Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Griswold's go to Jellystone Park :: Part 1; sickness

In case you wanted to know, Theo air in Idaho is just as bad as in Utah.  And my sweet asthma boy cannot breathe.


Here we go.  

We went to Yellowstone.
We drove our own car.
We rented a beautiful cabin in Island Park, Idaho.
Wyatt was sick the whole trip.  Fever, cold, threw up.  Had to be carried or drug in a wagon through the entire park.

We left on Thursday after I got home from a hair appointment.  I got all my hair chopped off and got it colored some crazy browns and blonds.  I got pink in it too, but the pink didn't really show up.

Wyatt hadn't been feeling well for a couple of days.  The air quality was so bad because of all the smoke blowing east from California fires.  We knew that the bad air was affecting him, but he also had a low grade fever and had a nap.  Wyatt doesn't nap.

As I was getting in my car from my last pre-trip errand I got a call from Ross.  Wyatt had just thrown-up one of his phlegm balls that led to a whole stomach emptying puke.  Crap! I hurried home and assessed the situation.  We'd rented a house that if we canceled, they were going to keep the bulk of our money.  We knew the puke was largely tied to his asthma, not his fever so, we went for it.  We decided to go.  In the time it took us to discuss our options, Wyatt was asleep and wrapped in a blanket on the couch.  We left him as we loaded the car and got everything ready and then when it was time to leave, we just loaded the sleeping boy into the car and off we went.

Yellowstone is such a short road trip, comparatively speaking.  Wyatt was in a haze the majority of the drive through Idaho, dozing multiple times.  We stopped at a dive for dinner in Pocatello and continued our drive, worried about our boy, and the air - saying silent prayers that it would clear up.  Ross and I however, have smartened up in our travels and make sure that we travel with every single possible medication and machine Wyatt might need and as we drove through the smoky haze to Island Park, we were happy to know we had all his stuff.

When planning our quick trip to Yellowstone, we knew that a VRBO was the best option - West Yellowstone hotels are a rip off and we'd invited my parents to come up with us and thought a house would be the best space for everyone - and we rented a 4000+ square foot cabin that could sleep 12 on beds for the same price as a hotel room.  We found one that was new and beautiful and booked it.

We arrived at our cabin late on Thursday night in the pitch blackness of the evening.  Our cabin which we hadn't anticipated, was totally in the BOONIES!  About 25 minutes from the main road, on a dirt road.  From the outside, it looked really nice and the inside was really nice.  It was very new, very custom and had beautiful wood work throughout.  Someone had spent a lot of money to make such a beautiful getaway.

We wandered around, checked out the rooms, and then started to find the mice!  Dead mice!  On multiple sticky traps.  It seemed that every corner we turned we found a mouse.  I was getting particularly nervous as the boys kept finding mice and then I found one - except it wasn't a mouse - it was a bat!  A real dead small brown bat.  I started to panic.  I had a sick kid, a house in the middle of nowhere where we had no cell or data service on our phones and it was full of dead critters.  Though I dislike rodents with a passion, I could have been okay with the mice.  We knew from the guest book that no one had been in the cabin for two weeks, so mice I can understand, I guess.  But, not a dead bat in the bathroom.

We all took a deep breath and got ready for bed.  I probably don't have to tell you that I didn't sleep well that night.

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