Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Back to School :: 2016-17 School Year


Well, as of today, the boys have been back to school for a whole week.  They returned to dual immersion Spanish and new grades, Elliott 4th and Wyatt 2nd on Tuesday, July 26 and we had back to school night a couple days after.

Back to school is pretty uneventful, mostly because it was just three weeks from when the previous school year ended.  Elliott's English language teacher, after the second day of school was hospitalized and he finished out the week with a substitute.  We received a letter from the administration yesterday that his teacher of two days, had a stroke! and had resigned her position.  I feel so bad.  We never met her, Elliott was unable to describe what she looked like, how old she was, or anything specific about her so she will forever remain a mystery.  A new teacher has been hired and will start on Monday.  I look forward to meeting her.



Otherwise, we've fallen quite nicely into our routine.   The boys keep growing up faster than I'm ready for.  Quinn starts school in two weeks and then I'll have two hours, three days a week where I will be completely by myself....whatever will I do?  Probably mope around and be lonely.

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