Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Quinner: 36 months, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Oh.  My.  Goodness!  You my little buddy are three years old today.  Where has the time gone?  You've been so excited for your birthday for weeks now.  Excited to be turning "free" and for presents, and for a party.  I hope that today doesn't disappoint.

You are fun and crazy and strange and delightful.  Three year olds really are fun, you are fun too, especially when you aren't angry at someone or screaming at us.  We've been making a list of fun things about you the last week or so, because there are just so many funny things you do and say.

Oga bar = granola bar
noculars = binoculars
"That's mines"
"Where's the boys?"
"I want you carry for me" "carra me"
wizard = lizard
flushie = slushie or slurpee
"I fink its a ...."
paytatoes = potatoes
tang tang = orangutan
borilla = gorilla
pupa bear = polar bear
"Elliott don't needs one!"
"Stop wooking at me"
Angel Jeronia = Angel Moronia
Lifabeanea or Southuania = Lithuania
Sundawe Wight = sunny delight
"Allf of them"
"the mud pots smell like bacon" (from yellowstone)
"My can do it!"
Acation = vacation
seeum = museum (like "lets go to the dinosaur seeum")
hobby hobby = hobby lobby
"Can we go to target?"

You love to sing and dance.  You love music.  You are OCD obsessed with washing your hands about 20 times a day.  You can run and jump and bowl over your brothers in a single tackle.  You love to sit on someones lap, watch tv and play with animals and cars and dinosaurs.  You've sort of moved beyond gorillas lately and are super into dinosaurs.

Whenever I tell you that I love you, you say, "No.  I love Grandma!"  Or, if I say, "Are you my buddy?" you say "No, my grandma's buddy!"  We have a great time hanging out together, and even though you love your brothers, well, love to beat up your brothers, you seem to really like being just with mom while they are at school, too.

Here's a quick list, as answered by you, of some of your three year old favorites.
animal: tiger
color: blue
song: Say Geronimo
store: target
food:  Caesars pizza
drink:  sundawee light and chocolate milk
dinosaur: t-rex
tv show: spongebob squarepants
best friend: Jack-Jack
who loves you?:  Grandma Judy
toy: animals
minion: Kevin
movie: Minion movie

Three years old today!  How did that happen?  Love you, you little weirdo.  Lots and lots.

You are growing up so fast.  It's amazing to me how not so long ago you were a little squish and now, you are a sword and gun wielding, ninja playing, bike riding giant monster of a kid.  Growing up is a pretty amazing thing, isn't it.

Love you lots.
Happy Birthday.

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