Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Life is a highway, I'm gonna ride it all night long!

The last few weeks have been a blur.  There has been so much going on, that if I didn't have things written down in about 5 different places, then I'd loose my mind.  And, I am completely blown away that, minus one event, I haven't dropped the ball.  Close, but not quite.

Ross' parents have been in Utah preparing to depart on their 18 month mission.  Two boys are playing baseball.  Ross is traveling a bit more than normal for work and I've been deep in a sewing bonanza.  Add to that field trips, our wedding anniversary, preparations for impending birthdays, snow storms and rain storms and wind storms that blow your trampoline into the neighbors yard, oral surgery and all the regular "make our lives function" stuff and  boy oh boy, it's been a pretty wild ride.

Just this past week...
We had 5 baseball games: Monday, Tuesday, two on Thursday and Saturday morning.
Scouts and Mutual
Homework and spelling words and country reports
Set up, participate in, take down my booth at the Beehive Bazaar.  That meant three trips to and from Provo.
A Bridal Shower
Ross traveling for work

In the last three weeks, each week has looked like this with the added bonus of allergies, puking, breathing machines, emotional stress, lack of sleep in general, and sleepless kiddos at night.  The 8:30 bedtime has not been enforced and last week on Wednesday, I got a whopping 4 hours myself.  With all that's going on, I'm shocked that we are all still alive, and no brothers have been harmed at the hands of other brothers.  At least (knock on wood) we've survived these last few crazy weeks without any doctor visits.

I said to Ross on the phone, "I wish there was a pill, or a drink, or a make-up or product that I could take or use that makes me look like I haven't been hit by a bus.  Or, maybe I just need to figure out how to be a princess and have an army of people to make me look better, 10 hours after having a baby than I honestly have in my whole life.

Such injustice.  I kid....I kid....

Regardless of how fast life moves sometimes, I wouldn't trade it.  As exhausting as it is getting my boys to practices and games and late night dinners and homework sessions, the alternative, them just sitting around and picking their noses, isn't something that we do in our family.

I grew up, my boys are growing up, always moving and going and doing.  We are active and engaged and involved.  We work hard, do fun things, make the most of our time with each other and have our priorities in the right places.  I guess, really, that exhausted feeling is a pretty good one to have.

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