Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Griswolds Go :: Seattle, Washington (day 1)


When Ross told me that our rental car while on our trip to Seattle was going to be a suburban, I wasn't thrilled.  Mostly because it didn't feel like such a large vehicle was appropriate for such a small city with no place to park.  But, I have to admit, now that we're home and we aren't driving the brand new (only 7 miles when we picked it up), Quinn and I miss it.  Quinn asked on Thursday morning where the black shark car was.  It was a winner and possible my future.

Anyway, we'd been planning a trip to Seattle for several months.  The Copa America soccer tournament was taking place this June in cities all over the United States and Ross wanted to cross seeing Lionel Messi play soccer for Argentina, in person, off his bucket list.  Who am I to argue with bucket lists (Remember our trip to the Redwoods last year?  Yeah, bucket list.)

We arrived in Seattle on Friday evening, around dinner time, piled into our pimped out ride and headed towards our vacation.  The excitement of the boys was pretty palpable and we were starving.

Note:  Flew to and from on brand new planes with tv's in the headrests.  Quinn watched Jurassic World both going and coming.

Our first stop was dinner on the westernish side of Seattle in a hip neighborhood.  Zippy's for burgers, fries and tots.  Delicious.   It was a super small joint with only 4 tables and greasy, hipster, beatnik types working and heavy metal blasting on the radio - and no AC so we were sweating and swimming in burger grease.

But, it was delicious.  The tots were diving and my burger was a perfect heart attack with thick bacon, and barbeque sauce.


After dinner, we drove to meet Autumn, the manager of our VRBO.  There was a mix-up and our first night the five of us were crammed into a one bedroom, maybe 400 sq. ft. apartment.  We survived and moved to a bigger, two bedroom place the next day.  It's pretty hard to get your kids to go to sleep when they are all in the same room, and Elliott and Quinn are sharing a sofa bed.  Wyatt chose to sleep on couch cushions on the floor.

We got up in the morning, Saturday, and got ready to play tourist.  On the agenda for the day: Pike's Place Market and doughnuts.  Aquarium.  Harbor Cruise on Elliott Bay.  Seattle Mariners baseball game.








The kids were pretty impressed with Pikes Market and the doughnuts we got there on the recommendation of a friend of mine. We found the gum alley under the market and then headed to the aquarium.  I had a great Cesar salad and french fries at Elliott's Oyster Bar on the bay.  The aquarium was tiny but interesting and the Harbor Cruise was very information.  Did you know that "Fraser" in all it's seasons on TV only filmed one episode in Seattle and that the Jetsons were set in 2062, and that the Space Needle was inspiration for the cartoon.





Oh, and I couldn't resist grabbing myself a bouquet of peonies before we left the market. The flower vendors were fabulous of course, but oh the peonies.  So many colors and they were all as big or bigger than my fist.  Just breathtakingly stunning.  Really, they were just too pretty to pass up and I got to stare at them the rest of our vacation.


Wyatt and Quinn spent most of the day starving because they don't eat real food but luckily, there was pizza at the baseball game.  Saved their bacon I tell you what.  Actually, I think they starved most of our trip but that's their problem and a story for another day.

We finished out the night with tacos from a food truck and a brisk walk to the baseball game, seranaded by a radical religious guy yelling into a megaphone about Jesus, the devil, and how we are all going to hell!  Pretty appropriate for baseball?  The weather was perfect, the game was boring (I mean, baseball right?) and everyone willingly crashed out when we got back to our apartment for the night.





A pretty good day one (and a half) of vacation.

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