Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Happy Birthday to my Wyatt!

You were born on a Tuesday.  Today, 6 years later, your birthday is on a Tuesday again.  You are a good boy Wyatt.  The loudest and liveliest boy I know.  Thanks for being my #2.

Hi Wyatt

Six years ago today, you were born.  At 1:39 pm on a Tuesday (just like today is a Tuesday) you entered the world.  You were a big baby, bigger than Elliott, and the minute you were born, you cried a normal, louder than life cry, and I could breath again.  Those were two very good feelings.

You are the loudest boy I know.  You are the most emotional, enthusiastic, excited child I know.  There are no in betweens with you, and even though you wear your emotions on your sleeve, for the most part, I always know where you stand, and you usually stand in a place of contentment.  You were a pretty zen baby, and are a pretty zen six year old, too.

You love music and dancing.  You love baseball and jumping on the trampoline.  You love fighting with Quinn and sneaking punches into Elliott's gut.  You are a truth teller, a lyric memorizer, and a french fry snob.  You seriously know the words to every song you've ever heard.  It's a pretty amazing skill.

Whenever I say to you, "Guess what!" you reply, "I know.  You are tired, and hungry and you love me."  Whenever I say to you, "How was school?" you are prepared, "School was good, I did (fill in the blank) in my centers, I played with (fill in the blank) at recess and today we went to the (library, had pe, etc.)"  And, whenever I tell yo something new, you say, "I already knew that", even though you didn't.

You just figured out that Uncle Willie has been gone a long time and that you miss him.  It only took a year.  You have no concept of time, days or schedules.  You are almost always the first person awake in our house, and are generally the first to bed as well.  You are excellent at mine craft, memorizing the skills of Pokemon, and a master lego builder.  You love your brothers, your grandparents, and your cousins tremendously.

School is your best thing.  I guess year round school is a good thing because when kindergarten ends in July, three weeks later you'll start first grade.  Oh my goodness what will I do with you gone all day at school?  What will Quinn do?  He will be lost without you.  We will both be lost without your warm body burrowed into the couch, farting, coughing and burping on que.

I just love you a lot kiddo.  You are my number two.  You will do anything for a slush or a slurpee.  You like to go to target.  You are up for a grand adventure.  Usually because, you already knew it was going to happen.

Happy Birthday Wyatt Wyatt!

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