Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Griswold's go to Jellystone Park :: Part 4, heading home


On the last morning of our vacation we woke to a beautiful Sunday.  And another half dead mouse that Wyatt found exploring a new part of the house.  This one though, we left for the people coming to clean the cabin after our departure.  A parting gift, I suppose.  It was funny, too, because this place was supposed to be somewhere we could relax and have fun and instead, it's beauty was marred by all the animal issues we had.  Not until we were leaving did I even walk around to look at the front of the place.  It did sort of look like the cabin from the movie "The Great Outdoors".  We should have known...



During our Saturday driving around Yellowstone, my dad and Ross decided that we wouldn't head home through the Park to Jackson Hole as originally planned, but instead we would take "Wilson's pass" and head on some new roads through Idaho farm country and cut through the Grand Tetons.  This was a great idea.  We drove for a while and then stopped at both overlooks for the upper and lower Mesa Falls.  The waterfalls were gorgeous and in all my life traveling to Yellowstone, I'd never seen them before and was so happy we stopped.  And, guess what, the visitor center/information house at the falls had bats!  Totally out of control.



Last one.  I love my family.  Not counting the animals we killed, we saw three moose, antelope, wolves and bears (in west Yellowstone), some of the biggest elk I've ever seen and walked right through a herd of bison.  Yellowstone is pretty cool.  I'm glad


The big boys drove with my parents to Jackson while Quinn opted to ride with us.  He was having a hard time because you see (TMI coming) he, like his mother, suffers from chronic traveling constipation and being a kid who only poops every couple of days anyway, adding another 3 or 4 to that already long record makes for a pretty uncomfortable ride in the car.  When he first started having trouble, he eventually fell asleep for about an hour - buying us some swift driving time.  But, when he woke up, climbing through the Tetons, we were in for some trouble.  He started to wail and scream that he couldn't sit down anymore!  I knew the probably so I threw caution to the wind on a windy mountain pass and unbuckled him.  He cried and screamed and nearly fell over, but did manage to take care of his business.  And then, moaned and wailed because he needed me to change his diaper immediately!  When we hit the summit, we found a good pull out and finished taking care of his business.  He was surprisingly calm after that.  It was a pretty pathetic and hilarious thing to witness.  Let it also be known that on the Friday of our trip, he did not pee for one whole day.  Seriously.  He peed before he went to bed on Friday night and then didn't pee again until Saturday morning.  I don't know how he did that, but he should have received a major award.

Jackson hole is an upscale tourist trap.  But I did find some salted caramel fudge.

We made it to Jackson Hole and ate a late lunch at a Mexican place that had been featured on Diner's, Drive-in's and Dives called "Picas".  It was delicioso!  After that, it was time for the obligatory walk around the center of town.  Holy crowded Batman!  Jackson Hole is a complete tourist trap and it was in a t-shirt store when all members of our party started to officially lose it.  Boys were fighting, souvenirs were being bought, and my mom and I were on a hunt for some fudge.  We found it, loaded into our separate cars and headed on our way home.

No one wanted to drive towards Evanston, so Ross and my dad found a new route through Wyoming back to Idaho via Soda Springs and Pocatello.  It was such a beautiful drive through some small towns and so much cool farmland.  And, Ross would like me to note that he got the worst soda of his life in Soda Springs.  Go figure.

We had nearly made it home when we had to stop just outside of Brigham City to use the bathroom.  Wyatt was exhausted.  Elliott was tired of being in the back of the car, and Quinn, Ross and I were ready to head home.  We made it in record time, unpacked our bags and stretched out.  It was so good to be home, but we had had a really fun, eventful, and memorable trip.

Thanks to my mom and dad for going with us and experiencing all the crazy with us, too.


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