Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Wyatt, the middle child


January saw a post about Quinn's milestone, starting preschool.  About Elliott's ninth birthday.  But, I realized the other day, in true middle child fashion, January passed without much mention of Wyatt.  So, February will start with an update on Boy #2.

I'll admit it right off the bat, Wyatt gets lost in the shuffle.  He often struggles to find his balance with his brothers, and his role with the parents.  He is the first to get his homework done, but the last to get dressed after a shower.  He is the first to kick Elliott, or slap him in the butt while they are brushing their teeth before bed, and the first to scream the "broken arm scream" when Quinn takes a Lego guy without asking.

Regardless of the emotional roller coaster this kid rides, I am so happy he is my boy.  I think we don't tell him enough that we are happy he is our boy.  He is charming and funny.  He has a quick wit and amazing dance moves.  And, most important to me right now, he has become an amazing reader.  Last week on Monday night, we sat with a magnetic drawing board writing hard words for Wyatt to read.  He didn't miss a beat and even figured out Yosemite and Eureka.  Those are tough words for a first grader.

This child thought he was the point guard today.  He did a great job too.

Wyatt is am amazing student and loves school, maybe even more than his kindle.  He has a mind that can see in space and shapes (very different than his literal "world is flat" older brother) and he can build things with Lego's, in mind craft, and even with Jenga blocks that shoot to the sky and amaze with their creativity.

Lately, this kid sort of gets a bad rap for being a tad bit dramatic and uncooperative.  He claims he is the only child in the whole world who has to do jobs, but forgets the complaints as soon as he is handed the money that he has earned.  Which, by the way, he safely squirrels away in his wallet and bank.  If you need a loan, he's your man.  He is naturally a saver of money, a hoarder of Lego's, and love little boxes and bags to store all his treasures.

He has become a great little basketball player, started eating a few new foods like chicken nuggets, and has a laugh that is so infectious, no one can keep a straight face when he gets going.


Wyatt already knows everything, before you even tell him.  It's an amazing trait to have, and I'm not sure what it all involves, but he already knows.  Everything.

This boy of mine is well loved by all.  He doesn't get the spotlight as often as he should, but I hope he always knows how much we like him.

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