My kids have a good grandma.  We spent my mom's birthday weekend working in my grandpa's yard, eating dinner at Crown Burger, watching Wyatt play soccer, and having a fancy french dinner at my house on Sunday while cracking jokes about Stacy from Wayne's World.  You had to be there.

"Thanks Stacy.  A gun rack.  I don't have one gun, let alone multiple guns that would necessitate the use of a gun rack."

"Hiiiii Wwwaaaayyyynnnneeee."

Hopefully, my mom had a good birthday and knows that we love her and that she is important.

Mom, we love you and you are important.

Happy Birthday.

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