Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Griswolds Go :: Space needle and other stuff (Seattle, day 3)


We slept in on Monday morning.  So tired and busy.  First thing was to head to the University of Washington bookstore for a souvenir.  Then,  to take me downtown by the stadiums so I could go to a super cool store and buy some super cool fabric.  I met the owner, chatted a bit, and had a marvelous time.

Then, it was time for the Space Needle.  We got our tickets and assigned time and headed to the Dale Chiluly gardens and museum which was right next store.  The glass art is so cool.  The boys were super impressed and each took about 50 pictures with their ipods.





The space needle, was really high up and it was windy and I could feel it swaying and it freaked me out and I was totally happy to get back on the ground.



After the space needle we rode the monorail back to the mall to get our car.  We drove under a bridge to see the "Fremont Troll" an art installation under in the neighborhood we were staying in and we headed to Gas Works park.  There wasn't much to do, but it was pretty (and windy).  We saw floating houses, water planes take off and land, and charge to the top of a hill and interrupted the end of a commitment ceremony between two very happy, newly committed to each other women (one in a fancy party dress, the other in a suit).






We ended the night with a walk to a burger joint by our apartment.  It was good.  Not as good as zippy's and the barbecue sauce on my burger made me pretty sick by the time we walked home.  Too much paprika.



1) everyone in Seattle drinks too much coffee (obviously, Starbucks) and smokes too  much weed.
2) heavy metal is playing everywhere.  It was super annoying.
3) minimum wage is $15 in Seattle, so therefore, there are no buss boys - you bus your own table, everywhere.
4) Everywhere you go there are three trash cans : Trash, compost, recyclables.

Another full day (this day is Monday, by the way), and we were all ready for bed.

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