Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Color Run 2016

Back in April, we signed up under the team "Lithuanian Express", led by our fearless leader to participate in the Color Run on August 20.  In May, when the boys were off-track, we practiced "walking without whining" for three weeks, where I took the big boys on a 2-3 mile walk while Quinn was in school.  After those couple weeks, I was confident that Wyatt would do just great walking a 5k and I already knew that Elliott could probably run the thing.

Fast forward to Saturday, the 20th.  Our team also included the Binggeli's, Meranda and Pedro and Natalie.  We arrived early in the morning and on time and participated fully in our matching t-shirts, sweat bands and enthusiasm.

Elliott decided to run the whole thing with Willie - they finished in about 30 minutes.  Wyatt and I walked, mostly with James and Jack and the two of us finished in 54 minutes.  The others were either before us or behind us, with Haley and Molly bringing up the rear, Molly riding in the wagon.

As if we weren't coated in enough color at the finish line, we threw the packets of color they gave us all over ourselves and were sweaty and sticky rainbows when it was finished.

Upon purchasing the celebratory slurpees and diet cokes, the boys declared this activity one of the most fun things they have ever done and asked if we can do it again next year.

Of course we can!

Before Pictures:



After the race:





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