Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Quinner :: Captain Sloth!

Finding our farm camp pumpkins

Two years old seems to suit you little fart.  Two years old is driving me a little batty.  Your dad and I were talking the other night about how you are about a 60/40 mix of your brothers, leaning, at least for now, more towards Elliott as a two year old than Wyatt.  But, believe you me, you've definitely got some of Wyatt's habits (albeit mostly bad ones) oozing out of you lately, too.

As we were trying to get everyone settled down last night for family prayer, you wouldn't stop talking.  I said to your dad that I cannot remember the exact day, but I'm pretty sure I remember that at about the same exact age, I remember thinking about Elliott that I wished you would just stop talking.  You are a jabbering fool, non stop talking machine.  You say the word gorilla at least 75 times a day.  You only talk about animals - the animal fair, the animals at the zoo, the animals in your bag, in your book, on the kindle.  You dance like a gorilla, your growl like a cheetah.  And, if you aren't talking about animals, you are talking about bodily functions.  And, just as dad said started saying the prayer last night, you shouted, "my farted on Elliott's bed.  Elliott farted at grandma's house."  Oh, you are hilarious.

Lately, you are a lazy sloth.  You sleep in and when it's time to take the boys to school you haven't eaten breakfast or gotten dressed.  In fact, I cannot seem to get you dressed before 10:30 am without hissy fits or bribes.  But, every morning when I say, "Okay, let's go" you run to the open door and then put on the brakes and shout, "cold feet!" Then, with the sweetest look you can muster you beg, "mom, carry you?" which really means, "mom, from the bottom of my heart, it is so cold and dreary this morning would you please do me the favor of carrying me to the car in your big strong arms."  Every morning I laugh at "cold feet" and every morning I carry you.  Then, when we get home about 10 minutes later, you will not get out of the car.  Instead you sit in the middle, climb in the back, then climb in the front and push every single button so that, when it's time to get Wyatt the warning lights, brights, and turn signals are all on as well as the seat warmers, the air conditioner and generally, the radio is really loud.


You can run any technological device put in front of you in a matter of minutes.  We went to see "book of life" over the weekend with all the dual immersion kids from Elliott's school and you sat on dad's lap with your own bag of popcorn and didn't move a muscle for the whole movie.  And, after the movie when we asked you what your favorite part was, you said the pig and the snakes (obviously) but your favorite part was original and not a copy cat of either brother.


You are non-stop talking all day long like Elliott was when he was little.  Also like Elliott you are curious, full of questions, quick to notice slight changes in routine and have an opinion about every thing.  But, like Wyatt, you are also turning into a lazy couch potato slug.  One who, at least when the TV is on, loses his ability to support his own body weight and head, resorting to the closest floor, couch and pillow combination you can find.  It's okay.  Right now, it's funny.  You love to watch "wild atts", "bubble uppies" "oconots" and "curus dorge".  You don't seem to be able to pronounce any hard syllables in any words - not sure if it's because it's too hard or because you are a sloth.  But tonight, when I was on the phone trying to fix a problem with our basketball tickets, you took of your own pants.  Apparently you cannot watch bubble guppies with pants on.  Maybe that's your new thing.

And, like both brothers, you have a temper.  Man alive, you have a temper!  You throw stuff like Elliott used to and you scream and grown like Wyatt.  At first it was cute, but like a parrot that has outlived it's owner, your scream has outlived it's welcome.  We love you, not the screaming.


But, when you aren't screaming, you say some pretty funny things like, "oh my heck!".  You are also the official button pusher and dishwasher soap loader in the house as well as quickly becoming the official tattle tale.  You are very good at ratting out your brothers, especially when they haven't done anything.  It's pretty funny.  You very rarely call them by their names, instead just saying, "Mom, the boys...."  I like it when you call them the boys.

You eat pizza really, really, slow but can finish one of those giant slices from Costco all by yourself.  And, you think every single flower can do a trick like a snap dragon so when we are outside, you pull the heads off of every single flower and try to make them do something.  They don't.

Except for these two knuckle heads who just giggled and ate sweedish fish.

I just cannot believe how, all of a sudden you are such a grown up kid.  I mean, just a few months ago, you were afraid of your own shadow and now, you and Jack are best friends and you run and play and laugh and giggle at each other and make the rest of us laugh.  You two are so good for each other.  You have to speed up your sloth mode a little to follow Jack around and Jack has to slow down the climbing a little to let you catch up.  Hopefully, you two will always be buddies. 

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Bing Math said...

Cute boy. He is my favorite Quinn!


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